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					?When you hear the phrase "Wii unlock" the first thing that comes to mind is taking
the cover off your Wii with a screw driver and soldiering a bit of hardware called a
"Modchip" so it can read and play copied Wii games. Most are wary of these
techniques as it runs he chance of making your Wii inoperable if not done properly
and also cancels your factory warrant that includes your console. The comforting
reports is you don't have to take your Wii apart, all you must do is download software
called "HomebreWare" which unlocks your Wii ( softmod ) and enables your console
to play burned wii games, run retro style games from old consoles and also play dvds.

Nowadays you do not need special hardware to Unlock your wii system, all it takes is
some specifically programmed software that can unlock your Wii and enable it to do
stuff its original design was not intended to do. This program is called
"HomebreWare" which unlock code in your Wii's BIOS that allows it to play copy wii
games , dvds, and even run software that has been coded by programmers like DVD
players, music software etc...

Like I announced before the huge and with homebrew software is that you don't need
to open up your console to Wii unlock, thus safe guarding your warranty. The sad
thing is not many many are conscious of homebrew applications and end up buying a
Modchip and voiding their warranty.

You Can Play Any Copied Wii Game - Play Area Locked Games

But Homebrews abilities don't just stop at playing copied wii games and dvds, if you
lived overseas and purchased Wii games, homebrew software can unlock area locked
games from other countries. So you no longer have to fret about buying games from
overseas and not havig them work on your wii when you get home from a vacation.

Watch DVD's on Wii

Many Wii users have bewailed the fact that not like the other consoles the Wii is
unable to play DVD films and discs. This problem is simply solved when you load
homebrew on your Wii as it allows dvds to be played and what makes it truly cool is
you can play any dvd area available.

Wanna Play Your Fave Games back in the day?

Homebrew software comes in customised emulators that can recognise and run
well-liked old games like Super Marios, Sonic, 1942, PacMan and so on from the
classic video machines like the SNES, Sega Mega Drive, N64. So if you are a gigantic
fan of these you can relive those days by Wii unlock with HomeBreWare.

So Should I Get HomeBrew Software.
Just by reading the stuff above its a 'no-brainer' that homebreWare is mandatory for
your Wii but the advantages of homebrew software doesn't end there.

Along with the extra capabilities homebrew offers you also get exclusive access to
thousands of free downloads and homebrew games just by using the homebrew
channel. The power of homebrew can turn your Wii into far more than a gaming
machine but an absolutely fledged home entertainment system. So instead of buying
an expensive an expensive stereo for your house just use your Wii to hear your Music
and dvds.

To discover how to unlock wii and play copied wii games without the use of a
modchip -

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