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					  MERIDEN CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH                                               SONG          “My Soul is at Rest in God Alone”
  An Open and Affirming Congregation of the                                   SILENCE
         United Church of Christ
               March 13, 2011                                                 SCRIPTURE READINGS Matthew 4:1-11 and 6:9-13
First Sunday in Lent          Ten O'Clock
                                                                              Children’s & Youth Time                  “Heart-Love”
SILENT MEDITATION: “Prayer is serene force at work within
human beings, stirring them up, transforming them, never allowing             SONG                    “Bless the Lord”
them to close their eyes in the face of evil, of war, of all that threatens          Bless the Lord, my soul, and bless God’s holy name;
the weak of this world.                                                                 Bless the Lord, my soul, who leads me into Life
        From prayer we draw the energy to wage other struggles—to                  (Our young people are lovingly dismissed for church school)
enable our loves ones to survive, to transform the human condition,
to make the earth a fit place to live in. All who walk in the footsteps       COMMUNION MEDITATION            “The Heart of „Our Father‟”
of Christ, while being in the presence of God, remain alongside other
people as well. They do not separate prayer and commitment”                   OUR LORD'S PRAYER            ("debts")
       - Brother Roger, Founder of the Taize’ Community, France
                                                                              OUR MORNING OFFERING
GATHERING MUSIC                                                                       Invitation to Giving
                                                                                      Offertory      “Nocturne in C sharp minor”     Chopin
RINGING of the BELL                                                                                    Kalin Gregory-Davis
                                                                                      *Lenten Doxology                           Old Hundredth
Mangwanani / Jambo , & Titambire / Karibu (WELCOME!)                                          Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
INTROIT            "Veni Sancte Spiritus”            Come, Holy Spirit                        Praise God, all creatures here below!
                                                                                              Praise God who guides us on our way!
PRAYER OF INVOCATION                 --Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics                       Praise Love who forms us day by day!
                                                                                      *Prayer of Dedication
       O Blessed One and Blessed Oneness,                                             “Like an almond tree that blossoms at the first hint of
       we long to find for ourselves the eagle’s grace to ride,               spring, a breath of trusting makes the deserts of the heart burst
       effortlessly, the thermals of life.                                    into flower again. Borne forward by this breath, who would not
                                                                              wish to alleviate human suffering and trials?” With hearts
       Distrust keeps the winds of our hearts closed.                         renewed by your love, O God, we dedicate these gifts to the
       We have been swept up once too often                                   flowering of our sisters and brothers.       Amen.
       by promises unkept,
       by tragedies unexpected,                                               KOINONIA       In the spirit of this contemplative service, we request
       by twists of fate unanticipated.                                       that your sharing be focused on prayer requests this morning. Each
                                                                              prayer request will be followed by the congregation singing one verse
       And so, in this Lenten season,
       we journey with Jesus, Spirit-led,
       into the wilderness of our apprehension                                          “O Lord, Hear my Prayer, O Lord, Hear my Prayer
       to face our demons of distrust and to find the courage                                        When I call, answer me.
       to lean once more into the winds of grace                                        O Lord, Hear my Prayer, O Lord, Hear my Prayer
       and be uplifted by your mistral presence. Amen.                                                Come and listen to me.”
                                                                    Meriden Congregational Church
Invitation to the Welcome Table of God’s Boundless Love
Eucharistic Prayer            (Grace)
                                                                          United Church of Christ
                              Dear God,
            Thank you for this food we are about to share!
         Thank you for our sisters and brothers everywhere!
                 Thank you for our family and friends!
         Thank you for the earth on which our life depends!
Words of Institution
Prayer of Consecration / Blessing
Sharing of the Bread of Life and the Cup of Blessing

Our Communion Song
           “Ubi Caritas et Amor, Ubi Caritas Deus ibi est”
    (Live in charity and steadfast love, God will dwell with you)
Prayer of Lenten Commitment                       from Psalm 73
                  To you, O God, I shall always stay near,
                       You hold me by your right hand;
                        You lead me by your counsel;
                You will draw me in the wake of your glory.
                      Whom else do I have in heaven?
                     With you, I desire nothing on earth;
                    My heart and my flesh may dissolve,
             but you, my God, are forever my portion, my rock.
                       It is good to draw close to God,
                      I have made the Lord my refuge,
                     And now I will tell of all your works.

*CLOSING SONG               “In the Lord I’ll be ever Thankful!”
                                                                                  Gathered, 1780
                                                                              Meriden, New Hampshire
          Let us bless one another, praying together:
               May God bless you and keep you.
     May God’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you.              Ministers: The Whole People of God
      May God look kindly upon you and give you peace,
                 now and forever more. Amen.                                      Co-Pastors:

*POSTLUDE                                                              Revs. Susan and John Gregory-Davis
   Tenderly Held in our Hearts and Prayers                                              WELCOME           all children, youth, and adults who have joined
                                                                                        us today on this First Sunday in Lent! If you have come as a visitor this morning,
         During this Women's History Month, we give thanks for all the
women through whom God has so wondrously enriched our lives, even as we                                                     
                                                                                        we hope that you will leave as a friend. Especially if you are new to our
grieve the ways in which women continue to be oppressed by physical, sexual,            community or to our church, please know how delighted we
and emotional abuse, and distorted societal expectations.
         And as we journey together throughout the Season of Lent, we give              are to have YOU with us!!
thanks for our friends in Bolivia, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, our                   In the tradition of our Congregational Church, ALL ARE
hearts go out to the people of Japan and other lands affected by the recent             WELCOME to share COMMUNION with us this morning.
earthquake and Tsunami, and we pray for reconciliation, justice, and well-being
                                                                                        Wherever you find yourself on Life’s journey, there’s a place for
for our sisters and brothers in such troubled lands as Israel, Palestine,
Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, North and South Korea,                 YOU here!! And if you have no church of your own, we hope our faith
Burma, and Tibet remembering especially the dedicated members of our                    community may become your spiritual home! Visitors and
country’s protective services at this time. So too do we celebrate with all those       newcomers are requested to sign our Guest Book and to fill out a
bearing new life, and pray with those yet hoping to conceive, or seeking to adopt a     Butterfly Visitor Card which may be found on the table at the
beloved child of God into their family.
                                                                                        back of the church.
         Yet our hearts also ache with all who have lost loved ones, with special
concern for Elaine Lenz and all her family, as well as all of us who knew and           Our Ushers & Deacons this morning are Glenn Griffin,
loved Elaine’s mother, Jane Gibson; Susan Sorensen, whose father Gordon
                                                                                        Steve Jameson and Kathy Wright. They have Children’s and
Murray also recently died; Rob Constantine, upon the death of his father,
Robert; and Wayne Evans, as he and many other family and friends, grieve
                                                                                        large-print bulletins available as desired.
the untimely death of Nancy Evans.
                                                                                        The Flowers on the altar this morning are offered in loving
         Likewise do we pray for anyone burdened by any form of troubled
relationship, financial hardship, dis-comfort, or dis-ease, and for their friends and   memory of our beloved Jane Gibson. Jane’s Memorial Service will
families, especially Susan Sanzone’s mother, Norma Sanzone, as she is                   be held today 2pm here. All are very warmly welcome to attend.
hospitalized with pneumonia and cardiac difficulties, Jim Lenz’s friend, Dick
Whitfield; Becky Luce’s step-father, Preston; Betty Pardoe’s daughter,                  The Ugandan Flag hanging in our sanctuary this morning is
Cathy; Leslie MacGregor’s nephew, Matthew, as well as her friend Beth                   representative of the national flag adopted by the Ugandan people on
Jones' daughter, Bailey Thomas; Susan Sorensen’s son, Martin; Odile                     October 9, 1962, the date Uganda became independent from the United
Clavier’s father, Alain; Jeff Robbins’ mother, Verla; Brad Churchill;                   Kingdom. The three colors of the flag symbolize the African peoples
Karen Rogers’ mother, Janet Tilden; Bobby Ellison; Susan Borchert’s                     (black), Africa’s sunshine (yellow), and African brotherhood (red being the
father, Sven, as well as Susan’s uncle, Nils; Mary Kardel’s aunt, Jessie;               color of blood, through which all Africans are connected). The Grey
Laine Gillespie’s uncle, Bob Bostwick; Patricia Swett; Christine                        Crowned Crane (the national symbol) is known for its gentle nature and
Greenough’s mother, Diane; Joan Dumont’s dad, Carole; Richard Atkins                    was also the military badge of Ugandan soldiers during British rule.
on’s parents, Bob & Betty; Malcolm Grobe; Rod Wendt’s father, Walt;                     The Cloth on our Communion Table is from the African
Jeff Good’s sister, Jennifer; and Brenda Phillips’ former exchange student
                                                                                        nation of Ghana, courtesy of Charlotte Houde Quimby.
Asel’s father, Kanat, as well as her friend, Liz.
         We pray as well for these members and friends of our faith community           Nursery Care for Children aged 3 and under is available downstairs
currently receiving treatment for cancer: Andrea Keen’s beloved mentor,
                                                                                        in our Parish House, provided today by Brenda Phillips (adult
Stephen Brady;            Leslie MacGregor’s friend, Sonali Seth; Karen
Jameson’s aunt, Gabrielle; Christine & Glen Greenough’s sister-in-law,                  volunteer) and either Meg Fauver or Alex Jameson.
Jennifer; Sue Turner’s dear friend, Mary Forkel; Jeff Good’s colleague,                 Church School will be taught this morning by Karen Jameson
Mark Travis; Penny Arcone’s friend, Ruth Baker, as well as Penny’s                      and members of our Christian Education Committee. Our children are
brother, Skip Hills; Naomi Goodwin’ aunt, Susan; and Nora Kells                         invited to return to worship after church school to share in our
Gordon’s niece, Catherine                                                               celebration of Communion.
SUN     Mar     13              First Sunday in Lent
                                     Set Clocks Ahead!!
                        10:00   Taize’ Worship with Communion
                        12:45   Choir Rehearsal for Jane’s service
                         2:00   Jane Gibson Memorial Celebration
                         5:00   Faith Odyssey Movie--“Gandhi”
Mon     Mar     14       7:30   “Economy of Love” Study Group
Tues    Mar     15       7:00   Men’s Spirituality Gathering
                         7:00   Spiritual Companions (Alpha)
Wed     Mar     16      10:00   Morning Coffee
                         7:00   Centering Prayer
Thur    Mar     17       Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
SUN     Mar     20              Second Sunday in Lent
                        8:45    Choir Rehearsal
                         9:00   O.W.L. Parent Orientation
                        10:00   Worship / Church School
                        11:30   U.V.I.P. Listening Session
                                O.W.L. Parent Orientation

Birthdays this coming week—We give joyous thanks for the
gifts of the births and lives among us of Ray Webb, Mike Anikis
(Today!), Alex Good (Monday), Jeffrey Taylor (Tuesday), Ashley
Brooks, Judy Salsbury, Fiona Greenough and Grace Perotti
(Wednesday), Aaron Franklin, Karen MacArthur and Audrey
Perotti (Thursday), and Joan Burch (Friday)! We hope that your
special days will be filled with grateful celebration for all that your lives
have been thus far, and we rejoice in anticipation of all that yet lies before
         Birthday Blessings, Dear Friends!!
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