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									Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                             Welcome Booklet

                           Zodiac gymnastic club

Zodiac started as part of Taunton Manor Gym Club which was started from scratch in July
1992. It then split in the summer of July 1998 and became Zodiac Gymnastic Club. In the
beginning there was one Senior Coach, 8 Squad gymnasts and 2 Pre School classes, with 2
Pre School helpers. Through the years we have added to the squads girls & boys introduced
more recreational classes, advance rec, development squad and a display team.
The Squads and Display Team train 48 weeks of the year whereas the recreational and pre-
school train only during school term time.
The club has classes for boys and girls and has full size specific equipment for all, and
smaller more colorful for our preschool.
The WHOLE club performs in a themed Club Display for parents every 2 years, and in the
interim years the whole club takes part in an Inter Club Gymnastics Competition.
The club is run by volunteers, who give up a lot of their free time to coach for us.
 We fund raise to purchase new equipment, uniform and in the future to take our gymnastics
to events across the country

We hope you enjoy the time with us. Should you have any problems or queries please
contact:      Head Coach – Rachel Kay

  Our aim as a Club is to encourage every gymnast to develop their full
   potential within their own abilities. To develop fitness for life and
 encourage Gymnasts to continue in the sport by Coaching or joining the
                              Display Team.


Mob No:     07808 522938     Email: zodiacgc@aol.com

Mob No:   07809 680044       Email: dawn.lockyer@tesco.net

CAROLLE KAY – TREASURER              Email: coachcarolle@aol.com
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                            Welcome Booklet

                     ZODIAC WEBSITE –

                             WHO WE ALL ARE
     HEAD COACH & ADDMISTRATOR                                    Rachel Kay

     DEPUTY HEAD & REC COACH                                      Dawn Lockyer

     CLUB COACH                             Josephine Lumb & Rebecca Lockyer

     ASSISTANT CLUB COACH                   Alex Cowie    Danielle McLaren
                                            Chantel Loveday       Heather Kelvin
                                            Jade Christelow       Ellie Cowie

     TRAINEE/Helpers                        Megan Reid            Olivia Tomney
                                            Sarah Lockyer         Harriet Christelow
                                            Jen Ives              Beckee Shapland
                                            Matt Parmenter        Rob Poupart

                                  Dawn Lockyer                    Denise Wheeler

     MAINTENANCE/ EQUIPMENT                 Malcolm Lockyer

     CLUB JUDGES                            Hayley Reid           Alex Cowie
                                            Danielle Mclaren      Rebecca Lockyer

                                     Welfare Helpline
If you have any problems with the classes, coaches or gymnasts and you don’t feel
that the head coach can help please call the help line its in confidence. The welfare
officer will try and help you sort out any of the problems. They will talk to the head
coach where needed unless its about the head coach then it will get taken to the
regional officer.
                              Mobile         07504 742089
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                                 Welcome Booklet

                       Classes and Coaches

       5 - 6.45pm             Dev & Mini Squad & Junior Adv rec.
       6.45 - 8.45pm          Reg. & club squad & Senior Adv rec.

       5 – 7.15pm             Club & Regional squad
       5 – 6.15pm             Mini squad
       5.15 – 6.15pm          Rec. 7 Girls ages 6-9 yrs
       7.15 – 9pm             Display Squad

       3.30 – 5pm             Warlingham after school club
       5 – 6.15pm             Rec. 4 Girls ages 41/2 -7 yrs
       6.15 – 7.30pm          Rec. 5 Girls ages 8-11
       7.30 – 8.30pm          Rec 7 Boys 8yrs plus

       5.15 – 6.30pm          Rec. 1 Girls ages 8–11 yrs
       6.30 – 7.45pm          Rec. 2 Girls ages 12yrs plus

       9am – 9.50am           Pre School
       10 -11.15am            Rec. 3 Girls & Boys ages 41/2 – 7 yrs
       11.15 – 12.30pm        Development Girls
       11.15 – 12.30pm        Rec. 6 Girls 6yrs – 8yrs
       12.15pm – 3.15pm       Mini, Club and Regional Squad

Recreational classes have ratio 8 gymnasts to 1 qualified coach and a trainee coach
All squads and Advance Recreation classes have a ration of 4 gymnasts to 1 qualified
coach, we usually have extra trainee coaches helping out.
Display has 1 club coach to 25 gymnasts but also in the team are 4 qualified coaches.

