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					       May Newsletter and Special Offers                                                                                               If undelivered, please return to:
                                                                                                                                       The Healthy House Ltd
                                                                                                                                       The Old Co-Op, Lower Street
    Sale and Offers effective until June 30th 2010                                                                                     Ruscombe, Stroud, GL6 6BU

Airbutler Medcare Andrew Wearable Ioniser
and Air Purifier
     Airbutler Andrew uses corona discharge to blow
     ionised air towards your mouth and nose eliminating
     particles and smells
     Ideal for hay fever, dust and pet allergens and environmental
     It can also be used plugged in to the mains using the adaptor
     provided saving on batteries
     An auto-timer stops the unit after 30 minutes of use, or you can
     stop it earlier if you wish

The new Airbutler Andrew is a highly effective
wearable ioniser and air purifier that uses
corona discharge to kill and control airborne
particles, germs and odours. You can enjoy
clean fresh air wherever you are and whenever
you want it. The Andrew instantly and
continuously repels airborne particles (house
dust, pollen and pet dander as well as bacteria
and viruses). This is particularly beneficial during
the hay fever season and when you are in
confined spaces such as waiting rooms,
cinemas, offices or in the supermarket. Use the
adjustable cord to place the Andrew 20cm from                                         Organic Latex Mattress - Metal Free
your mouth where environmental allergens are reduced by 45.5%. The Airbutler
Andrew measures 11x8.1x2.7cm and weighs 110g. The ozone output is                     Special Offer FREE delivery Save £35.00
<0.02ppm. When plugged into the mains the power consumption is 0.8w.
Airbutler Andrew uses 4 x AAA batteries, which we supply with the unit. When               Ideal if you are electrically or chemically sensitive                     with
the red light on the unit flashes, it means the batteries are getting low. The pack        Naturally fire retardant without the use of chemicals                     FREE
also contains an adaptor, which allows you to plug the unit into the mains for             Special Offer - FREE delivery                                            delivery
use while you are sitting in one place, working or while watching television.
Airbutler Andrew is silent in use.
                                                                                      This latex mattress is entirely
                                                                                      metal free and is produced
                                                                                      using high quality, natural latex,
 ABA              Airbutler Andrew                                      £49.99
                                                                                      which has not been treated
                                                                                      with fire retardants. The latex is
Airbutler Jordan Car and Vehicle Ioniser                                              wrapped in several layers of
                                                                         NEW          organic Welsh wool and
and Air Purifier                                                                      finished with an organic cotton
                                                                                      cover. We cannot claim full
     Airbutler Jordan is designed for use in cars and other vehicles                  organic status for this product
     to clean the air of particles, bacteria and odours                               yet as the certification process
     Ideal for hay fever and environmental sensitivity                                for the latex is ongoing. This is
                                                                                      now our most popular mattress
                                                                                      and a very comfortable
The new Airbutler Jordan uses corona                                                  alternative to a sprung mattress.
discharge to remove dust and other particles,                                         It is ideal if you are electrically
bacteria and smells from the inside of your                                           sensitive or if you prefer a metal
vehicle. The unit takes 4 x AA batteries                                              free mattress. 10 year guarantee. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Please note
provided and then needs to be plugged into                                            that free delivery is our standard one man service to mainland UK. If you wish a
the cigarette lighter in your car using the 12v                                       mattress to be delivered to Northern Ireland, the Scottish highlands or anywhere
cable provided. Fix the unit with the adhesive                                        off the mainland or if you prefer a 2 man service there will be an extra charge.
pads onto the dashboard of your car. The                                              Please contact us for details.
Airbutler Jordan measures 12x10x5cm and
weighs 175g. The ozone output is <0.04ppm.                                            The latex mattress now comes in soft, medium and firm.
Clean after 40 hours of use according to                                              Soft for very young children, people who are frail or with M.E. and spend a lot
instructions included. The unit does not have                                         of time in bed, or who are very light (under 7 stone).
a fan and is silent in operation.                                                     Medium is the most comfortable and is for people 7.5 - 18 stone.
                                                                                      Firm is for heavy people over 18 stone or for those who require a mattress that
 ABJ              Airbutler Jordan Car Air Purifier                     £49.99        has very little give.

