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									By: Infomaniacminer infomaniacminer@gmail.com Home Improvement – Converting a garage to a game room Two years ago I converted an attached garage into a game room. The home I bought already had a two car detached garage. Here is a break down of costs, tips and the process. Process Choose a contractor Schedule the work Monitor the progress Final walk I interviewed and accepted bids from five different general contractors. I found the contractors by word of mouth, Service Magic and searching on the internet. If I had to do it over again now, I would probably list a very specific craigslist service request advertisement. Once you decide on a contractor, you need to them to sign a contract that details the following: Cost of the total project, how long the project will take, payment schedule, start date and start time, how the scrap will be cleaned up, how the materials will be staged during the project, how the scrap materials will be staged during the project (i.e. in a dumpster or piled I the yard), parts list, what time each day the contractor will start and finish. The project consisted of  Laying concrete to level off the slab to match the rest of the house. Typically garages are a few inches lower to help water run off.  Building a wall where the garage door was.  Knocking down a wall that was in my bedroom, building an office that extended into my bedroom and building a new wall to separate the office and the bedroom. The office had French doors opening to the game room.  Building a closet.  Laying a tile floor. Cost Cutting Tips I paid cash for everything. No banks loans, no interest and no contractor mark up on the suppliers. I bought my own suppliers. The contractor gave me a parts list; I bought them from Lowes and had them delivered. Lowe’s is very easy to work with. I just faxed them my list and they pulled everything together and delivered it to my house. I did my own caulking and painting. My aunt is an architect and drafted the plans for free.

Home Improvement - Garage conversion to a game room and office Payable to Amount Totals Notes contractor fees contract or $ payment 5,350 12/1/2006 contract or $ payment 3,120 12/4/2006 contract or $ payment 3,120 12/20/2006 contract or $ payment 3,120 12/15/2006 original bid was 17660, which I had reduced because they finished 2 contractor $ week early and had charge $500 for "supplies" all of which I paid for total 14,710 myself. supply cost Lowe's, $ supplies 1,704 Intial round of supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 380 French Doors Lowe's, $ supplies 331 front door Lowe's, $ supplies 324 supplies for front door arch Lowe's, $ front door 13 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 217 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 120 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 18 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 61 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 13 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 84 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 138 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 45 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 33 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 129 supplies Lowe's, $ supplies 15 supplies Lowe's, $ return

supplies (29) Lowe's, $ supplies (21) Lowe's, $ supplies (234) Lowe's, $ supplies (20) Lowe's, $ supplies (15) total supplies Paint cost Lowe's, $ paint 300 Kelly $ Moore 297 Kelly $ Moore 75 Kelly $ Moore 74 total paint and paint supplies Floor Flooring, $ Tile 1,351 Flooring, $ Installation 1,650 total floor Ceiling fan Ceiling fan total ceiling fan Furniture Grand Total

return return return return $ 3,307 paint & supplies -> more expensive b/c I had to match existing paint in and around house inside outside wall outside wall $ 747

price of tile installation $ 3,001

$ 350 $ 409 $ 759 $ 5,000 $ 27,523

price of fan installation

$ 5,000 $ 27,523

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