                            CLASS INFORMATION

PRE SCHOOL is a structured class. The children are split into groups called ‘Trains’,
they then move round with their parents, and a coach, in these groups, working on each
equipment base during the session. Classes have 2 main themes a term and a different mini
theme each week. They work towards the Fundamental Movement Ideas for Early Years
badge system each term. Stickers are awarded for effort, but are taken away for bad
behavior. The aim of both classes is gymnastics through fun.

Trial classes are £5.00
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                                Welcome Booklet

RECREATIONAL – We have 7 classes, 2 of which are for both girls and boys and 5
which are girls only. Our classes are structured to enable gymnasts to learn new moves and
progress as far as they want to. Our teenage class is an open class, this is structured so the
gymnasts can choose what moves they would like to learn and what apparatus they work on.
They also have a fun group time using gymnastics and dance to make up routines to up to
date music. All classes work towards local Floor & Vault competitions, our Bi Annual Club
Display and BGA Awards as well as our own Zodiac Star System. They also compete in our
BiAnnual Club Competition that was introduced in 2002.
All classes are grouped in ability with healthy competition and sticker system in each group.
Certificates are handed out to every gymnast at the end of term.

Trial classes are £6.00. Fee payments must be made prior to starting or on first lesson.

Consists of gymnasts who currently train at recreational level, but have the potential to go
further. They compete in CHEAM FLOOR & VAULT LEVEL 5 & 6 competitions. They train
3 ¼ hours a week.
Trial class by invitation is £6.00

This class is for gymnasts that attend a recreational class once a week but also attend an
Advance recreational class on a Monday. These gymnasts have the potential to work at a
higher level and possibly join the squad one day. They train 3 hours a week. They compete in
cheam floor & vault and level 5 & 6 and LGF competitions.
TRIAL CLASS - £7.00 per session – by invitation

This class is for gymnasts that attend a recreational class once a week but also attend an
Advance recreational class on a Monday. These gymnasts have the potential to work at a
higher level and some are ex-squad gymnasts who now work at recreational level. They
compete in cheam floor & vault and level 5 & 6 and LGF competitions.
TRIAL CLASS - £7.00 per session – by invitation

Due to a big expansion of boys in 2002 the club has now got a boys squad, and they train 3
days a week, The boys now have parallel bars, a mushroom for pommel training and wooden
rings. They compete in cheam floor & vault and level 5 & 6 and LGF compititions.
TRIAL CLASS -- £20.00 for a weeks trial – by invitation

Are young new gymnasts or gymnasts progressing well through Recreational Classes,
that only train twice a week and less hours, to develop basic moves and conditioning, they
compete in CHEAM FLOOR & VAULT LEVEL 6. They train 3 hours a week, need to train 5
TRIAL CLASS - £6.00 per session – by invitation
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                               Welcome Booklet

Consists of gymnasts that have joined from Development Squad and are training longer
hours to develop intermediate moves, conditioning and stretching before moving to B Squad.
They compete in CHEAM FLOOR & VAULT LEVEL 5 & 6 competitions. They train 7 ½ hours
a week.
TRIAL CLASS - £25.00 for a weeks trial – by invitation

Consists of gymnasts that have come up from Development Squad & Mini Squad and are
training to develop more advanced moves with extended conditioning and stretching, before
moving to A Squad. They compete in LONDON REGION CLUB and CLUB GRADES 6and 5.
They train 7 ½ hours at present, need to train 9 hours a week.
TRIAL CLASS - £25.00 for a weeks trial – by invitation

Consists of gymnasts competing at REGION PROGRAMME LEVEL 5 and above, and REGION
GRADES. They need to train 5 times a week, 19 hours plus. But at present only train 71/2

