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          Exit Project

              By: Eugene Fernandez
The “push/pull factors” that
“lured” immigrants to America
   While there were various reasons for such an
    increase in immigration during the time period
    between the 1840’s and 1920’s, one of the most
    prominent were “pus/pull factors.” The promise of
    freedom of religion, better job opportunities, and a
    better life for their families are some of the things
    the “pushed” people to America. During this time
    period, there were many countries that still would
    not grant its residents with freedom to express their
    religion. They would be coerced into following a
    certain religion which their countries leader
    approved of. Furthermore, birth rates were
    increasing and there were less jobs that were
    needed to support families, so some babies had to
    be aborted or killed for the sake of salvaging certain
    economies. This was why families wanted to ensure
    the survival of their children and themselves by
    relocating to America.

   There were also things that “pulled” immigrants to
    America. First, America was going through a
    process appealing to many foreigners,
    industrialization. This meant that there would be
    more factories to produce the various materials that
    would be made, therefore increasing the amount of        It was imperative that immigrants do all
    jobs available to families coming to America. Also,
    the promise of religious freedom ensured that the        they could to succeed because it was
    immigrants wouldn’t be persecuted for the practice       survival of the fittest.
    of a certain religion.
What types of discrimination did each immigrant face
and endure, and how were they treated by “native
born” Americans?

   The promise of religious freedom, a
    better life for their families, and better
    job opportunities did not guarantee
    that they wouldn’t be looked down
    upon by the American people. Also,
    their voyage into America was harsh,
    and often littered with deaths. Few
    made it off the boats and some were
    shot as soon as they stepped of the
    ships by “native born” Americans who
    felt that immigrants didn’t belong in
    America. There was even hostility
    within the same countries. For
    example, Irish that stepped of the
    boats were persecuted by Irish already
    living there because they felt that they     Many immigrants felt that
    were superior. Basically, Immigrants         is they could succeed in
    just weren’t considered the equals of
    native born Americans.                       America, they could
                                                 succeed anywhere.
Where did each immigrant settle
when they arrived in America?
   Further proof that immigrants were
    considered inferior to “native born”
    Americans were the “houses” that they were
    forced to reside in. They were called
    tenements, which were small apartments
    that housed up to 30 immigrants into one
    small apartment. Furthermore, there was
    almost no heat during colder months,
    virtually no electricity, and the bathrooms
    were small and disgustingly dirty. Also, they
    could not depend on their jobs to help pay
    the rent. They received far below what we
    considered to be minimum wage and salary
    deficits weren’t uncommon during their
    usual 12 hour workdays. Their jobs were
    also dangerous with unsanitary working
    conditions for children as well as adults       It was factories such as these that most immigrants
    inside the factories. As bad as this all was,   were sent to work for under extremely unsanitary
    there was no security guarantee for any         working conditions and no security or guarantee that
    immigrant, which meant that they could be       they would have a job tomorrow. They had boring
    fired at any time for any reason.               repetitive tasks and were lucky to be paid 1 dollar
                                                    and hour for their labor.
How did each immigrant group affect
America politically, economically, and
   Immigrants drastically impacted the
    economy. Since immigrants came to this
    country, there were more jobs taken at
    factories which meant that more
    materials were produced with cheaper
    prices. This benefited consumers of
    products because the prices were more
    affordable for middle and lower class
    families. Since some immigrants’ only
    option were jobs at factories, it was in
    this way that America’s economy
    flourished because the government was
    gaining money, thereby strengthening
    the country as a whole. Also, with
    immigrants coming from so many
                                                This is Ellis Island, the location where all
    countries, their customs and traditions
                                                immigrants had to report to for their
    were eventually established in America as
                                                citizenship to be allowed in the United
    part of our own.

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