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					History of Canada Notes
 ________________________ to
       the banks of the
Many of these Europeans were
______________________ and
Earliest colonists came around
___________________, mainly
 ___________________ and
 Colonists referred to this distant
              land as
  terrain stretching from eastern
_______________________ to the
__________________________. At
   its heart lay the Bering Land
the last ice age the shallow sea bed
    west of Alaska was exposed
  connecting North America and
    Beringia is known as the
__________________________ to
        North America.
Aboriginal Perspective
Aboriginals were present long
before the colonists came, and
 welcomed the newcomers.
Because of disease, war, and other
 events the aboriginal population
declined drastically until about the
Today the aboriginal population is
     growing at a rapid rate.
Origin of “Canada”
      the aboriginal word
  Huron-Iroquois word meaning
     St. Lawrence, specifically
Stadacona (presently Quebec) the
colonists began to use this word to
     describe the entire land.
 Until ____________________,
France and England laid claims to
    the land that is Canada.
 valley of the St. Lawrence and at
   times extended to the Bay of
Fundy in Acadia, across the Great
Lakes, into the Mississippi and all
the way north to the Hudson Bay.
       settlers occupied
________________________ and
 control of these colonies until the
          Seven Years War
The ________________________
prevailed and took control of New
mostly French-speaking the English
  needed to guarantee that the
 culture of the French would be
  By 1800 BNA (British North
America) was divided into several
         Upper Canada
 (____________________) Lower
 The vast territory westward was
  known as Rupert’s Land. It was
occupied by different first nations
    groups and few fur traders.
    The different colonies were
different there were similarities in
   Government and economics.
One of the most shared ideas was
            to remain
        __ from the USA.
   during the American War of
 Independence and again during
            the War of
In the end, the British were
 victorious of the American
Confederation: 1867
BNA wanted to unify because of
 Free Trade, their economies no
longer enjoyed the protection of
      the Mother Country.
Political Change
The colonies thought it would be a
 better idea to remain separate.
 At the same time relations
between the French and the
English were breaking down.
________________________ and
the _______________________ in
  the 1850s, contributed to the
    feeling that unification was
  It didn’t help that the USA had
         become a growing
   Because of the latter, the four
colonies decided to join together in
 1867 as the Dominion of Canada.
In 1870, the Dominion purchased
 Rupert’s Land from the HBC, and
 used in part to create Manitoba.
Columbia joined with the promise
             of the
______________________ railway.
1873 ____________________
1905 we have the emergence on
 ______________________ and
1949 ___________________
 became the 10th province.
Economic Change: The great
Huge factories replaced small
Steam powered machinery
  replaced muscle power.
 Consumer goods bought at the
store replaced home-made items
An industrial, commercial economy
 replaced one based primarily on
        farming and trade.
    amounts of immigrants in
 _____________________. They
were given cheap land and became
        The Great War
_________ Canadians served in the
         armed forces.
 _____ Canadians were dead and
   _________ were wounded.
WW1 was followed by a recession,
    returning soldiers were
 unemployed, rising food prices
 were not matched with wages.
      and fight for better
         _______ and
 In 1918 and 1919 were known as
The unrest culminated and led to
  the General Strike of 1919 in
In May-June 30, 000 workers went
 on strike and government troops
   were sent in to restore order.
Roaring 20s and the great
    depression 1929
had lifted, but would be hit hard in
   ________________ with the
   collapse if the stock market,
 leading to the Great Depression.
 Canada the hardest with drought
and falling grain prices and did not
   end until the onset of WW2
The Second World War marked a
  turnaround in the economic
    fortunes of the country.
Incomes rose and opportunities
expand social assistance such as
   Health and unemployment
insurance, family allowance, and
    workers’ compensation.
The west was reborn with grain
  prices, the discovery of oil,
 uranium, potash, and nickel.
The Quiet Revolution 1960s
           ___ and
being Quebeckers and were taking
control over the main institutions
of Quebec society, long controlled
          by the British.
of themselves as a distinct nation
             and a
     _____ movement arose.
 Prosperity began to peter out in
 the 1980s and Canada entered a
period of downturns and cutbacks.
Governments at all levels were
  saddled with large debts.
Unemployment increased, many
  industries closed or moved.
 Grain prices began to fall and
fisheries collapsed on the east
But today many Canadians live
  better than any previous
Canada is a nation built upon three
  “founding peoples”- the First
   Nations, the French, and the