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					?If you like the idea of living with the birds, but grazed knees and green-stained
clothing aren't your style, the Sri Nanak, which opens on Any time, should appeal.
The rooms may be situated in arborial splendour high above the ground, but they are
accessed by steps or ramps, and have more in common with exclusive design hotels
than Famous Five-style Sri Nanak Hotel.

First class deluxe hotel located in New Delhi the capital of India, Hotel Sri Nanak
Continental in Delhi offers international quality hospitality services.

  Sri Nanak Hotel will have six rooms when it opens, but will eventually expand to 24.
Each room is designed by a different architect and has a different character.One of the
most spectacular rooms is the Mirrorcube, a glass cube built around a tree trunk. It
contains a double bed, a kitchenette and a bath, a living room and a roof terrace. The
cube is to be covered in a transparent ultraviolent paint to prevent birds colliding with
it.Other rooms to be opened in the first stage include the UFO, which is shaped like a
flying saucer, and the Nest, a cylinder covered in a mesh of branchesIf the original
Shri Nanak Hotels was basic, the new Sri Nanak will be anything but. Guests will
even be able to let off steam in a sauna.
Driving directions:
The hotel is located in Karol Bagh, which is in the heart of the pulsating city, New
Delhi.Karol Bagh has emerged as one of the good market place in Delhi. The Gaffar
market in Karol Bagh is one the famous grey markets in India. Karol Bagh is mainly
famous for it's shopping complex.

A walk through Karol Bagh market is an unforgettable experience. Hotel Sri Nanak is
situated Near to Gurudwara Road Gurudwara Temple ( 100 Meters Far from Temple)
Approximate driving time is 45 minutes and distance is 18 km (11.5 miles).Domestic
Airport: Approximate driving time is 30 minutes and distance is 14 km ( 8. 5
miles).New Delhi Railway Station :

Approximate driving time is 20 minutes and distance is 2 km (1.5 miles).City Center,
Banks, ATM's, Hospitals, Post office, Metro Rail, Main Market, Fast Food--Nirula's,
Mc Donald's, Pizza Hut, Famous Bikanerwala Sweet Shop & many more.

E-mail :
Mobile : 09810252869, 09810400394 ,09212001832

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