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									BOROUGH OF HIGH BRIDGE                              MAYOR &COUNCIL
                MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003
       The regular meeting of the Mayor and Common Council of the Borough of High
Bridge came to order with Mayor Alfred W. Schweikert, III presiding, at 7:30 p.m. on the
above date. Notice of this meeting was given by public announcement on January 2, 2003,
published in the Hunterdon Review issue of January 8, 2003 and posted on the bulletin
board in Borough Hall. The meeting was held in Borough Hall, 71 Main Street, High
Bridge, N.J.

Mayor Schweikert led those present in the salute to the Flag.

Members Present:       Councilman Tuck Batch
                       Councilman Richard Carr   Excused
                       Councilman Robert Dumas Excused
                       Councilwoman Colleen Hann
                       Councilwoman Lynn Hughes
                       Councilman Thomas Waldron

Borough Attorney Edward Halpern, Administrator, William Barnum Wahl, Municipal
Clerk, Maureen Horton Gross and 14 members of the public were also present for the

       Councilman Waldron motioned to dispense with the reading of the minutes of
October 9, 2003 as copies were distributed to each Council Member; Councilman Batch
seconded the motion. Roll Call: 4 ayes.
       Councilman Waldron motioned to approve the minutes of the meeting of October
93, 2003; Councilman Batch seconded the motion. Roll Call: 4 ayes

Rich Heycock – Monthly Up-Date High Bridge Fire Dept.
        Rich Heycock presented the up-date on the High Bridge Fire Department. From
January 1, 2003 to October 23, 2003 the Fire Department has responded to 85 calls for
help and conducted 10 drills and 20 work details.
        There is one new regular and one new junior member currently in fire school and
will graduate in December.
        All fire pumps, hoses, ladders were tested and passed. The ladder truck needed
minor repairs.
        Mr. Heycock then showed the Council and public one of the new Scott Air Packs.
        Valerie Jordan asked whether moving the Council Meetings to the Fire House was
considered as Borough Hall is not accessible to the handicapped and the Fire House is.
Mayor Schweikert responded that he has not received any complaints. He then asked Mrs.
Jordan for specific names of people who have complained that Borough Hall is
inaccessible and that she was making an issue out of nothing. Mayor Schweikert also noted
that moving the meeting to the Fire House would create a hardship for those people
running the meeting.

Crossroads Construction
        On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilwoman Hughes and carried
by unanimous favorable voice vote, the Council approved altering the order of business to
address Old Business A. & B. now since Mr. Gomes was present.
        Councilman Batch related there are several issues to act on: Taylor & Thomas
Streets, Seal Street, and Cokesbury Road. The first two contracts both have not been
completed as scheduled and both contracts allow for liquidating damages for failure to
complete on time.
        Councilman Batch related that the Planning Committee and Engineer McEldowney
met with Mr. Gomes to discuss these issues. The Taylor and Thomas Streets project was to
be completed by October 2, 2003. It was substantially completed on October 6, 2003. The
Committee felt it was reasonable to recommend waiving the four-day delay for Taylor and
Thomas Streets.
        Seal Street was also to be completed by October 2, 2003. The work is still on going
on Seal Street with an anticipated completion date of October 31st. Crossroads
Construction has requested a two-week extension; thereby they would only be 15 days over
scheduled as opposed to 30 days. Councilman Batch related that the work performances of
                        MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

Crossroads has been less than optimum and has caused additional costs to the Borough in
additional engineering inspection fees. The recommendation of the Committee is to hold
Crossroads Construction to the October 2, 2003 completion date.
         Mr. John LaRiccia, engineer for Crossroads Construction addressed the Council
stating that Crossroads Construction has saved the Borough a lot of money and that should
be taken into consideration.
         On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilwoman Hughes and carried
by majority favorable roll call vote of three (3) ayes with Councilman Waldron opposed,
the Mayor and Council approved the four day extension of Taylor and Thomas Street and
not to seek penalties or liquidating damages from Crossroads Construction for the Taylor
and Thomas Street project.
         On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilman Waldron and carried by
unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the Mayor and Council approved
adhering to the Contract for the reconstruction of Seal Street and levy penalties and
liquidating damages from the October 2, 2003 contract date to the time of completion.
         Councilman Batch then related the issue with Cokesbury Road and the contract not
being returned within the required time frame. Mr. Halpern also related that last month,
the Council found the contractor in default. The issue before the Council is the bid bond
and whether to return it or retain it, as is their legal right. It might be beneficial to table
action until the other contracts are completed satisfactorily.
         Mr. Gomes interjected that they were late returning the contract due to a delay in
getting the necessary insurance documents. If the Borough decides to call the bond, it will
negatively impact on the financial stability of the company.
         Mr. LaRiccia added that the turnaround time for the Cokesbury Road contract was
about the same as the Seal Street project, and they did not realize it was that important to
return it within the fourteen days.
         On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilman Waldron and carried by
unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the Mayor and Council approved the
postponement of action until the November 13th Meeting.
         In response to a recent letter from Donald Cox regarding 17 Thomas Street,
Councilman Batch and Engineer McEldowney will review the concerns and also related
that the topsoil will be replaced along Taylor and Thomas Streets.

