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					?Designers can be very perfectionists with their projects' images, but it doesn't apply
to all professionals involved in webdesigning. Sometimes other people are involved
and they have to do changes in the project even though having less visual training. So
several users of Justinmind Prototyper 2.5 asked us for a new feature which was
implemented on 2.6: Widget Libraries.

With them, you can create images that are somehow constant on your projects, such
as your portal's header, a typical search widget, or anything else you might want, and
share it from project to project.

Let's say, for example, that a lead designer created the main layout of the site, and
several other people are working on the other pages, which includes content, but the
buttons, boxes, colours and everything else will be much alike. They will be able to
copy the widgets and wireframe with the original layout, change the texts, but won't
need to redraw all the buttons, boxes or effects.

Widget Libraries on Justinmind Prototyper 2.6

In Justinmind Prototyper 2.5 you had some embedded widgets, like links, html code
or layered boxes, but now this goes even further. You can create the whole style of the
site. H1 are Verdana, 18, bold, H2 Garamond 12 italic, buttons are green, rounded,
and bullets are whatever you may like. And the user will only drag and drop all them
and have it there.

In the Screen Components, where the normal widgets are, you can on the top, you
have the My Widgets panel. There are three buttons:

- Create group of widgets. For example, Hotel X Website, with all layout widgets of
the project.

- Import widgets, which allow you to copy the widgets made by another user.

- Export widgets, which allow you to export your widgets to another user.

Advantages of Widget Libraries

Time Saver

For those who create similar projects frequently, it's a huge time saver. You can create
frameworks for your prototypes, and have them all there. Besides, we will add and
share widgets with our users on our website.

Consistency and Quality Control
The designer's job is to create the images and widgets, and the other users (UX, AI,
Copywriters, Programmers) just have to drag and drop them, guaranteeing that the
whole project will look fine and consistent.

Widget Libraries were request from several users, and we found it will be very useful
for all the professionals that use Justinmind Prototyper.

If you want more information about high fidelity wireframes and website prototyping,
subscribe to Justinmind's blog or drop us a line on twitter.

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