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Honest opinion- Is Clickbank Pirate a scam-


									?Honet Opinion, Clickbank Pirate: is it a scam?

Is clickbank Pirate the real deal or just some kind of scam? Would you like an honest

There's one thing you should know b4 you go off and buy clickbank pirate.

It's the argument over "the list building issue".

You don't even get access to the list! I freaked out about that... No list?

Isn't internet marketing all about the list?

That's when I realised...

If you're like me, trying to do online marketing alone, then I know you'll relate to this.
It's very hard to get all the pieces in place.

It's a huge learning challenge. HUGE, no matter what the net Guru's say.

My just getting started means that I don't know how to market like Soren and Cindy -
CB Pirate developers, they are big prize winners in lots of the big product releases.
That's true right now...

It'll probably be true this time next year too!

So I know it's better to have them do it all for me while I focus on learning how to
generate traffic to my links. So, what actually happens to "your leads"
Well... All leads are all yours forever.. They market to my leads forever. I'll never have
to even think about this list cos I know they are recieving the best offers online. I
know they'll hear about everything early and if they buy a product, I'll get a fee...

They send the email, answer support enquiries, and you get "your" affiliate fees.


They'll go the whole nine yards and upsell/downsell and cross sell and whatever else
they can already do

It's important to note, THEY are ALREADY EXPERTS at marketing...

In other words you can start earning now, and by the time you've learned how to build
your own version of CB Pirate or facebook or whatever else you need to learn, your
affiliate fees will have already "snowballed" into a sizable automated income... the
backend offers are endless!

All you need to do is get CB Pirate and generate your leads. That's it. Just send traffic.
Full stop.

Easy if you just follow the step by step videos and do them one at a time, but your
probably wondering about the quality of CB Pirate?
I'll answer this the easy way.

My link direct to my squeeze page is at the bottom of this article where you can get
the free ebook. Click it. Thats the kind of quality you're getting with all the landing

You can go to my blog at if you copy and paste the link.
I don't think you're supposed to do this but

you can see the entire package from one really simple blog page!

Go have a look and then see if it's worth it to you to get in quickly.

I'll be posting my results there, so you can get an update on progress. Better still,
subscribe to my RSS feed. You'll get to hear when I start making sales with CB Pirate.

So is CB Pirate a scam? You decide. Pick up one of the free ebooks... and really
"Test" the system!

If I can make sales with Clickbank Pirate, then you just have to imagine that you can
do it too.

So if you buy Click Bank Pirate, what skills do you need to get started?

Your Paypal email and clickbank code into a form, and that's it!

Set aside all of the info overload, MASTER driving traffic. Just drive traffic.

When you're earning the money, then you can USE THE OPPORTUNITY TO
LEARN all the other "stuff" as your income is on autopilot.

Imagine, you can learn just one thing, and get some skillos going.

No more info overload.

I think it's got to be "THE SIMPLEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE" ever!
If you think that I can get someone to download a free ebooks from a page this
smooth, then you must know that you can do it too!

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