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The African online recruitment market place is an expanding one, but is currently
controlled predominantly large generic job boards, backed by the big international
media companies. While this is all good and well, there is still room and much need
for smaller specialist and industry specific job boards. The beauty of such sites, would
be to add a greater amount of value for the industry to which they are targeting. In
other words, rather that just being a job board, they are able to offer:

Newsletter: with up-to-the-minute trade news, events & blogs;
Free training materials for the trade;
Safety and Hygiene information
Chefs news and blogs
Bar and Beverage Management
Hospitality marketing and finance
Salary checkers;
Industry trends & regulations
Career advice

The advanced job search is so industry specific that you don't have to waste your time,
going through pages of irrelevant job categories to find your perfect job.

New Free Training Materials in our Career Corner for you or your staff:

Food & Beverage: ~ Prepare & Present Cocktails ~ Provide a Silver Service ~
Provide a Buffet / Carvery Service ~ Supervise & Run a Conference
Chefs Training: ~ Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene ~ Cook Basic Pastry Dishes ~ Cook
Basic Fish Dishes
~ Cook Basic Shellfish Dishes
~ Cold Kitchen Preparation & Food ~ HACCAP training ~ Prepare Hot and Cold
Desserts ~ Accept Deliveries & Store Food
Front of House / Reception: ~ Concierge & Porter Service ~ Butler & Valet Service ~
How to maintain a Reservations Booking ~ Deal with the Arrival of Guests
Accommodation Services: ~ Provide a Bed Linen & Laundry Service ~ Provide a
Housekeeping Service ~ Maintain Housekeeping Supplies ~ Services Guest Bedroom

Latest Industry News:
- New 5 star Radisson Hotel to open in Port Elizabeth in 2009
- How the South African Hospitality Sector will gear up for the 2010 World Cup

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