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									?Is there more to a brochure printing than a folded paper with several texts? Definitely.
So why do some brochures work and others end up in the trash can? There are many
reasons but the most obvious one is simply because some businesses lack the
foresight and planning. Read on and learn the process of creating a brochure that

A good brochure printing has to have an impact among its readers. A brochure will be
judged on how it was able to connect with its readers. Among the factors that will
make a brochure a success is its key message, content, and basic design guidelines.
The paper, colors, and fonts will also help in making a successful brochure printing.

Before diving into any brochure project, there are several decisions that need to be
made concerning its content and direction. To determine the courses of action, ask
yourself this question: Why should customers read your brochure? Well, the only
answer you should have is because it is visually delightful and it contains useful
information to the customers. If you do not have that answer, better think again.

Next, think about how you would like to display or distribute your brochures. Will it
be in the stores? Will it be in an event? Will you mail it? Your answer to these
questions will determine the type, size and fold of your brochures. There are a variety
of custom brochure sizes that you could choose from that would fit your requirements.
All you have to do is to determine your distribution or display scheme.

Another consideration as to the size and number of folds would be its content.
Multi-page brochures give you the space you need for important information. A single
page with multiple folds, on the other hand, will allow an economical approach with a
nice look and feel.

Now for the information that it will contain, be sure to use everyday language or the
language of your readers. That is, do not be complicated or technical but do not be too
informal also. Always be direct and simple in your choice of words. But most
importantly, thread your thoughts. Your thoughts must flow logically and each
supporting either the previous or latter point.

Before writing anything, develop a simple and direct outline to guide you. This
outline should list down everything you want to convey. Do you want to talk about
your company's reputation? How do you establish yourself as a market leader? How
are your products different from the competition? Another good way to approach this
is for you to list down all the key messages or sound bites and write them like a mind
map. Make the more important points bold. Use different colors to make it more
visual. This will determine what messages are important to you and what messages
you would like your readers to remember.
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