                                                                                      When ordering, please remember to state whether you require soft, medium or
 FURTHER INFORMATION & ORDERING For our complete range of
 products, carriage charges (standard £4.50), terms and conditions or further
                                                                                      We have small samples of the materials available for you to test. We do
 information, please contact us for our current catalogue or visit our website        recommend this for anyone who is sensitive as even new organic materials have
 on VAT exemption forms for the dust mite proof              some smell.
 bedding will need to be downloaded or requested by phone. Please phone to
 order or order online on our secure website. Please contact us if you would           OLMS          Latex Single with FREE Delivery       90x190x16cm               £695.00
 prefer no more mailings.                                      OLMD          Latex Double with FREE Delivery      135x190x16cm              £1045.00
                                                                                       OLMK          Latex King with FREE Delivery        150x200x16cm              £1175.00

                                      Order now 0845 450 5950 or
Bionaire BAP1700 with PermatechTM Filter                                           Ultra Slim 3M Air Purifier Save £20 plus free
      Stops the wheezing and sneezing caused by breathing in                       replacement filter
                                                                                          Filters out smoke, bacteria, fungus, pollens, virus, pet dander,
      Filters out dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, mould spores and pet                       dust and dust mite allergens relieving symptoms caused by
      dander                                                                              airborne allergens
      Permanent HEPA filter means no filters to replace                                   Offers 30% higher CADR (clean air delivery rate) than an
      saving you both time and money                                                      equivalent size HEPA filter so that your air is cleaner faster and
                                                                                          you feel better sooner
The new Bionaire BAP1700 air purifier has a                                               Comes with automatic air quality sensor, filter change indicator
permanent HEPA filter that removes up to 99% of                                           and optional ioniser
airborne particles and an optional ioniser to improve                                     With free replacement filter - saving you £15.32
performance. It also features an air quality particle                                     Special Offer - Save £20.00 Total Savings of £35.32
sensor that will measure the indoor air quality. On
auto mode the unit will adjust the fan speed to
provide optimum filtration, which also helps to                                    The sleek Ultra Slim is suitable for a medium sized
conserve energy by only operating when needed.                                     room and designed to fit up against a wall. The Ultra
                                                                                   Clean air purifiers from 3M use a Filtrete electrostatic
 •   Medium room size: 16 sq m • 4 speed settings                                  filter. They are 99.9% effective at removing pollen,
 •   Quiet on low setting        • 8 hour timer                                    dust mite debris, pet dander and mould spores. The
 •   Independent ioniser         • Air quality particle sensor                     units have three speed settings with a simple control
 •   Filter clean indicator      • Max. noise level 56 dB                          knob and a light indicator to let you know when the
 •   Max. power 90w              • Weighs 5.5kg                                    filters need replacing.
 •   Measures 68x26x15cm         • Two year guarantee
 •   Allergy UK Seal of Approval • CADR combined: 558 cu m/hr                      Most permanent and washable filters quickly lose
 •   CADR cu m/hr: Pollen: 186, Tobacco Smoke: 186, Dust: 186                      their electrostatic properties through washing and
                                                                                   clogging. Filtrete uses replaceable electrostatic filters
 BAP1700          Bionaire BAP1700 Permatech                           £149.99     to deliver the enhanced filtration of an electrostatic
                                                                                   filter on a sustained basis. Compared to a HEPA filter
                                                                                   with a comparable room size capacity the Filtrete                             SAVE
Bionaire BAP1550 with PermatechTM Filter                                           room air purifiers deliver up to 30% more air circulation, up to
                                                                                   24% higher pollen capture rate and up to 12% higher dust                     £35.32
Save £15.00                                                                        capture rate. Replace filters every 6 months.
      Cleans the air of particles relieving
                                                                                   •   Electrostatic filter          • Room sizes: 16 sq m
      symptoms caused by airborne allergens                SAVE                    •   3 speed settings              • Quiet on low setting
      Permanent HEPA filter means no filters              £15.00                   •   Weighs 8.3kg                  • Two year guarantee
      to replace saving you both time and                                          •   Measures 60x43.5x8cm          • Independently controlled ioniser
      money                                                                        •   Night light                   • Programmable timer
      Special Offer - Save £15.00                                                  •   Allergy UK Seal of Approval   • Max. power 54.2w
                                                                                   •   CADR combined: 588 cu m/hr
 •   Medium room size: 16 sq m • 3 speed settings                                  •   CADR cu m/hr: Pollen: 216, Tobacco Smoke: 186, Dust: 186
 •   Quiet on low setting        • Remote control
 •   Measures 68x26x15cm         • Filter clean indicator                                                                                        Usually   Special Offer
 •   Independent ioniser         • Weighs 4.35kg                                       FUCUS        Ultra Slim with Free Replacement Filter     £194.12        £174.12
 •   Max. power 90w              • Two year guarantee                                  FUCUSRF      Replacement filter for Ultra Slim            £15.32          £15.32
 •   Allergy UK Seal of Approval • CADR combined: 558 cu m/hr
 •   CADR cu m/hr: Pollen: 186, Tobacco Smoke: 186, Dust: 186                      Blue Vapour Mask for chemicals and particles
 “Top class machine. Reasonably silent on high                                     Save £1.00 on 2 packs
 setting and purifies well. No hassle with buying new                              The Blue Vapour Mask offers protection against
 expensive filters as the ones included are easily cleaned...”                     general nuisance particles as well as nuisance levels
 K.B. Aberdeen                                                                     of organic vapours and odours. Very popular with
                                                                                   those who are chemically sensitive or for use where
                                                         Usually   Special Offer   pollution levels are high or whilst travelling. Great
 BAP1550        Bionaire BAP1550 Permatech              £149.99        £134.99     for use while mowing the lawn.

