Hope for Ex-Offenders by gyvwpsjkko


									?I’ve done my time but I can’t get a job because of my record. I have
heard this from countless former inmates that hope to put their pasts behind them. The
key to staying free and enjoying an independent life is finding stable employment.
Studies have shown that a former inmate with a full time job is less likely to go back
to prison. The fact for ex-offenders is a criminal record is there to stay. It is not going
to change. What must change are their attitudes about their records. There are people
in the world that will hold their records against them. There is nothing that can be
done about that. There is a bright side. The economy is strong and there are new
opportunities for growth. Along with that growth, comes a labor shortage. Because of
this labor shortage, employers are willing to hire qualified people from any source.
One of the growing untapped labor sources in the country are those who are classified
as “ex-offenders.” More and more employers are finding that hiring
ex-offenders makes good economic sense. People that have been to prison, that are
committed to overcoming the past, make excellent employees. Most are disciplined,
hard working, and honest.

The key to finding employment is to have a definite plan of action that will lead to a
job. One thing that I tell job seekers is that they are about to begin a marketing plan
designed to sell their product. What is the product? It is their set of skills and attitude.
In order to get the job they want, they must be able to let a prospective employer
know exactly what they can do and how it can work for them. Being able to identify
and describe skills will give them a huge advantage. They must then identify
employers that can use skills that they have.

Finding a job is a number game. The more job leads they find, the more interviews
they will get. The more interviews they get, the more offers they will receive. The
challenge for them is to get as many quality job leads as possible.

If all goes well, the interviews will come. The interview is the time where the product
is matched to the employer’s needs. To get the job, one must effectively sell
oneself. This is done by proper appearance, presentation of qualifications and poise.
There must also be an attitude of trust and sincerity that will make the employer feel
that they are right for the job. Preparation is the key. Get a friend or family member to
help you practice for upcoming interviews. Anticipate questions and practice your
answers so they sound genuine.

Getting a job is not an exact science but increasing your odds by being prepared will
put in the best position to get hired. Good Luck!

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