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QuickBooks hosting has emerged as a popular option for small and medium
businesses to enhance their productivity. Not only QuickBooks hosting allows the
desktop QuickBooks application to be accessible from anywhere and at any time, it
also helps reduce their dependence on Local IT infrastructure in terms of backup and
technical trouble shooting. Most important of all, QuickBooks hosting makes real
time management of the accounting and finance possible through multiuser
collaboration and integration with various add-ons. Let us discuss how QuickBooks
hosting helps businesses to enhance their productivity, in the context of Intuit's
QuickBooks Pro 2009. But first, the features of QuickBooks Pro 2009.
  The latest offering from Intuit, that is, QuickBooks pro 2009 makes the management
of trivial day to day accounting and management of financial issues more efficient.
QuickBooks Pro is helpful for small and medium business in three areas. It helps to
have all information regarding their finance at one place, then it helps them to prepare
detailed report regarding their finances and lastly, it helps them in proper business
planning, forecast their revenues and building customized industry specific reports.
Besides day to day accounting, whether it is printing of bills, tracking expenses, sales
or preparation of invoices, QuickBooks Pro 2009 also helps in creating customized
forms depending on business requirements. An important component of any business
is management of its finances and having a complete overview of its financial
performance, so that they are better informed regarding future planning
process .QuickBooks pro helps small and medium business in all these areas. One can
easily track inventory , import data from tools like excel, word and others ,as well as
creating customized business reports , plans and forecast with QuickBooks pro
2009.And most importantly it supports multiuser facility which allow more than one
user to access the same file simultaneously ,though each new user must have licenses
of the software .
One of the strongest features of QuickBooks Pro 2009 is facility to create industry
specific reports such as tax and liability forecasts, income forecasts, product wise
profitability. And the application can integrate data from QuickBooks enterprise and
premier for preparing these reports. Hence, QuickBooks is a one stop solution for
accounting work and management of your finance.
All these features of QuickBooks Pro can be enhanced by hosting the application on
third party terminal servers. Hosting QuickBooks Pro 2009 helps businesses to get all
the features available on the desktop version but adds various features that increase
their capability to manage accounting and finances more efficiently. Hosting
QuickBooks Pro 2009 helps them to access the application from anyplace any time.
Thus have your accounting managed from anywhere you like or get others to
collaborate on the same files, each user may be located anywhere. This simultaneous
access helps each user, CPA or their staff in saving much of your time and also
transportation cost.
QuickBooks Pro2009 hosting is not an isolated example where application hosting
can be helpful in increasing productivity to your business. Any editions and version of
QuickBooks can be hosted on terminal servers. You do not have to worry about
software, updates, as they are installed automatically. Various QuickBooks editions
have feature, wherein, data from other versions can be used ,for example in business
forecast function of QuickBooks pro2009.QuickBooks hosting helps you to do this in
most easy way possible. QuickBooks hosting is most useful, in case, you decide to
have QuickBooks Add-ons. Almost all QuickBooks add-ons can be hosted and
integrated with QuickBooks editions so that data generated during various areas of
your business can be used elsewhere, avoiding the need to enter them once again.
Technical support in 24x7 environments has become most essential and attractive
offering by QuickBooks hosting service providers. Not only businesses get technical
troubleshooting from certified professionals, in most cases it comes pre-bundled with
QuickBooks hosting service.

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