Bionaire BAP242                                 SAVE                                   VM           Vapour Masks x 2                                              £6.99
                                                                                       VM2          Vapour Masks x 2 (2 packs)                Save £1.00         £12.98
Save 10% plus free filter                       10%
      Helps relieve your symptoms                                                  nillergen PetTM for allergy to dogs, cats
      caused by airborne allergens
      Can be used upright or
                                                                                   and small pets
      horizontally so that it fits in                                                     Effective in reducing symptoms in over 90% of
      awkward spaces                                                                      pet allergic people
      Contains HEPA/carbon filter to                                                      Removes the pet allergens that cause rhinitis,
      remove particles and smells                                                         asthma, eczema and hives in humans
      Special Offer - Save 10% plus free filter (total saving £18.99)                     Save £2.00 when you buy two bottles

 •   Small room size: 10 sq m    • 3 speed settings                                nillergen PetTM is amongst our most popular products. It is a
 •   Quiet on the low setting    • Ioniser can be turned on or off                 lotion that removes pet allergens from the pet’s coat, moisturising and conditioning it at
 •   Takes one filter            • Replace filter annually                         the same time to reduce further allergens. Apply to the pet’s coat once a week. Tests on
 •   Weighs 2.38kg               • Max. power consumption 36w                      nillergen PetTM confirm that it is completely safe for pets. It may give immediate
 •   Measures 25x33x13.5cm       • One year guarantee                              relief for contact allergy, but can take up to three weeks to relieve the symptoms
 •   Allergy UK Seal of Approval • CADR combined: 322 cu m/hr                      of asthma and respiratory problems because it takes time to reduce the build-up
 •   CADR cu m/hr: Pollen: 110, Tobacco Smoke: 119, Dust: 93                       of airborne allergens in the home environment. (Using nillergen AirTM with the
                                                                                   nillergen PetTM will speed up your recovery time.) A 350ml bottle lasts for
 “This is a great little air purifier, I can’t believe the dirt that’s             approximately 3 months for each pet and comes with full instructions for use.
 in the filter after just 2 weeks of use...” K.C. Taunton
                                                                                       NPC            For Cat/Small Animal                                       £10.95
                                                                                       NPC2           For Cat/Small Animal x2             Save £2.00             £19.90
                                                        Usually    Special Offer
                                                                                       NPD            For Dog                                                    £10.95
 BAP242         BAP242 with Free Replacement Filter     £49.99           £44.99
 BAPF30-1       Filter for BAP242x1                     £13.95                         PCD2           For Dog x2                          Save £2.00             £19.90