Christina Whited – Signs for Museum
         Christina Whited was before the Council to seek approval of placing two signs on
the property of the Solitude House. The signs will be located at the right hand side of the
stairs and in the narrow island, 30 feet from the intersection. All the required setbacks will
be met.
         The signs were made from old headboards and Digital Arts donated the lettering.
         On motion by Councilwoman Hughes, second by Councilman Batch and carried
by unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the Mayor and Council approved the
erection of two signs for the Union Forge Heritage Museum at the Solitude House.

         Valerie Jordan 53 Beavers Street, read a statement directing her comments to Mr.
Wahl and her view of his work related performance, citing specifics incidents.
         Mr. Wahl related that Mrs. Jordan should not fault Mrs. Fleming or him for the
results of the budget.
         Mayor Schweikert related that these are Mrs. Jordan’s opinions and that she has
“taken the facts and twisted them around”. Mayor Schweikert felt that her statements were
“bizarre”. He added that she comes into Borough Hall and creates “all sorts of disorder”
and that “all this pettiness needs to stop”.
         Mike Jones suggested that the Mayor let her say what’s on her mind but that he
does not engage in a discussion with her.
         Sally Ward, Solitude Village , said that as a citizen who cares very much for the
Borough, she wishes there was less “negativity” from Mrs. Jordan and asked if there was a
way to stop her from coming into Borough Hall.
         Mike Jones recited Thomas Jefferson who said, “ I prefer the danger of too much
liberty to the dangers of too little”. If democracy is to be vibrant, we should allow voices of
harmony and discord to speak.
         Councilman Waldron interjected that when Mrs. Jordan was in support of the
Mayor, she was allowed to speak. Now, the Mayor threatens to silence her.
         Mayor Schweikert retorted “Mr. Waldron, I will miss you in January.”
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                       MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

Ordinance #2003-0022 Supplemental Bond Ordinance for Cokesbury and Silverthorne
        Mayor Schweikert declared the Public Hearing open. Mr. Halpern believed that a
motion is necessary to open the public hearing. Mayor Schweikert noted that he declares it
open and Council motions to close it.
        Councilman Batch noted that this was for additional funds needed to go out to re-
bid this project.
        Mary Murdock questioned the plan and the curve in Cokesbury Road.
Councilman Batch noted that the plan is to widen the road as much as possible without
taking peoples property.
        Matthew Curtin, Mine Road added that the “blind spot” would almost be
impossible to eliminate completely.
        The Public Hearing was closed on motion by Councilman Batch, second by
Councilwoman Hann and carried by unanimous favorable voice vote of four (4) ayes.
        On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilman Waldron and carried by
unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the Mayor and Council approved the
adoption of Ordinance #2003-0022 as follows:

             ISSUANCE OF $47, 500 BONDS OR NOTES OF THE

       COUNTY OF HUNTERDON, NEW JERSEY (not less than two-thirds
       of all members thereof affirmatively concurring) AS FOLLOWS:
               Section 1.      The improvement described in Section 3 of this
       bond ordinance had heretofore been authorized to be undertaken by the
       Borough of High Bridge, New Jersey as a general improvement. For the
       improvement or purpose described in Section 3, there is hereby
       appropriated the supplemental amount of $50,000, such sum being in
       addition to the $220,000 appropriated therefore by bond ordinance #2003-
       06 of the Borough finally adopted April 24, 2003, and including the sum of
       $2,500 as the additional down payment required by the Local Bond Law.
       The additional down payment is now available by virtue of provision for
       down payment or for capital improvement purposes in one or more
       previously adopted budgets.
               Section 2.      In order to finance the additional cost of the
       improvement or purpose not covered by application of the additional down
       payment, negotiable bonds are hereby authorized to be issued in the
       principal amount of $47,500 pursuant to the Local Bond Law. In
       anticipation of the issuance of the bonds, negotiable bond anticipation notes
       are hereby authorized to be issued pursuant to and within the limitations
       prescribed by the Local Bond Law.
               Section 3.      (a) The improvement heretofore authorized and
       the purpose for the financing of which the bonds are to be issued is road
       improvements to Cokesbury Road and Silverthorne Road, including
       pavement widening and resurfacing and appurtenant drainage
       improvements, including all work and materials necessary therefore and
       incidental thereto, as described in bond ordinance #2003-06 of the
       Borough finally adopted April 24, 2003.
                               (b)     The estimated maximum amount of bonds
       or notes to be issued for the Improvement or purpose is $256,500,
       including the $209,000 bonds or notes authorized by bond ordinance
       #2003-06 of the Borough finally adopted April 24, 2003 and the $47,500
       bonds or notes authorized herein.

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                MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

                          (c) The estimated cost of the improvement or
purpose is $270,000, including the $220,000 appropriated by bond
ordinance #2003-06 of the Borough finally adopted April 24, 2003 and the
$50,000 appropriated herein
         Section 4.       All bond anticipation notes issued hereunder shall
mature at such times as may be determined by the Chief Financial Officer;
provided that no note shall mature later than one year from its date. The
notes shall bear interest at such rate or rates and be in such form as may be
determined by the Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer
shall determine all matters in connection with notes issued pursuant to this
ordinance, and the Chief Financial Officer’s signature upon the notes shall
be conclusive evidence as to all such determinations. All notes issued
hereunder may be renewed from time to time subject to the provisions of
the Local Bond Law. The Chief Financial Officer is hereby authorized to
sell part or all of the notes from time to time at public or private sale and to
deliver them to the purchasers thereof upon receipt of payment of the
purchase price plus accrued interest from their dates to the date of delivery
thereof. The Chief Financial Officer is directed to report in writing to the
governing body at the meeting next succeeding the date when any sale or
delivery of the notes pursuant to this ordinance is made. Such report must
include the amount, the description, the interest rate and the maturity
schedule of the notes sold, the price obtained and the name of the
         Section 5.       The capital budget of the Borough of High Bridge is
hereby amended to conform with the provisions of this ordinance to the
extent of any inconsistency herewith. The resolution in the form
promulgated by the Local Finance Board showing full detail of the
amended capital budget and capital program as approved by the Director of
the Division of Local Government Services is on file with the Clerk and is
available there for public inspection.
         Section 6.       The following additional matters are hereby
determined, declared, recited and stated:
         (a) The improvement or purpose described in Section 3 of this
bond ordinance is not a current expense. It is an improvement or purpose
that the Borough may lawfully undertake as a general improvement, and no
part of the cost thereof has been or shall be specially assessed on property
specially benefited thereby.
         (b) The period of usefulness of the improvement or purpose
within the limitations of the Local Bond Law, according to the reasonable
life thereof computed from the date of the bonds authorized by this bond
ordinance, is 10 years.
         (c) The Supplemental Debt Statement required by the Local
Bond Law has been duly prepared and filed in the office of the Clerk, and a
complete executed duplicate thereof has been filed in the Office of the
Director of the Division of Local Government Services in the Department
of Community Affairs of the State of News Jersey. Such statement shows
that the gross debt of the Borough as defined in the Local Bond Law is
increased by the authorization of the bonds and notes provided in this bond
ordinance by $47,500, and the obligations authorized herein will be within
all debt limitations prescribed by that Law.
         (d) An aggregate amount not exceeding $55,000 for items of
expense listed in and permitted under N.J.S.A. 40A:2-20 is included in the
estimated cost indicated herein for the purpose of improvement. Of this
amount, $35,000 was estimated for these items of expense in bond
ordinance #2003-06 of the Borough finally adopted April 24, 2003, and an
additional $20,000 is estimated therefore herein.
         Section 7.       Any grant moneys received for the purpose
described in Section 3 hereof shall be applied either to direct payment of
the cost of the improvement or to payment of the obligations issued
pursuant to this ordinance. The amount of obligations authorized but not
issued hereunder shall be reduced to the extent that such funds are so used.
         Section 8.       The Chief Financial Officer of the Borough is
hereby authorized to prepare and to update from time to time as necessary
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                        MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