The Display Team was formed in 1995 when the school we were training at asked us to
perform in their school fete. The team was originally made up of Squad gymnasts as they
were guaranteed to turn up each week for training. Each year, we perform, has a different
theme and costumes, with our 2002 display getting their pictures into the British
Gymnastics leaflet.
In 1996 we took part in the London Gymnastics Festival which was held in Crystal Palace,
from there it moved to Wembley for the 1999 Festival and then onto Essex.
The Display team grew in numbers and a separate time was made just for the display team.
As the rest of the club grew other gymnasts wanted to take part in the display team, so in
2000 the Display team became a separate section of the club, to which squad, recreational
gymnasts, and others who did not do gymnastics class could join, as long as they are 6 years
of age.
Carolle Kay choreographed until 2003, when Rachel took over. Rachel continued the success
of the team by adding trials / auditions in October for places on the team.

Crystal Palace ~ 1996 Starlight Express       1997 Grease        1998 Rain

Wembley ~1999        Aliens/Men in black
Essex ~ 2000 Saturday Night Fever             2001 Girl Power 2002 ABBA     2003 Punk
        2004 Chicago                          2005 Action Heroes + Dance    2006 Halloween
        2007 Moulin Rouge                     2008 Oliver     2009 Mamma Mia & Rhianna
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                                Welcome Booklet

                                 Zodiac Coaches

Rachel Kay – Head Coach

Qualifications: Women’s Club Coach ( level 3),General Club Coach, Club Coach – Judge, Ethics
in Your Coaching, Club Management, Child Protection Awareness, Appointed person First Aid,
Enhanced Disclosure

I’m an ex gymnast. I started coaching squad and recreational from September 1999
onwards, and left Pre school. I have now attended a Senior Club Coach course. After a long
career at Pizza Hut I left to broaden my horizons. I’m now bouncing around jobs to find my
ideal career. I really enjoy teaching gymnastics, especially when I work with kids from a
young age and follow their career through. As you will see with my older girls we’re like
family. I run the Display team, organizing the choreography and music, also the outfits. I am
now the Head Coach. I organize and running of the club as well as coaching. I value all the
coaches and parents that help me with the club, and love organizing events to celebrate our
happy family.

Dawn Lockyer – Deputy Recreational Head Coach

Qualifications: General Club Coach, Child Protection/Welfare Officer, Pre School Assistant
Club Coach, First Aid – Appointed Person, Child Protection Awareness , NSPCC Time to
Listen, Ethics In Your Coaching, Club Management, Enhanced Disclosure Certificate

A mum of three, one an Elite gymnast, one in boys squad and one in Adv Rec , she got roped
into helping, now coaches 5 classes during the week. She has received a long service award
for scouting and the Chief Scouts commendation for Good Service. She works 5
lunchtimes as a Midday Supervisor and in the morning at breakfast club at her child’s
school. She has been with Zodiac since 1998. Dawn is now Head of Recreational and Senior
Advance Rec classes. She sorts out competitions for them. She also helps with secretarial
work that Carolle and Rachel can’t do. Believe me it’s a lot! Dawn puts together the Club
Competition bi annually, giving Rachel and Carolle job lists. She gives up a lot of time for
the club.
Rebecca Lockyer

Qualifications: Club Coach, Enhanced Disclosure, Club Coach – Judge

Hi, I’m Bex, I’m 18 years old, and I train and compete as a regional squad gymnast. I have
been at Zodiac since September 1998 first as a gymnast and then I also started coaching in
January 2003. Over this period of time I have completed all grades, been the Conditioning
League Champion on several occasions and also the squad sticker league. As well as training
up to 4 times a week I attend the display team and take part in all the displays locally and
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                                Welcome Booklet

at the London Festival and most of you will see me in the gym almost every day as I coach
squad to competition level, all recreation classes, and pre-school classes. Not only doing
gymnastics on an almost day-to-day basis I am currently a grade 3 violinist.
In September 2004, I was moved up to train with the regional Squad 2 and since then I
have competed in the region often against some tough competition. I always try and attend
any competitions at Heathrow either to judge of support my friends and will always be at
Cheam coaching and supporting my gymnasts. I took my GCSE’s in the summer 2008 and
did very well – obtaining 14 ½ A-C’s now at warlingham 6th form doing A levels.

