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					?How To Make $300+ Per Day With A Hot Dog Vending Cart Within 40 Days Even
In A Recession

Have you wanted to get into business for yourself but are unsure about exactly
what business to be in? Are you looking for a surefire way to start up a real business
that can make you serious cash fast?

Well good, you are in the right place, as I was in your same shoes not that long ago...

You should pay very close attention to this entire article as it will be most likely the
most life changing information you'll ever see.

What you have just discovered are the ultra secret strategies that I used to build a
profitable hot dog vending cart in forty short days, and in the middle of the current

These tips are so powerful, if you are serious about getting into a can't miss business,
you can't skip any part of this article.

Without further ado, here are several of the profit boosting technique I used in
starting my hot dog vending cart:

1) Never pay retail for equipment: in the hot dog cart business, the cart can definitely
make the man! If you want to attract clients, you must have an up to date cart.

However, it's easy to get ripped off paying retail for equipment. That's why you
need to cut out the middle man and go straight to the source.

There's an old saying that someone goes out of business every 30 minutes around the
world and it holds true for hot dog vendors.

Ebay is definitely a great place to pick up a hot dog cart on the cheap from someone
who wasn't armed with the information you now possess!

2) Make your own beverages: at first I thought it was necessary to carry all the big
brand names at my cart, but I learned quickly that they don't always sell the best and
the profit margins are minimal.

That made me decide to start mixing my own concoctions in a desperate attempt to
increase my ROI. And boy did it ever work!

My silly little homemade drinks sold almost 2 to 1 on the name brands, plus my cost
was about a dime a cup.
You can find all sorts of delicious recipes that are very easy to make all over the

3) Utilize local churches: when you get a license to sell hot dogs you will be required
to clean your utensils in a commercial kitchen.

Renting a space is extremely expensive and hard to find. My most secret ninja trick is
contacting your local church. They have all the proper commercial kitchen equipment
to satisfy your license requirements.

All you'll need to offer is to once a month provide free service for a youth group
event or other church event. At most you'll spend a couple hundred bucks and a few
hours of your time, which is peanuts compared to renting a space.

Here's another ultra effective way to make loads of cash in the hot dog stand business-

This super secret ninja trick is 100% necessary if you want to stack cash as quick as
possible...As a matter of fact, using this one strategy alone will virtually guarantee
your success while allowing you to crush your competition. I advise you to discover
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