                                         Order now 0845 450 5950 or
The Healthy House 100% Cotton Dust Mite Proof                                          Danish Antibacterial Silver Luxwell Down and
Barrier Cases - Save 10%                  SAVE                                         Feather Bedding - Dust Mite and Mould Proof
     Sleep peacefully without                                                 10%           Perfect for dust mite and mould allergy
     the allergic symptoms                                                                  100% natural filling with pure silver that safeguards you from dust
     caused by dust mite allergy                                                            mites, bacteria, mould and other microorganisms
     Ideal for people who are                                                               Ideal for dust mite and mould allergy and for people who
     chemically sensitive or prefer                                                         are chemically sensitive or prefer natural bedding            NEW
     natural bedding
                                                                                            Lightweight duvets perfect for the summer months
     Completely encase the
     mattress, duvet and pillow
                                                                                       Our new naturally antibacterial duvets
     Available VAT exempt                                                              and pillows carry the Oeko-tex
     Special Offer - Save 10%                                                          Standard 100 certification and use a
                                                                                       revolutionary technology to harness
These pure Oeko-tex Standard 100                                                       silver’s unique properties by applying
cotton dust mite proof barrier cases                                                   particles of pure silver to the duvet
are unbleached and undyed and made                                                     and pillow fillings. They will never
exclusively for The Healthy House. Laboratory tests at the Medical Entomology          harbour dustmites or mould and
Centre in Cambridge have shown the cotton to work as a barrier to the dust             fungi and the silver treatment will
mite because of the density of the weave. All cases have zip closures with an          also neutralise odours caused by the natural
additional flap for extra protection. The mattress case opens the length of one        sweating that occurs overnight. Silver is natural and
side and along the bottom making it easy to take on and off for washing. The           non-toxic and the best and most effective natural
duvet case opens the length of one side and the pillow case opens along the            antibacterial agent. It combats over 650 different
length of the pillow. For complete protection, we recommend covering the               harmful organisms and destroys single-celled
mattress, the duvet and the pillows or use a dust mite proof mattress case, a dust     organisms like bacteria and fights off fungal and
mite proof duvet and dust mite proof pillows. Machine wash at 60C 3 to 4 times         viral growth. Wash at 60C when necessary and
per year. This material is densely woven and will crease when washed. It can be        tumble dry with dryer balls or tennis balls.
ironed whilst still damp or simply air dried or tumble dried on a cool setting and
put back on to the bedding. Cover with your own cotton sheets. The bedding             Silver Luxwell Summer Duvets - Tog guide 3 - 4
cases are available VAT exempt for sufferers of dust mite allergy. *Please see our     These beautiful duvets contain 70% new European silver treated duck down and 30%
website or phone us to request a VAT exemption form.                                   new European silver treated duck feathers within a super cambric 100% cotton case.

                                            ex VAT*     Offer      incl VAT    Offer   Silver Luxwell Medium Pillow
 DCP     Pillowcase            50x75cm       £11.57    £10.41       £13.59    £12.23   Treat yourself to a Silver Luxwell pillow knowing that it will never harbour dust
 Mattress Cases                                                                        mites or mould. This silver treated medium pillow is made up of three chambers,
 DCMC Cot              60x122x10cm          £39.65     £35.69       £46.59    £41.93   the top and bottom filled with 70% Danish Duck down and 30% small feathers,
 DCMCB Cot Bed         70x140x10cm          £43.78     £39.40       £51.44    £46.30   the inner chamber filled with 70% small feather and 30% Danish duck down.
 DCMS Single           90x190x23cm          £52.04     £46.84       £61.15    £55.03
 DCMD Double          135x190x23cm          £70.22     £63.20       £82.51    £74.26    Danish Silver Luxwell                                 Filling weight
 DCMK King            150x200x23cm          £73.52     £66.17       £86.39    £77.75    SDCS              Duvet Single            140x200cm            280g     £82.85
 DCMSK Super K        180x200x23cm          £85.91     £77.32      £100.94    £90.85    SDCD              Duvet Double            200x200cm            400g    £118.75
 Duvet Cases                                                                            SDCK              Duvet King              240x220cm            530g    £156.25
 DCDS Single              135x200cm         £56.17     £50.55       £66.00    £59.40    SPM               Medium Pillow             50x70cm        100+400g     £49.99
 DCDD Double              200x200cm         £71.04     £63.94       £83.47    £75.13
 DCDK King
 DCDSK Super K
                                                                                            Perfect for hay fever - ALWAYS IN OUR BEST SELLER LIST
People who bought Cotton Dust Mite Cases also bought:                                       Relieves allergic symptoms of hay fever, dust mite, mould and pet
                                                                                            allergies by neutralising allergens in the air, on furnishings, carpets and
Please see our website for items not included in this mailing
                                                                                            in the washing - no triggers, no symptoms
                                                                                            Reduces allergen exposure by up to 90%
                                                                                            Completely safe - no insecticides - active
                                                                                            ingredients are eucalyptus oil, ylang ylang
                                                                                            and quaternium salts
                                                                                            Complete pack saves 10%