Danielle McLaren

Qualifications: Assistant Club Coach, Enhanced Disclosure, Club Coach – Judge

Danielle is an ex squad member. She has been in the Display team since joining the club and
moved from squad into Advance Rec due to school work. She still spends more time at the
gym than at home and has contributed lots now she is also a coach. She is still competing
for the club at recreational level. Danielle is a qualified judge and has a lot of judging
experience all the way up to regional level and looks forward to when she can take the next
level. She took her GCSE’s the summer of 2008 and did very well, she is now studying A
levels at Reigate college
Chantel Loveday

Qualifications: Assistant Club Coach, Enhanced Disclosure

Chantel is one of the clubs Recreational gymnasts, and was in the Display Team. She has
been a Brownie and Guide and as a Ranger now helps with the Guides. As a Rec gymnast she
has won several medals for the club. Chantel now helps on a regular basis coaching our
Saturday classes, she also steps in to cover on all classes when needed. Chantel joined us as
a coach in February 2003. Chantel is currently studying for a diploma at college

Heather Kelvin

Qualifications: Ass Club Coach, enhanced disclosure

Heather is in the Club Squad team. She has been in the club since pre school. Heather is
part of the Display team and has shown an interest in coaching for years, and couldn’t wait
to go to secondary school to join the coaching team. She is taking her Level 1 coaching
exam at Easter and coach squads to competition level.

Olivia Tomney

Qualifications: Trainee Coach
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                               Welcome Booklet

Olivia started coaching for Zodiac in 2007 and thoroughly enjoys it. She is a recreational
gymnast which was what originally inspired her to start coaching, and she is soon hoping to
take her Level 1 coaching exam. Olivia is at Warlingham High school. Her favorite hobbies
are being with her friends and shopping! Due to the change in age from 14 to 16 she missed
out on taking the coach course by a couple of months but looks forward to taking the course
when she is able to.

Megan Reid

Qualifications: Trainee Coach

Megan has been with the club for a very long time, since she was 3yrs and in Pre-school, and
she has very fond memories from the years. She was originally a member of the display
team but left for other commitments. Megan came back and now trains with recreational
gymnasts and started coaching also in 2007. Due to the change in age from 14 to 16 she
missed out on taking the coach course by a couple of months but looks forward to taking the
course when she is able to.

Sarah Lockyer

Qualifications:             Trainee Coach

Sarah has been with Zodiac since she started in Pre-school in 1997, she has been a member
of the squad and is currently training as an advance recreational gymnast and part of the
display team. Sarah started coaching in 2007, partly because she had to be at the gym with
her mum and decided to do something with her time. She is looking forward to the level 1
coaching course when she turns 16. Sarah is one of the few gymnasts that Rachel has been
coaching since she was 3 and in pre-school

Matt Parmenter and Rob Poupart
Both are parents to squad gymnasts. They both come in and help coach the boys
squads on Saturdays. They both have Enhanced disclosures.

Beckee Shapland & Jen Ives
Both got roped into coaching after coach Rachel spotted how patient they were
with the younger display gymnasts, they and a trial run in the summer term and are
now coming in as fully fledged trainee coaches, we wish them luck.
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                                Welcome Booklet

  These coaches pop in to the gym when they can, due to A levels and
                        University commitments

Josephine Lumb

Qualifications:            General Club Coach, Club Coach – Judge, First Aid – Appointed
Person,Enhanced Disclosure

Ex squad gymnast, has been coaching with the club since. She coaches with squad,
recreational and Pre school gymnasts. Jo used coaching as part of her Gold Duke of
Edinburgh Award. Jo is so great she has been with the club since 1995 and judged at many
competitions, and trained younger coaches to judge. Jo is currently at University, to study
Sports Science.

