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									?In the competitive market of sales, it is vitally important to develop skills and tricks
to set yourself apart from other sellers. One of the most important abilities to have in
any career is your ability to sell - sell yourself, sell your ideas, and sell your products.
Skill in sales will open up doors to retail, management, advertising, and a plethora of
other jobs. The key thing about a career in sales is that you are in control - you have
the ability to push forward and make the most of yourself and your job, taking steps to
hone your sales skills and increase your success in the field.


The first, and perhaps most important, key to improving your sales ability is to know
your target group - whom you want to sell to. A well-crafted sales pitch keeps the
target market constantly in mind, carefully tailoring expressions and words to appeal
to that group. If your target group is young children, for example, your pitch should
be geared towards selling to that group - with simple language, bright and colourful
marketing, and vivid imagery. When selling to a business, however, cleanly outlining
what you have to offer, and displaying strong facts or statistics packs more punch than
a colourful description.


Being open to feedback and experimenting with wording can bring a mediocre sales
pitch to a powerful level. Many salespeople will simply talk over the customer in
hopes to overwhelm them into a purchase, but being more open and attentive will give
you an instant advantage. Listening to your customer also puts you on their side, and
makes them feel that you sympathize with them - no one cares how much you know
until they know how much you care. When you listen to your customers, you will
better know how to make them listen to you, and how to hone your sales skills to
match your market.


Whether you're selling real estate or Barbie dolls, it is essential to truly know what
you are selling. Knowledge of your product gives you an immense advantage over a
salesperson that is simply "giving their pitch." Being connected with your product
also allows you to be even more connected with your customer, allowing you to
answer questions and converse with ease.


More than almost any other career, success in sales is dependent on YOU - your
attitude, your effort, your ability, and your motivation. Setting goals for yourself gives
you something to reach for, and adds another level of action to the rhythm of your
work. It is important to continually challenge yourself, setting realistic goals that will
push your performance to the next level. Try setting goals on a weekly, monthly, and
yearly basis - and as you keep track of your performance, take notes on what works
and what doesn't!


As cliche as it sounds, your enjoyment of your job comes through to every customer
you speak to. If you have a bad day, the customer feels that as well. So keep yourself
energized, getting up and walking around, brainstorming creative ways to approach
the same things, and getting connected with your customer and your product. Your
attitude is everything - it will determine your energy, ability, and success.

Following these steps and maintaining a good attitude will put you well on your way
to being able to hone your sales skills and improve your performance. Your drive,
your determination, and your connection to your customers will make all the
difference in establishing you as a top seller. A career in sales is challenging and
rewarding, giving you the power to make every sale a success, and even earn a
six-figure salary in your first year - it's all up to you!

About the author:
Scott Deane is the Marketing Manager of meta-morphose international, a specialist
graduate sales training agency. The company have graduate jobs in the UK and

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