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					?Getting a new puppy home has the most wonderful emotions attached to it. Holding
your puppy, cuddling him, watching him play can all be sources of great pleasure.
However the joy and ecstasy ends the moment you walk into the first puddle of puppy
pee or when you see your favorite rug with a big wet pee stain on it. And as these
incidents are repeated with regularity you are just about ready to pull your hair out.

Well lets get the facts straight your puppy is not exactly choosy when it comes to
picking a relieving spot, so in other words your couch will do and so will the kitchen.
The answer is to all your puppy pee related woes is ‘housebreaking'.

Simply put housebreaking is the puppy equivalent of potty training. Since your puppy
dint really have a shiny potty where he was taught to do his job at fixed times he is a
little confused about the right place. So the entire house seems like one big potty. And
even though the first few times this act on your puppy's part is tolerable it loses its
charm real fast.

And if you are going through a similar experience where your cute fur ball has turned
into a pooping, peeing mean machine lets take you through the ‘housebreaking'

Some important tips:

Since your pup cannot stop himself from relieving or in other words control his urges
naturally till the age of 3 months your training will have to start before he reaches this
landmark age. So, when he crosses the 3 month boundary he will know that there is a
fire hydrant waiting for him outside and the couch is certainly no place to raise his

Your puppy will need to answer natures call at least a few times a day and most
definitely after a meal just like human babies.

A tell tale sign is when your puppy starts sniffing around slowly to find the perfect
spot or starts circling a spot to make sure that its a good place to do his job.

A good way to start housebreaking your dog is to take him out every time he is done
eating and every time you see him sniffing around intently.

The first few times there are bound to be some incidents and accidents. The important
thing for you is to let your dog know that his behavior is not acceptable. Wait to catch
him in the act and with a serious expression dole out a loud and sharp ‘NO'. Yelling at
him half an hour down the line won't help because he will have no idea why he is
being yelled at.

Keep your slippers and house coat ready to take your dog out promptly if it looks like
he is going to do his job right then and there.. And every time he pees or poops
outside don't forget to pat him, appreciate him and give him a treat.

Dogs are remarkably sensitive to human emotions. Also, they are no different from
human beings and are constantly looking for positive strokes and like to please. Once
your dog realizes that doing his job outside makes you happy he will be more than
willing to oblige. But you need to show that to him. A few days into housebreaking,
try to observe his toilet schedule and try to take him out accordingly. If he feels the
urge each night or early in the morning at a specific time, that is the perfect time to
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