       a financial disclosure document to be distributed in connection with the sale
       of obligations of the Borough and to execute such disclosure document on
       behalf of the Borough. The Chief Financial Officer is further authorized to
       enter into the appropriate undertaking to provide secondary market
       disclosure on behalf of the Borough pursuant to Rule 15c2-12 of the
       Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Rule”) for the benefit of holders
       and beneficial owners of obligations of the Borough and to amend such
       undertaking from time to time in connection with any change of law, or
       interpretation thereof, provided such undertaking is and continues to be, in
       the opinion of a nationally recognized bond counsel, consistent with the
       requirements of the Rule. In the event that the Borough fails to comply
       with its undertaking, the Borough shall not be liable for any monetary
       damages, and the remedy shall be limited to specific performance of the
                Section 9.      The full faith and credit of the Borough are hereby
       pledged to the punctual payment of the principal of and the interest on the
       obligations authorized by this bond ordinance. The obligations shall be
       direct, unlimited obligation of the Borough, and the Borough shall be
       obligated to levy ad valorem taxes upon all the taxable real property within
       the Borough for the payment of the obligations and the interest thereon
       without limitation of rate or amount.
                Section 10.     This bond ordinance shall take effect 20 days after
       the first publication thereof after final adoption, as provided by the Local
       Bond Law.

          Mr. Halpern related that the preliminary Title Search of Mr. McNiff’s alley shows
that it still belongs to Taylor Wharton, not the Borough. His opinion is that it is a private
matter between the eight residents along the alley and Taylor Wharton.
          In response to Mr. Wahl’s question, Mr. Halpern noted that the other alleys in the
Borough were not looked into at this time.

Mr. Bernstein’s Employment
        Mr. Halpern related that he did not put this on the agenda.
        Mayor Schweikert noted that he placed this item on the agenda, as he had wanted
to discuss some issues with Mr. Bernstein in public, namely his involvement with the
Internet law he provides to pornographic sites. Mayor Schweikert related that he would like
Mr. Bernstein to resign. He realizes that he does not have the support of Council in this
decision, but he would still like to see Mr. Bernstein go now and not wait until next year
when a new attorney is appointed.
        Councilwoman Hann related that she hoped the Council and the Mayor could have
agreed to disagree. The Committee suggested getting a different attorney to serve next year
with input from the Council, as Council was not confident or trusting of Mr. Buchsbaum as
        Mayor Schweikert stated that he intends on appointing Mr. Peter Buchsbaum.
There will be a whole new Council next year. The Mayor makes the appointment and if
the majority of Council agrees, Mr. Buchsbaum will be appointed. He added that this
discussion has gotten twisted around to discuss Mr. Buchsbaum instead of Mr. Bernstein,
but he is pleased that the Personnel Committee realizes the need for a new attorney.

Attorney Anthony Della Pelle - copy of correspondence to Bowe & Fernicola, attorney for
Pamela Nicholson – letter to Borough Council regarding drainage issues at Hilltop
NJLM – Mayors Fax Advisory regarding DKM Residential Properties v. Montgomery
Township; Harvest Festivals; World Trade Center Heroes
Township of Lebanon – Notice of Public Hearing on Ordinance #2003-15 Tree Removal
Eric M. Bernstein & Associates, LLC – copy of letter to Crossroads Construction regarding
Contract for Silverthorne/Cokesbury Roads
Studer & McEldowney – Engineer’s Monthly Activity Report for September 2003

         Mr. Wahl, in response to the letter from Pam Nicholson, related that he sent a
letter to the Hunterdon County Health Department. The Health Department has been out
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                        MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

twice this year to review the situation, as the residents are concerned that this is a potential
mosquito breeding area.
        Mayor Schweikert added that Councilman Dumas had looked into this situation
several years ago when it was brought before Council. The Borough paid to have Mr.
McEldowney review the situation and the conclusion was that there is a drainage issue that
the Association needs to address, not the Borough.