Alexandra (Alex) Cowie

Qualifications:             Assistant Club Coach,Enhanced Disclosure,Club Coach – Judge

Alex is an ex-squad and display gymnast who is now coaching. Alex took her A levels in the
summer of 2008 and did very well. She is now at university studying to be a nurse. She
joined the club in July 1995. Alex gives the club a good boost with her choreography skills,
and is training up to be a squad coach and attend regional competitions. She hopes to pop
back in the holidays. You may also she her judging for us at competitions as and when she
can squeeze it in.

Jade Christelow

Qualifications:                Assistant Club Coach, Enhanced Disclosure

Jade joined as a coach in Nov. 2002. Since then Jade has seen a lot of her gymnasts achieve
medals at competition always bringing a smile to her face. After watching the display team
for years she decided to join in 2004. While previously at de Stafford she competed for
the school at gym & trampolining obtaining medals in all of them. Jade is now studying A
levels at Warlingham sixth form.
Ellie Cowie

Qualifications: Ass Club Coach, Endhanced Disclosure

Ellie has been with the club since she was in Pre-school. Ellie was previously a member of
squad and the display team but dropped out due to other commitments. She loved going on
the gym camps at Harlequinns in the summers. She has been coaching since 2007 and
passed her Level 1 coaching exam summer 2008
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                                  Welcome Booklet

                              PARENTS RULES
INFORMATION SHEET– please complete and hand in before your Childs second class
FEES – letters will be handed out in advance and posted up on wall please make sure you
hand in fees before the last class. Post dated cheques are accepted. A late fee must be paid
after the last gym session BUT if no payment is received before the new term, your childs
place will be lost.

JEWELLERY - The British Gymnastics Association and Zodiac GC have a no tolerance to
jewellery rule. The gymnasts must not wear any kind of jewellery in the gym – including
earrings and belly rings
HAIR – Please make sure hair is tied up and clipped, before your gymnast enters the gym, so
it does not fall out during a gym session.
CLOTHING - Please make sure your children are dressed in the correct uniform. Please
leave outdoor clothes, shoes and umbrellas outside the gym in the dedicated area.

DROP OFF & PICK UP – Parents or a guardian over the age of 18yrs must walk your gymnasts
in and wait for us to open the doors and let the class in before leaving. When the class is
finished we will not let the gymnasts out of the class until we see their parent or guardian
over the age of 18yrs. Younger brothers & sisters are not allowed to collect as they are not
an adult. If another parent or family friend is picking up please let us know at drop off.
WARM UP- The doors will be closed 5 minutes after warm up has started; no gymnasts will
be aloud to come in after this point. Warm up is very important to prevent injuries.

MISSED CLASSES - We are not in a position to offer replacement classes for any reasons
and refunds can not be given.

CLOSED CLASSES – Where possible replacement classes will be put on, but if it is short
notice ie bad weather, we can’t always do so as hall hire is still charged for unless notice is
given. No refunds.

QUERIES / QUESTIONS- If you have any questions or queries please don’t interrupt
classes, leave a message or email and we can get back to you. Important messages can be
passed to any coach at the door way.

BULLYING / HARRASSMENT- Any parent found verbally or physically abusing a coach,
gymnasts or other parents will be asked to leave straight away. Any gymnast found bullying
will be asked to leave. No refund is given. This applies to telephone abuse as well
Zodiac Gymnastic Club                                                Welcome Booklet

                                  Gymnasts rules
           Always were uniform and take all jewelry off before entering the gym.
 No food in the gym including chewing gum, you may keep a water bottle inside the gym on
                                            hot days.
   Be respectful to both the coaches and other gymnasts, no bullying will be tolerated.
Make sure you turn up on time or you won't be allowed into the class (5 minutes after warm
                                           up starts)
                   Make sure you have fun and enjoy yourself but be safe.
Join in all the out of gym activities including fund raises and get together (only joking this
                                        rule is optional!)

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