Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud- The Advantages

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					?Cloud hosting can benefit the small business in a major way in terms of costs of the
IT infrastructure, enhanced business performance and efficiency as well as reducing
the barrier for small business to use high end technologies without the corresponding
costs in developing owning them. In the same way cloud hosting can benefit the small
business in the normal bookkeeping, accounting and financial management process.
QuickBooks accounting application software can be hosted in the cloud environment
to make the financial management efficient and more productive for the small

  Reducing "application lifetime" costs: One of the major benefits of hosting
QuickBooks small business accounting application hosting lies in minimizing the
local IT infrastructure which lowers the upfront costs involved in supporting
applications as well as management and IT support costs. QuickBooks hosting also
lowers the lifetime costs of the business application as installation and
troubleshooting costs and costs involved in retaining dedicated staff for the
application maintenance. This is all possible due to the pay as you go model available
with the cloud hosting services where in instead of long term commitments the client
"rent out" the available IT infrastructure with no long term commitments.

 No more Scalability and provisioning issues: cloud hosting rests on the twin
concepts of virtualization and distributed computing. This allows the cloud providers
to cater swiftly to the elastic demand for the IT resources as well as keeping the prices
low. For small business this implies that they do not need to worry about the IT
infrastructure when their business grows, as additional IT infrastructure can be
provisioned without any delay or extra costs involved in no time.

Access QuickBooks Anytime Anywhere: QuickBooks hosting in the cloud eliminates
the constraints imposed by the local network and instead transforms the internet cloud
into your local network so that you can access your accounting application anytime
anywhere from any online connection. QuickBooks small business application when
hosted in the cloud also means effective multiuser real time collaboration among the
various users.

Free up resources and focus on your business: QuickBooks hosting services can
effectively enable small business to concentrate and devote more time to their core
business in the following way:

? Getting servers and IT resources managed by technical experts

? Avoiding backend technical processes completely such as installation,
troubleshooting and training manpower for application management or customization.

Security of the data: with real time threats to your data, it is highly recommended that
you adopt a proactive approach to data security as well as the backup facilities. But
data security management as well as highly secured back facilities requires the
technical expertise, real time monitoring tools as well as dedicated datacenters.
QuickBooks hosting service providers can be a better solution from this perspective.
With certified datacenters and technical experts to insure your data, remote backup
solutions are considered more secured that the local backup solutions.

William Smith is an IT Analyst with Real Time Data Services which is a major
QuickBooks Hosting and Application Hosting service provider.