Crossroads Construction – Review of contract extension for Seal Street;
Bid Bond for Cokesbury Road
See Above under Visitors

Raffle License Application of the Knights of Columbus
        On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilwoman Hann and carried by
majority favorable roll call vote of three (3) ayes with Councilman Waldron disqualifying
himself, the Mayor and Council approved the Raffle Application for the Knights of
Columbus as submitted.

Retirement of Police Chief – Authorization to post notice and advertise for new Officer
        On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilwoman Hann and carried by
unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the Mayor and Council approved the
posting of the Chief vacancy at the High Bridge Police Department with a return date of
November 7, 2003.
        In anticipation of the promotion of Police Chief coming from within the
Department, it will cause a vacancy on the force. On motion by Councilman Batch, second
by Councilwoman Hann and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes,
the Mayor and Council approved the advertising for a Police officer for the High Bridge
Police Department.

Recycling Contract – Bid Specs
         Mr. Wahl related that 2003 Recycling was contracted with the County through
March and then the Borough sought quotes for the remainder of the year. The quotes
were requested for the nine (9) months in order to keep the cost below the bid threshold.
         The contract was awarded to RVD and it expires December 31. Mr. Wahl would
like to go out to bid for a three-year contract.
         On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilwoman Hughes and carried
by unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the Mayor and Council approved
going out to bid for the curbside recycling contract for three years for the Borough of High
         Mr. Wahl then related that the majority of the work had been done by Mr. Peter
Buchsbaum and was requesting approval for Mr. Buchsbaum to continue.
         After a short discussion, on motion by Councilman Waldron, second by
Councilman Batch and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the
Mayor and Council designated Eric M. Bernstein & Associates as the attorney to review
and finalize the bid spec package for curbside recycling.

Legal Finances – Presentation by Councilwoman Hann
        Councilwoman Hann presented an overview of legal expenses for 2001 through
2003 for Attorneys Buchsbaum and Bernstein.
        She noted that this was not a comparison of the attorneys, but an understanding of
the types of issues that the legal expenses cover. It compared costs relative to meetings, golf
course, the different litigation issues, etc. Mayor Schweikert noted that the costs come from
different areas of the budget or from grants, which this presentation does not show.
        Councilwoman Hann then presented the budget for legal and the need to look at
ways to reduce some of the expenses for legal fees.
        Her presentation is attached to the original set of Minutes.
        Councilwoman Hann noted that she hopes to review the costs of the other
attorneys, such as the labor attorney and Planning Board Attorney so that the public can
better understand how the money is spent.
        Mayor Schweikert related that of the municipal tax rate, 3.5% is for legal expenses.

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                      MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

Resolution #68-2003 Payment Plan for Delinquent Utilities
         After a brief discussion, the following Resolution was approved on motion by
Councilman Waldron, second by Councilman Batch and carried by unanimous favorable
roll call vote of four (4) ayes.
                                  Resolution #68-2003

