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MobileCredit from TransUnion


									                                MobileCredit from TransUnion
                         Processing credit applications through mobile technology within seconds

Marketers are discovering the potential                             Utilising advanced analytical scoring and                        with a new marketing, distribution and
of the intelligent application of data and                          credit bureau data, MobileCredit will                            communication channel. MobileCredit
analytical tools in their marketing activities.                     respond with a message stating whether                           can greatly reduce back-office noise
Recently, TransUnion has taken this                                 the applicant is successful or unsuccessful—                     and improve turnaround times for both
further by creating a link between data,                            all within seconds.                                              customer and business operations.
analytics, and the exciting technology                                                                                               Manual application processing is also
of mobile phones.                                                   For applicants who are successful, the                           reduced, improving productivity and
                                                                    reply they receive will include a reference                      increasing output and resource efficacy.
Introducing MobileCredit                                            number. This message is not classified as
———                                                                 an acceptance of contractual terms and                           MobileCredit lends itself to additional
MobileCredit is a platform that marketers                           conditions. With the reference number                            mobile applications in marketing,
can use to enable prospects and customers                           in hand, the consumer is advised to go in                        collections and fraud-related solutions.
to apply for credit instantaneously via                             store and verify their identity details and                      These solutions can play a role in account
their cell phones. Created by TransUnion,                           confirm acceptance of the credit offered.                        acquisition, account management and
South Africa’s largest consumer and leading                                                                                          account collections in the credit lifecycle.
commercial credit bureau, MobileCredit                              The Benefits of MobileCredit
utilises advanced analytics to deliver                              ———                                                              The MobileCredit solution is protected by
a cost-effective, reliable, secure credit                           TransUnion clients already make use of                           SA patent application no. 2009/03243.
application service via cellular services                           sophisticated data and analytics in their
such as USSD, WAP and SMS.                                          application processes. MobileCredit
                                                                    takes these capabilities to the next                             Get the power to improve your
The MobileCredit Process                                            level by making them accessible in the                           marketing planning, implementation
———                                                                 convenient world of mobile. For consumers,                       and measurement with MobileCredit.
MobileCredit allows consumers to submit                             MobileCredit is fast and convenient,                             Contact your local TransUnion
an application for credit and immediately                           providing an instant response. Credit                            representative or email
opt in to a credit check by submitting                              applications are faster, and consumers                 
key information to an SMS short code, WAP                           can apply from wherever they are, on
site or other mobile linkage. All required                          any of South Africa’s mobile networks.
application information is specified by the                         The overall customer experience is much
credit provider in its marketing material.                          more pleasant and efficient.
RSA identity number, name, surname, gross
income and expenditure are mandatory                                For businesses, MobileCredit can be
fields for National Credit Act compliance.                          a powerful spark to create new sales
                                                                    channels, extending business reach

TransUnion data and analytical solutions are subject to jurisdiction of the National Credit Act. The access and use thereof may be                       TransUnion is registered with the
available to limited parties only. Please contact your TransUnion representative for more information.                                                   National Credit Regulator: NCRCB4

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