Windows Vista Startup Repair Fails with an Invalid System Partition Error

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The disk partition containing hardware-specific files that Windows requires to boot
successfully is termed as System partition. This partition must always be set as active.
A Windows Vista running computer requires a valid system partition to boot. By valid
it means, the partition that contains all required system files. If any of these files goes
missing or gets corrupt, a computer may start on-disk Win RE (Windows Recovery
Environment) instead of Windows Vista. Such fail-overs cause inescapable situations
of repairing Windows installation or using the latest backup as Windows loses the
capability to boot. However, if all the measures fail, you can safely use a Windows
Data Recovery product to recover the lost data.

As an example, you can consider a scenario when you try to start a Windows
Vista-based computer. The system may fail to boot and get forced to start in Windows
Recovery Environment. You attempt to repair by using Startup Repair option, but this
too fails with an error as below:

"The partition table does not have a valid System Partition."


The error suggests that the system partition that is listed in disk partition table does
not contain the system files that Windows Vista requires.

The Startup Repair typically fails to repair when the error root from malfunctioning
hardware, logon issues, malicious software or Windows upgrades.


To solve this issue, you should apply the fixes like:

You should try to replace the missing or corrupt system files with a backup copy.
You can boot the computer manually by using Windows installation CD and run the
Startup Repair.
You can also use System Restore option that rolls the system state back to last
If it still displays the aforementioned partition error, you need to reformat and reinstall
Windows. Restore the lost data from the last backup.

For full data restoration, backup must be complete and clean. If not, you can use a
Windows Partition Recovery tool. These disk-scanning utilities can salvage the lost
data back in original condition quickly and easily. However, you are recommended to
apply these Windows Data Recovery applications before reformatting the disk.
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery softwareis a reliable and efficient solution
for partitions created with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. The comprehensive
Windows Partition Recovery utility uses intensive scanning algorithms. The tool is
available with a graphically-rich interface that provides hassle-free recovery. It
features options like Disk Cloning, Disk Imaging, Drive Status etc.

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