               WHEREAS, an outstanding balance remains on utility account
       #404203 for water charges assessed in 2002 including interest through
       12/31/2002 in the amount of $71,250.97; and
       WHEREAS, a payment schedule has been provided whereby the
       12/31/2002 balance with interest shall be repaid over a 60-month period
       beginning June 30, 2004 at an amount of interest of 18%,
               NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Council of the
       Borough of High Bridge, County of Hunterdon, State of New Jersey, that
       the outstanding utility balance due to the Borough by account #404203 shall
       be repaid in accordance with the attached scheduled payment plan.
   Acct#     404203      $71,250.97
                                      Total Payment     Interest     Principal    Balance
       1     6/30/2004                     $1,809.31     $1,068.76      $740.55   $70,510.42
       2     7/30/2004                     $1,809.31     $1,057.66      $751.65   $69,758.77
       3     8/30/2004                     $1,809.31     $1,046.38      $762.93   $68,995.84
       4     9/30/2004                     $1,809.31     $1,034.94      $774.37   $68,221.47
       5    10/30/2004                     $1,809.31     $1,023.32      $785.99   $67,435.48
       6    11/30/2004                     $1,809.31     $1,011.53      $797.78   $66,637.70
       7    12/30/2004                     $1,809.31       $999.57      $809.74   $65,827.96
       8     1/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $987.42      $821.89   $65,006.07
       9     2/28/2005                     $1,809.31       $975.09      $834.22   $64,171.85
      10     3/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $962.58      $846.73   $63,325.12
      11     4/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $949.88      $859.43   $62,465.68
      12     5/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $936.99      $872.32   $61,593.36
      13     6/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $923.90      $885.41   $60,707.95
      14     7/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $910.62      $898.69   $59,809.26
      15     8/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $897.14      $912.17   $58,897.09
      16     9/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $883.46      $925.85   $57,971.24
      17    10/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $869.57      $939.74   $57,031.49
      18    11/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $855.47      $953.84   $56,077.66
      19    12/30/2005                     $1,809.31       $841.16      $968.15   $55,109.51
      20     1/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $826.64      $982.67   $54,126.84
      21     2/28/2006                     $1,809.31       $811.90      $997.41   $53,129.44
      22     3/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $796.94    $1,012.37   $52,117.07
      23     4/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $781.76    $1,027.55   $51,089.51
      24     5/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $766.34    $1,042.97   $50,046.55
      25     6/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $750.70    $1,058.61   $48,987.93
      26     7/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $734.82    $1,074.49   $47,913.44
      27     8/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $718.70    $1,090.61   $46,822.84
      28     9/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $702.34    $1,106.97   $45,715.87
      29    10/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $685.74    $1,123.57   $44,592.30
      30    11/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $668.88    $1,140.43   $43,451.87
      31    12/30/2006                     $1,809.31       $651.78    $1,157.53   $42,294.34
      32     1/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $634.42    $1,174.89   $41,119.44
      33     2/28/2007                     $1,809.31       $616.79    $1,192.52   $39,926.93
      34     3/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $598.90    $1,210.41   $38,716.52
      35     4/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $580.75    $1,228.56   $37,487.96
      36     5/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $562.32    $1,246.99   $36,240.97
      37     6/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $543.61    $1,265.70   $34,975.27
      38     7/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $524.63    $1,284.68   $33,690.59
      39     8/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $505.36    $1,303.95   $32,386.64
      40     9/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $485.80    $1,323.51   $31,063.13
      41    10/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $465.95    $1,343.36   $29,719.77
      42    11/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $445.80    $1,363.51   $28,356.25
      43    12/30/2007                     $1,809.31       $425.34    $1,383.97   $26,972.29
      44     1/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $404.58    $1,404.73   $25,567.56
      45     2/29/2008                     $1,809.31       $383.51    $1,425.80   $24,141.76
      46     3/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $362.13    $1,447.18   $22,694.58
      47     4/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $340.42    $1,468.89   $21,225.69
      48     5/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $318.39    $1,490.92   $19,734.76
      49     6/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $296.02    $1,513.29   $18,221.47
      50     7/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $273.32    $1,535.99   $16,685.49
      51     8/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $250.28    $1,559.03   $15,126.46
      52     9/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $226.90    $1,582.41   $13,544.05
      53    10/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $203.16    $1,606.15   $11,937.90
      54    11/30/2008                     $1,809.31       $179.07    $1,630.24   $10,307.66

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                       MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

       55    12/30/2008                    $1,809.31      $154.61     $1,654.70     $8,652.96
       56     1/30/2009                    $1,809.31      $129.79     $1,679.52     $6,973.44
       57     2/28/2009                    $1,809.31      $104.60     $1,704.71     $5,268.74
       58     3/30/2009                    $1,809.31       $79.03     $1,730.28     $3,538.46
       59     4/30/2009                    $1,809.31       $53.08     $1,756.23     $1,782.23
       60     5/30/2009                    $1,808.97       $26.73     $1,782.24        $(0.00)

                GRAND        TOTAL       $108,558.26   $37,307.28    $71,250.98

          Mr. Wahl noted that the Utility Committee was to review this as well as the other
issue of other Borough owned property. Currently, the Borough pays the water, sewer and
solid waste utilities for all Borough owned property. Mr. Wahl had not heard from
Councilman Dumas and what decision has been made.
          Councilman Waldron felt that the Golf Course should and would pay its own
          Mayor Schweikert felt the Golf Course should only be paying a nominal amount so
that it can generate more revenue to come back to the taxpayers. This account was set up
as a backup in case they needed extra water. The Council had discussed in the past the
need to establish a recreation water rate.

