Why there is a shortage of nurses in the market by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Working as a nurse, it has been 26 years for this lady. Parkinson's disease was
suffered by her grandparents when she was younger. Due to the fact that they all lived
in one household, she used to take care of them. More information on the topic of
medical jobs is located at health careers.

She currently works at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights. Since
she works as a floating nurse she goes to any department whichever needs her. Many
hospitals are still running on tight schedules despite the US economy showing signs
of slowing down. She shares that it seems like today, more patients want better service
from hospitals. There are a lot of issues that need to be looked into in a short time as
public demand have been higher and patients are getting sicker.

More hospitals these days have many patients to look after since more people are
getting sick at the same time there is an increase in the aging population. The number
of nurses training in the hospital is also lesser she notices. When we look at what is
going on in the economy in recent times this will lead to an increased demand for
health care workers. If more people invested more time to see what being a nurse
entailed, then they would have a better understanding to it. Through the years the
roles of nurses have changed drastically, but the image they have has not.

The director at a nursing school in Moline said that the economic downturn and recent
turn of events will only escalate the need for health workers and the likelihood is that
the number of incoming students and the number of graduates of programs is just not
going to meet the demand. Due to the many people losing their jobs, they have also
lost their insurance with requires more nurses in the emergency room. Visit medical
jobs gulf to learn more about medical jobs.

The largest health care profession currently is nursing having a population of 2.5
million. These days, nurses are said to just be a handmaid to the doctor and are not
that important.

Despite women normally working as a nurse, there are a few men who are entering
the profession. The male nurses in 2000 were about 5.9 percent only according to the
US department of Health and Human Services.

According to her there is a greater patient load, mandatory overtime and job hazards
such as needle stick injuries, violent patients and back injury from moving patients.
Since it is very demanding the operating and emergency room slots are have to fill.
There is always some bargaining going on with hospitals and nurses.

In hind sight, more people might want to enter a service oriented career. Nursing can
give a person a substantial income and good benefits given that they know how to
care for people. This is what makes it so worthwhile to work with patients and it is
hard to quantify that.

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