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									?A playground surface refers to the material that is applied around and under
playground equipment like slides and swings so as to prevent injuries to children.
Having safe playground surfaces is a must and one such surface is rubber mulch
surface. Read this article to find out more about rubber playground surfaces.

Playground surfaces are installed with different processes like flooring, labeling, tiling,
greasing, etc. The installation of a playground surface depends on the materials used
in it. No matter how the playground is designed, what ultimately matters is how safe
the playground surface is. The installation of a safe playground surface is a must so as
to prevent possible injuries to children.

Different kinds of materials are used to manufacture playground surfaces. They may

* Rubber mulch
* Wood chips - Bark mulch
* Engineered wood fiber
* Foam indoor tiles
* Artificial turf systems - Grass or Dirt
* Concrete - Asphalt
* Gravel - Stones and Sand

Rubber mulch surfaces are considered to be the best option, as they cushion falls quite
efficaciously. Rubber surfaces are considered as the appropriate solution to prevent
accidents in playgrounds, parks, lawns, crèches and primary schools, so that children
can play safely and enjoy to the fullest. Moreover, these surfaces allow children with
disabilities, to move comfortably on their wheelchairs with ease.

Playground rubber surface is the most cost-effective playground surface. Due to the
availability of used rubber materials and efficient recycled methods of production, the
cost of these surfaces is quite reasonable. There is no need to replace them annually
unlike some other mulch surfaces. Rubber surfaces do not freeze, harden and retain
slippery moisture as well as dangerous heat levels during summer. Also, they do not
attract bacteria. Installing the rubber chips on the playground can be very easy and
these are so durable that, they can last for 20 years or more and still hold their
sponge-like qualities. No other playground surface material can tout durability of this

The rubber mulch material comes in small chips like wood mulch but is a bit heavy.
This is the reason that they stay intact for a longer period of time. The spongy feature
of the rubber completely reduces the impact of the fall of children off playing
equipment. Besides, the safety aspect, there are others benefits of rubber mulch
surfaces, like they are environmentally friendly. These rubber playground surfaces get
interlocked and because they are water proof and extremely durable, very little
maintenance are needed. Another, good thing about installing rubber mulch surfaces
in an outdoor field is that it restricts the unwanted growth of shrubs and grass. Also,
they do not deteriorate and withstand heat and rain without much difficulty.

Rubber mulch surfaces are made of recycled old rubber products like truck tires,
rubber pipes, cycle tubes, etc making them completely eco-friendly. During the
recycling process, the impurities and other materials present in the old rubber
products get removed. Then, they are shredded and de-vulcanized in order to make
fresh rubber.

Apart from its safety and affordable qualities, rubber mulch surface materials are
attractive too. They come in various vibrant colors, shapes and sizes to match with the
playground equipment, besides being non-toxic. The bright colors of the rubber
surfaces are designed to resist fading, for longer periods. Naturally, rubber takes
hundreds of years to get decomposed, so it is also not an issue. Also, the rubber mulch
material is approved by IPEMA and ADA.

This article has been written by an expert working with All Rubber Surfaces, who
deal in top quality rubber playground surfacing materials and their installation.

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