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Hotspot Software Can Be Used For Hotspot Billing


									?This is a fast and growing age. People have less time and in that little time they have
lots of work to do. The term "on the go" is very famous these days. While you are
moving around, there is much that you need to share with others and also you have to
stay connected with others. Your communication with your business and other mates
of yours is very important and is a need in today's world. With the passage of time, the
demand for the Internet has grown too. People want to use it for different purposes.
They have to communicate with their peers and with family and friends too if they are
away from their houses. Hotspot software and hotspot billing are becoming famous
these days. A hotspot is actually one physical location which allows you to access the
Internet from there.

A hotspot is associated with a wireless LAN and there is usually single router used for
this shared network. The people may connect to Internet if they are near the hotspot
and can easily do their business or talk to their family or friends. The hotspot software
is in great demand these days. People install them on public places where customers
come for the purpose of using the Internet. This brings a lot of revenue to the ones
who have installed this hotspot. People find it a hassle free way of using the Internet.

The hotspot software is installed on such public locations like the airports, hospitals,
railway stations, hotels, malls etc. At anytime anyone might want to use Internet for
any purpose and through the hotspot billing method, they can easily pay up the bills
for using the Internet. These billings are based upon such a payment mode which is
centralized in nature. The people use the Internet for as long as they wish but at the
start of the session they have to pay the amount.

The hotspot billing has many attractive features which allow more people to use
Internet through that. The access to the internet is all wireless which means that you
do not have to connect your laptop or any other device physically to the hotspot
software. You can sit any where and in any position and can enjoy your access to the
Internet world. The people who are moving generally are not happy with the idea of
physically connecting their computers with the router as it wastes a lot of time.

This is an easier mode of connection to the Internet. It does not take time and in
seconds you are connected to the cyber world. For using the hotspot billing, first you
need to give in your information as well as you have to pay the money for using the
Internet. There are different logs maintained in the hotspot software. It also has a
support for multiple locations, traffic management and bandwidth management, the
facilities of URL tracking, and also there are many levels for the customer accounts.
Hence the hotspot billing is a blessing for the people who want to use the Internet at
various public locations and do not waste their times in finding an internet cafe.

Antamedia will provides you best possible solutions for your internet cafe with software. Antamedia HotSpot helps you to control Internet
usage - time available to customer and bandwidth speed and quota.. We hope you
have enjoyed this article.

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