Resolution #69-2003 Chapter 159 Recycling Grant
        On motion by Councilman Batch, second by Councilman Waldron and carried by
unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the Mayor and Council approved the
following Resolution:
                     REVENUE AND APPROPRIATION

               WHEREAS, NJS 40A: 4-87 provides that the Director of the
       Division of Local Government Services may approve the insertion of any
       special item of revenue in the budget of any county or municipality when
       such item shall have been made available by law and the amount was not
       determined at the time of the adoption of the budget; and
               WHEREAS, the Director may also approve the insertion of an item
       of appropriation for equal amount,
               NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the BOROUGH
       COUNCIL of the BOROUGH of HIGH BRIDGE in the County of
       HUNTERDON, New Jersey, hereby requests the Director of the Division
       of Local Government Services to approve the insertion of an item of
       revenue in the budget of the year 2003 in the sum of $222.10, which is now
       available from Miscellaneous Revenues-Section F: Special Items of General
       Revenue anticipated with prior consent of Director of Local Government
       Services–Public and Private revenue offset with appropriations in the
       amount of $222.10.
               BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the like sum of $222.10 is
       hereby appropriated under the caption general appropriations–public and
       private programs offset by revenues; and
               BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the above is the result of
       funds from the State of New Jersey Solid Waste Administration Recycling
       Grant-2003 in the amount of $222.10.

2003-0023 Indemnification of Public Officials
        Mr. Halpern related that there are three potential areas of indemnification,
compensatory, punitive and criminal as well as who is covered and what is covered. The
Ordinance presented is only for compensatory damages.
        Mayor Schweikert stated this ordinance was unnecessary as the Council adopts a
Resolution each year, but felt the attorney and insurance representative should at least
review it before introduction.
        This was tabled to allow Mr. Halpern to review.

Councilman Waldron - Finance, Personnel &Legal

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                       MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

       Councilman Waldron reported on a meeting held with the CFO and Jason
Lenhart, High Bridge Hills Golf Course. There is some concern as to the revenue shortfall
that may occur if the weather does not cooperate this fall.

Councilman Batch - Planning and Engineering, Buildings & Grounds
       Councilman Batch had nothing more to report.

Councilman Carr - Emergency Services, Information & Economic Development
       Absent – no report

Councilman Dumas - Public Works Administration & Utilities
       Absent – no report

Councilwoman Hann - Education & Recreational Services -
        Councilwoman Hann reported that the Recreation Commission will be reviewing
their goals and budget for 2004 at the next meeting. She suggested the Council also set
aside a meeting solely to do the same.
        The DPW added new stone to the park and the new trash receptacles are now in
place. Councilwoman Hann provided pictures of some of the park equipment that needs
to either be repaired or removed. Mr. Wahl stated that he will authorize DPW to remove
the necessary items.
        Councilwoman Hann discussed possible options in order to make the playground
area handicapped accessible.
        She then reviewed her list of goals, what has been accomplished, what has been
removed and goals for next year.

Councilwoman Hughes - Environmental, Public Health & Assistance
         Councilwoman Hughes reported that the Cultural & Heritage Committee has
reached out to the Methodist Church, assisting them in getting the word out to help raise
funds for the necessary repairs.
         The Environmental Commission received a Certificate of Recognition for being
part of the Spruce Run Initiative in the “Clean Water Partner”.
         The South Branch Watershed Association will be marking the storm water drains
in the Borough.
         Councilwoman Hughes then asked on the status of the Columbia Trail. Mayor
Schweikert related that the County is hoping to open it very soon. According to John
Trontis, they are still working on the bridge in Califon. Mayor Schweikert also noted that
the County purchased 1,000 daffodil bulbs to replace what was removed.

Administrator’s Report – Mr. Barney Wahl
      Mr. Wahl reported that the new phone system has been installed.
      He read a letter from Felix Sorge, which had been forwarded through the High
       Bridge web page thanking the DPW for all their hard work.
      Mr. Wahl is exploring a joint purchase venture.
      He will be sending out his 2004 budget letter to all department heads, noting a
       different approach for next year. He will ask each Department Head to list all items
       that they need and/or want, this way, the decisions will fall to Council as to what gets
       done and what gets cut.
      There are “No Hunting” signs posted at Springside, which are there illegally.
      Mr. Wahl reported that during the discussion with Jason Lenhart and CFO
       Fleming, it was noted that public comments on the Golf Course revenue may
       negatively impact on future membership as they might hesitate to join if they feel
       the rumors are true. Both Mr. Lenhart and Mrs. Fleming believe the Golf Utility
       will break even by year-end as long as the golf rounds are maintained.
      Mr. Wahl related that the CFO and him meet every month with Mr. Lenhart to
       review finances and that there is a plan in place to make sure that there is no deficit.
       And to clarify a public statement made earlier, the Golf Utility is audited at the
       same time as the Borough and its other utilities by Mr. Kowalick.

