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					?Is shorthand a forgotten skill? I don't think so. There are many shorthand courses
offer. The use of shorthand appears in many business applications. If you have a need
for this skill, then you need to find a good online study course. For details on where
you can use this skill, read this article.

Although not many people are aware of it, a shorthand course is interesting training,
especially if you know where to use it. This is among the major skills practiced and
applied in legal secretary training.

Since the emergence of different computer courses, shorthand writing courses have
been set aside in people's mind. Nowadays, speed typing ability is given more
importance. Notice that even in crash secretarial course, shorthand training courses
are given less importance than speed typing.

Having the ability to type fast is a good thing. It can give you beneficial advantages.
But, if you are planning to enroll in legal secretary training, it will be to your
advantage to go for a secretarial college that offers shorthand course.

If you are wondering where you can use a shorthand course, then you'll be surprise to
know how handy it can be. But before we get to that, here is a little something about

Shorthand is a form of writing. It uses symbols instead of alphabets or letters. Its
process is called stenography. It has been used and applied as early as the time of the
Ancient Greek.

Shorthand is use in different places and language of the world. Nowadays, there are
different formats and styles use to practice it. Hence, it is normal for a secretarial
school with shorthand writing courses to offer either Greg Shorthand course or Pitman
shorthand course.

Gregg and Pitman are two distinct styles of writing in shorthand. The former uses
ellipsis and lines to form words while the latter applies position and thickness. But
these two will give you the ability to write down dictations faster than if you use

Going back to the uses, this stenographic writing is applied in different areas of the
industry and work. Though it is usually offered in legal secretary training, it can be
use for other jobs too.

Naturally, a shorthand course is very useful for every secretary, whether in legal or
non-legal areas. Through it, a secretary can easily take note of her boss's instructions
and requirements.
Journalists can also make use of shorthand training. Having this skill can provide
them great help in weaving their news. They can use it in interviews and information
gathering. As we all know, it is important for a journalist to work fast and create
something even in a short time.

This skill would be great in areas of business and accounting too. Because of its
specific advantage in the area of bookkeeping, it is probable that a bookkeeping
course would include this skill in its program. Likewise, executive secretaries also
apply shorthand during meetings and conferences.

Lately, medical practitioners have employed stenography too. Nowadays, there are
people whom are called medical transcriptionists. Their job is to listen and transcribe
audio reports of physicians. The shorthand skill training for this is offered in medical
secretary courses.

Of course, there are still others that employ shorthand writing. Even individual
business owners or writers may take advantage of this course.

Because of its uses in different areas, anyone is welcome to obtain this skill. If you are
done with your college days and still want to study this area, you may attend a
shorthand course offered online or ask your university if they have any make up class
for it.

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