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									?The objective of this article is to supply the reader with answers to frequently asked
question on the subject of 'Wii 4.2 Unlock'. Many bogus websites and products are
currently promoting software and hardware packages which either do not work, or
harm the Wii console.

Why does one want to unlock a Wii anyway? Well most 'Wii gamers' when they start
up tend to just mess around with the bog standard games such as Guitar Hero and
Mario Kart. Yeah they are great fun, and can be a laugh when you have the family
round Christmas day! Actually my family and I had the Beatles Rock Band game
pumping and even Grandad was singing some of his old favorites. It was hilarious!
And even the little kids were singing along to songs that were written in the 60's. That
band will live on forever folks!

But can you imagine what it would be like to be playing the drums and trying to sing
along by yourself a few weeks later when everyone has gone back to work? Nope, I
dont think so. But I am sure that most of us agree that the console is so powerful and
there is no reason to just leave it dorment.

The serious gamers out there realise that there are so many advantages that come with
unlocking the Wii, most of which are explained below. In my honest opinion it just
makes sense to pay a few bucks for some great software, unlock your Wii and tap into
the many benefits that most people wouldnt even dream of obtaining.

At the time of article publication, 4.2 was the latest version of the Nintendo Wii

Wii 4.2 UNLOCK - FAQs

1. Should hardware be installed during Wii 4.2 unlock?

Hardware modification using a modchip is not recommended for the following

 * Circuits and soldering knowledge is required.
 * Complicated installations and lack of expertise can cause irreparable damage to the
 * The manufacturers warranty will become null and void once the console has been

2. What are the alternatives to hardware installations for a Wii 4.2 unlock?

Technological advances have led to an increase in software downloads and
installation guides. If, for example, a certified digital product is used full unlocking
can be achieved relatively easily. Care must be taken to make the right decision as
many bogus products are available. A good measure to be taken is checking of the
clickbank marketplace as well as the recommendations below.

3. What should be included within the digital product's package?

As a rule of thumb, the product should not cost in excess of $50US, and should
include the following:

 * Capability to play DivX Movies and DVDs
 * Capability to download and play games instantly through a HomeBrew Channel
 * Capability to download and use many applications
 * Capability to save and then play Backup Wii Games
 * Capability to play the Sega Genisis, N64 and SNES console games.

My name is Danny, and it turns out I am a bit of a Wii freak after the wifey gave me
one for Christmas! I managed to unlock my Wii safely, cheaply and quickly using
Clickbank endorsed BreWii software found at 'Wii 4.2 Unlock' as I am sure you still
have many questions. Enjoy!

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