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                        MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

Mayor’s Report - Dr. Alfred W. Schweikert, III
         Mayor Schweikert noted a memo from Chief Lacey regarding the overnight parking
on Church Street. He noted that both Chief Lacey and DPW Director Mark Banks
recommended that the residents not be allowed to park on Church Street.
         After some discussion, on motion by Councilman Waldron, second by
Councilwoman Hann and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote of four (4) ayes, the
Mayor and Council approved the issuance of Overnight Parking Permits for parking on
Church Street between Mill and Taylor Streets for those living on Church Street between
Main Street and Taylor Street.
         Mayor Schweikert then noted that the Borough needs to re-bid the Golf Club
House and since Attorney Buchsbaum started this, he asked Council if it was okay for Mr.
Buchsbaum to continue with this project. Councilman Batch questioned whether Council
would have the opportunity to review and/or comment on it. Council felt as long as they
have the opportunity to review and have input, this would be acceptable. The Mayor said
that this would be on the 11/13 agenda.
         Mayor Schweikert then asked Council to allow Mr. Buchsbaum to finish the
agreement with Solitude Village Association. Council agreed to allow Mr. Buchsbaum to
complete this project.
         Mayor Schweikert reported that the Affordable Housing policy is moving along well
in the State. High Bridge should make out well with the next round of numbers.

       Councilman Waldron motioned to approve and direct payment of all vouchers as
they appear on the Bill List in the total amount of $1,439,582.92, a copy of which is
attached hereto and made a part hereof these minutes. Councilman Batch seconded the
motion. Roll Call: 4 ayes

       Mr. Kenneth Apgar, Church Street , noted that the water shut off valve is sticking
up high at the corner of Church Street and Taylor Street with the reconstruction project.
Councilman Batch will look at it and make the necessary corrections.
         Mr. Richard Montaperto asked which is better for a municipality, an
indemnification resolution or Ordinance. It was noted that a resolution is only a yearly
thing, while an Ordinance remains in effect until such time as it is either amended or
         He then asked if the Golf Course pays a sewer. Mr. Wahl responded that he
believed they did.
         Sally Ward, Solitude Village commented on the possible use of sand at the
playground and the possibility of getting outside groups to fund new tables and benches. It
was noted that sand can be very hard to land on and is not considered safe for the children
and is unhealthy as it attracts animals.
         Donald Cox, 17 Thomas, asked to be brought up to date on the issues with
Crossroads Construction as he came in late. It was noted that the Council waived the fine
for the Taylor/Thomas Street project; will levy a fine for Seal Streets and the bond is still
being held for the Cokesbury Road project. He also spoke about his letter that he sent
regarding the sidewalk and step in front of his property. Councilman Batch noted that he
will be reviewing the situation in front of his house to decide the best alternative to rectify
the situation.
         Michael Jones, East Main Street, offered with respect to having an attorney present
at meeting, he feels it is money well spent, citing how many times during a meeting Mr.
Halpern is asked questions. He also felt it may behoove the Council to waive the utility fees
for the High Bridge Hills Golf Course.
         Valerie Jordan, 53 Beavers Street, noted that she would like to see the Golf
Course remain self-sustaining. As far as her supporting the donation of $200,000, she was
not fully informed of all the particulars at the time.
         She also noted that she would not like to see a contentious re-organization meeting.
The Mayor and Mrs. Jordan then spent some time bantering back and forth.
         The Clerk asked for some assistance in getting some funds from Special Events.
Mayor Schweikert directed Mr. Wahl to have the money provided even if it comes from
his paycheck.
         The Clerk then informed Council that she will be resigning her position effective
December 5, 2003. Councilman Waldron found this very regretful, but understands the
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                          MINUTES OF MEETING October 23, 2003

recent events have caused great stress. Councilman Waldron went on to note that Ms.
Horton Gross has been a fine Clerk with good conscience and terrific ability.

      Meeting was adjourned at 11:15 pm on motion by Councilman Waldron, second
by Councilwoman Hann and carried by unanimous favorable voice vote of four (4) ayes.

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Horton Gross, RMC
Municipal Clerk

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