                                                                                       nillergen Sofa and BedTM controls allergens
                                                                                       in mattresses and soft furnishings for one month after
Dust Mite Proof Pillows           nillergen Allergy Sprays    Dust Mite Proof Duvets   application. The allergen reduction will be over 75%.
    £9.99 per pair              £11.99 each Save on pack     4.5 & 12tog from £15.99
                                                                                       nillergen LaundryTM controls allergens in both hand
                                                                                       and machine washing, killing 99.9% of dust mites and reducing other allergens
                                                                                       by over 90%. The key ingredients are eucalyptus and benzyl benzoate. Suitable for
                                                                                       synthetic and natural fibres. The benzyl benzoate is washed out in the rinse cycle.
                                                                                       nillergen CarpetTM is added to the liquid in your carpet cleaner to ensure the
                                                                                       carpets are allergen free for up to 3 months after application. It is safe for you,
                                                                                       your children, and any pets you may have.
                                                                                       nillergen AirTM encapsulates and neutralises allergens in the indoor air. Spray
                                                                                       the air in your room twice a week for the first three weeks and once a week
 Aquaball Laundry Ball          Organic Cotton Bedding          BAP242 Air Purifier    thereafter. Average reduction in airborne allergens is 86% and the minimum is
       £15.49                        from £14.99                  Save £18.99          75% making a significant difference to anyone reacting to allergens in the air.
                                                                                       For nillergen PetTM for allergy to cats and dogs, please see opposite page.

                                                                                        nillergen Sofa and Bed “This product really works! ... Used in
                                                                                        conjunction with nillergen Pet and nillergen Air we have been
                                                                                        able to control my son's cat allergy.” S.J. Sussex

                                                                                        NS               nillergen Sofa and Bed                   350ml         £11.99
                                                                                        NL               nillergen Laundry                        300ml         £11.99
                                                                                        NC               nillergen Carpet                         300ml         £11.99
                                                                                        NA               nillergen Air                            250ml         £11.99
 Dust Mite Proof Feather &       nillergen Pet £10.95 each      Disposable Masks
                                                                                        NAP              nillergen Allergy Pack (complete set) Save 10%         £43.16
Down Pillows Save £5.00 on 2      Save £2.00 on 2 bottles       from £4.99 for 2

                                         Order now 0845 450 5950 or
Products for Hay Fever                                                                       Geomack Energetic Vitalisers Save 10%
Please see our website for full information on these products                                                                                                              SAVE
                                                                                                  Relieve the symptoms of electro and geopathic
                                                                                                  Clear the home or workplace of distorted energies
                                                                                                  Units below carry 3 month money back guarantee
                                                                                                  Special Offer - Save 10%

                                                                                             Electromagnetic stress is often an unrecognised and undiagnosed
                                                                                             factor in many minor and more serious conditions including slow
                                                                                             recovery from illness. Contributing factors include mobile phone
Sinus Buster £11.99 each            Nasaleze £7.33                      Allerphase Tablets   masts, substations, pylons, DECT phone systems, GSM and UMTS
                                Save £1 when you buy 2                     from £29.99       mobile phones, computer equipment, household appliances, WiFi
                                                                                             and Bluetooth systems. Symptoms can range from fatigue, tension,
                                                                                             insomnia, low immune system efficiency to serious illness.

