Hotspot Billing And Hotspot Software- The Benefits Of Technology

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					?Hotspot refers to a location where there is an internet / wireless connection where
whole internet / wireless activity through one internet connection. Corporate
companies usually have this concept of hotspot billing where everything is centralized
and billing is done through one central location. Companies basically provide the
users a user name and password which they use to login to access the internet. This
whole makes the managing for users a lot easier. As users, when they want to go to
the internet are taken to a web page to enter login details. The whole concept of
asking the users to specify the login details before they can use the internet is known
as hotspot billing.

Hotspot billing is not limited to corporations, internet cafes and other stores that offer
internet access employ this to ensure that people pay for the internet access rather than
simply connect to the internet and use the bandwidth and not having to pay. With
hotspot billing users are obliged to pay to get hold of the user name / password so that
they can use the service. This not only benefits the companies / shops to help manage
who gets access to the internet, but also to manage what users are doing on the
internet. Hotspot billing and recently become very popular and the profile have been
raised in the public domain since the emergence of the WI-FI technology.

Hotspot billing is usually managed through Hotspot software. There are various
hotspot software's now available to choose from. With hotpot billing getting more and
more popular the choice of different hotspot software has increased too. One company
that provides hotspot software is which makes the managing
of everything much easier. There are also free hotspot software that help you such as
Access Controller. Facilities of Hotspot software varies from package to package but
generally they offer some way of controlling payments, authorization of users. It is
not limited to administrative task but also contains advanced features such as limiting
the limit after which the user name and password expires and limiting the amount of
bandwidth the users can use up. Companies and shops that provide hotspot facilities
have to be very careful as there are security concerns that need to be handled. Usually
a company / shop will have to hire an IT technician to make sure everything is secure.
Big corporations may often provide a different alternative to hotspot billing what is
known as Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is more secure than hotspot billing.

With security a major concern for companies/shops that provide internet more and
more software's are getting available to the public although best software's are likely
to be expensive. However, as technology increases and new and new cheaper ways
are found the cost over the long term are likely to get cheaper. The hotspot software
and hotspot billing is also going to result in more popularity and more widely used
than what is already. In the end make the whole management of hotpot internet access
a more easier and manageable process and which results in higher customer

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