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									?There are so many opportunities on home party ventures. You can take your pick of
so many hot products to sell at home and make great money and have fun doing it.
There are many companies out there that can set you up to increase you money
making efforts with excellent product lines that people will buy. Many of these site
also offer recruitment tips, consultant marketing supplies, home party games, booking
tips, message boards and a whole lot more. One of your first decisions will be what
kind of product do you want to sell. It is best to choose only one line and enjoy the
products yourself. Here are a few categories to choose from that are great home party

* A little of everything: This type of business has several products available and is for
those who like variety.

* Airbrush tanning: A great way to pamper yourself and friends by tanning at home.
This saves your clients time and money from having to go to a salon.

* Art and crafts: This is highly marketable and popular. This can range from paints,
pastels, card making, stamping, and even scrap booking.

* Baby products: Great for women and men who are raising young ones now and
know many doing the same. Everyone loves to shop for baby stuff.

* Bath, body, and spa products: Who wouldn't love to come to a party that is all about
pampering oneself everyday.

* Books and Education: Everyone loves to add new books to their collection and they
won't be able to beat the prices.

* Candles: These parties are a great success for all age groups and have fabulous

* Children's products: Kids, kids, and more about kids. Your clients will thank you for
being able to give them great kids stuff with out having to battle the stores.

* Cleaning products: There are several great cleaning products that families can use
that are biodegradable and so concentrated that they will last them a long time.

* Coffee/Tea: this is the hot market in 2006. Most people drink one or the other if not
both. They can sample at your party so everyone gets exactly what they like and not
waste money buying something they couldn't try first.

* Cosmetics and skin care products: Still one of the leading home businesses in the
party scene. Great skin care products with out all the fuss.
* Intimate apparel, romance, and adult novelties: there will never be a dull moment at
a party like this. Help keep romance and marriages alive with fun accessories to spice
up life.

* Kitchen Products: This one is also a leading classic. Everyone wants quality ware
for a good price that lasts a long time.

These are just a few of the opportunities you have. See what market will best suit your
needs and be most popular where you are. The greatest thing about the home party
business is that it is a whole lot of fun while making cash.

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