                                                                                             The Energetic Vitalisers neutralise the harmful effects of electro-
                                                                                             magnetic and geopathic stress. They come in three sizes (plus the
                                                                                             G-Oyster pocket sized unit). They all work in the same way and do
                                                                                             not use mains power. The EV4001 and the EV9001, when placed
                                                                                             on the ground floor, also cover the floors above. The area covered
                                                                                             denotes the area of the ground floor.
  Emcur Nasal Douche                Hay Band £9.99                  The Salt Pipe £29.99
                                                                                             The three products below can be returned within 3 months if you
                                                                                             have not felt a benefit. They must be in new condition, in their original
                                                                                             packaging. Please notify us first if returning an item.
Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter
with 2 Free Glass Bottles                                                                                       Coverage                                Usually       Special Offer
                                                                                              EV601             3m diameter                            £117.00            £105.30
     Provides healthy, clean water for                                                        EV4001            up to 100m3                            £277.00            £249.30
     drinking and cooking                                                                     EV9001            up to 200m3                            £397.00            £357.30
     Portable and free standing - no plumbing                                                 P/p               on above units                           £7.50               £7.50
     involved so that you can use it in rented
     accommodation or while travelling                                                       Reverse Osmosis System
     Filters fully tested and certified
     Now with 2 free 0.5L glass bottles
                                                                                             Special Offer Save £50.00
                                                                                  with            Ideal if your therapist has recommended pure water
The Gravity Water Filter is a great way of benefiting
                                                                                                  Removes all organic compounds including oestrogen and
from filtered water “on tap” especially if you are                               2 free           synthetic oestrogen
travelling or living in rented space. It sits on the                              glass           Removes nitrates, heavy metals and hardness         SAVE
counter top providing plenty of water for each day
and can be refilled at night for the next day’s supply.
                                                                                 bottles          Special Offer - Save £50.00                        £50.00
The upper container is filled manually with water                                            Reverse Osmosis is the method of purifying
which then filters down to the lower container passing                                       liquid by pushing it through a semi-
through the filter candles. The water then comes                                             permeable membrane. The membrane
through the tap at the bottom of the unit. The lower                                         allows pure water molecules through it,
tank has a capacity of 9 litres. It takes 1 hour for 1 litre                                 whilst impurities are flushed away. The R.O.
to pass through the filters. Please allow longer when                                        membrane removes suspended solids, up to
using for the first time.                                                                    98% of all dissolved solids, and virtually all
                                                                                             bacteria, pesticides, insecticides and viruses.
You can choose to have standard filters or heavy metal filters. The filter candles
should be replaced every 9 months for 2 people and every 6 months for 4
                                                                                             The system can be installed under the sink
people. The Gravity Water Filter will arrive unassembled with full instructions on
                                                                                             DIY or by your plumber and needs to be
how to assemble it. The housing measures 20.9cm in diameter and 53cm high.
                                                                                             hooked up to a drain. The filters should be
One year guarantee.
                                                                                             replaced every 6 months and the membrane
                                                                                             every 2-3 years. The unit measures
With Standard Filters The Gravity Water Filter Standard will remove in excess
                                                                                             38x33x13cm. The tank is 20cm in diameter and 46cm high.
of 97% of free chlorine, 99.999% of pathogenic organisms such as bacteria:
                                                                                             Both parts should fit under an average sink (please check
e-coli, cholera, typhoid and cysts: cryptosporidium and giardia. The Super
                                                                                             dimensions). A separate tap is provided to be fitted to the
SterasylTM filters will also reduce chemicals. For further information please see            corner of your kitchen sink.
catalogue 20 or our website.
                                                                                             How it works:
With Heavy Metal Filters The Gravity Water Filter with heavy metal filters will              Incoming water is filtered through a four stage filter system.
remove all of the above contaminants plus heavy metals.                                      Stage 1. A 5 micron pre-filter removes any sediment and
 GWPD              With Standard Filters with 2 Free Glass Bottles                £94.99     Stage 2. An activated carbon block filter removes a large number of heavy
 GWPHM             With Heavy Metal Filters with 2 Free Glass Bottles             £99.99     metals and chlorine.
 GWPSS2            Replacement Super Sterasyl Filter x2                           £29.99     Stage 3. The water is forced through the membrane for removal of pesticides,
 GWPHM2            Replacement Heavy Metal Filter x2                              £34.99     bacteria, nitrates and the remaining metals. The water is then stored in a
                                                                                             pressure tank with a butyl liner.
People who bought the Gravity Water Filter also bought:                                      Stage 4. When the tap is turned on the butyl liner contracts and the water is
                                                                                             pushed out through a final granulated carbon filter to remove any residual taste
Please see our website for full information on these products                                from the liner and then out through the tap.

                                                                                             All of the filters, the membrane and the filter housings used in our RO unit have
                                                                                             been fully tested and certified to Standard 42 by NSF, the independent consumer
                                                                                             testing organisation. The storage tank has been certified to Standard 42.

                                                                                                                                                           Usually   Special Offer
                                                                                              RO4S           Reverse Osmosis System                       £249.99        £199.99
                                                                                              RO4FS          Pre-filter, Carbon filter & Post filter       £32.99
                                                                                              RO4M           TCM Membrane                                  £44.99
    Shower Filters                 Crystal Ball £39.99             bluemagicball £23.99
Save 10% from £35.99

                                           Order now 0845 450 5950 or

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