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            Saint Mary’s Southwest Celebrates One Year of

February 2008

Jeanne DeBruyn, PhD
Staff WritErS
Katherine Navis Halloran                4   Quick reads

dESignEr / Copy Editor
Kim Kibby
                                        5   a Day in the life » Seeing double in the NICU.

                                        6   Newsmakers
William Passinault, MD                  7   advantage health » A more beautiful you.

Within is the news magazine of          8   foundation News » How one woman with a passion hopes to cure cancer.
Saint Mary’s Health Care and is
published monthly. Submissions,         9   Department spotlight » Research and Innovation.

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                                       10   getting Connected » By now, all Saint Mary’s associates have a GroupWise
                                            e-mail account. See how to make the most of this program.

                                       11   living healthy » Heart Healthy Month. See how Saint Mary’s Cardiology
                                            department inspires heart healthy patients and associates.
QuEStionS or CommEntS?
E-mail:    12   Multicultural affairs » Moving in the right direction: our new vice president
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                                       14   on the Cover » The first year of Saint Mary’s Southwest.

Please send via e-mail or
interoffice mail to the editor.
                                       17   The hauenstein Center » See how associates and volunteers made history
                                            with our upcoming facility. Also, saying goodbye to Grace Hauenstein.
Submissions must be received
by the first of the month before       17   The lean report » Meet the new driver of Lean.
publication. Include your name,
department, and a way for us to        18   excellence in action
contact you.
                                       19   Patient safety » Discover how one number can enhance patient safety.

                                       19   heard in the halls » “Why do you donate blood?”

                                       20   genesis » Read how document imaging will improve quality of care. Also: The
                                            Browning Claytor Office goes live with Cerner PowerChart and RSS gets a makeover.

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                                       24   health Care ethics » Ethical and legal protections for research participants.

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                                                                                                              letter from the ceo

Successful first year of Seamless
Health Care in byron Center

In this issue, you will read about the exciting first year of our Saint Mary’s Southwest
campus, which opened almost one year ago to this day. although the grand opening
week seemed less than auspicious weather-wise, causing us to reschedule one of the
Community Open House events due to blizzard conditions, in fact, the bad weather
might have been a harbinger of great things to come.

We chose the location at 64th Street and Byron Center road in Byron township
because at least 20 percent of our patients live within a short distance, and have
repeatedly told us that they wanted Saint Mary’s Health Care, but they wanted it closer
to home. We built it, and they came, indeed.

During the normally quiet Saturday preceding the New year’s holiday, 60 patients
sought help at Saint Mary’s Southwest urgent Care Plus. and the numbers continue
to grow. More than 150 people, on average, walk through the doors of the facility
on any given day. In less than a year, we have treated more than 25,000 patients in              Mission statement
urgent Care Plus, outpatient surgery, rehab Pros, river Valley Orthopedics, Elite Plastic        We serve together in Trinity Health,
                                                                                                 in the spirit of the Gospel, to heal body,
Surgery, and of course our own advantage Health Physician Network. Patients come                 mind and spirit, to improve the health
for primary care physician visits, for cosmetic surgery, for rehabilitation after surgery, for   of our communities and to steward
surgery itself, and perhaps sometimes just to take in the beautiful environment, enjoy           the resources entrusted to us.
a cup of coffee from the café, and appreciate the LEED certified (Leadership in Energy
and Environmental Design) facility. the pleasant, sunlit-filled building is healing in itself.   Core Values
                                                                                                 Social Justice
In addition, Saint Mary’s Southwest staff has partnered with many community                      Compassion
organizations to sponsor health-related activities. Most recently, the facility was the site     Care of the Poor and Underserved
of Intuition, Saint Mary’s Ninth annual Gala, on November 10, when the building was              Excellence

transformed into a beautiful fantasyland for the more than 500 guests.

I’m so proud of our new facility and of all of our associates who collaborate to make
Saint Mary’s Southwest a truly seamless experience. I look forward to the opening of
other similar sites in the coming years that, like Saint Mary’s Southwest, promise to set
the standard for ambulatory health care in our region.

Philip H. McCorkle, Jr.
President and CEO
Saint Mary’s Health Care

                                                                                                       FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 3
quick reads

    Hope Lodge opens

    Hope Lodge’s Peter M. Wege Guest House has opened
    its doors to visitors this month. Hope Lodge, located at
    129 Jefferson ave. SE, is a complimentary home-away-
    from-home for people with cancer and their caregivers,
    who travel to Grand rapids for cancer treatment. Saint
    Mary’s Health Care donated the land to the american
    Cancer Society of West Michigan for the infrastructure, and
    construction began in October 2006. the robert & Barbara
    Wood West Michigan area Service Center will also operate
    from a wing of the new lodge.

    Hope Lodge houses 20 guest rooms with large windows
    that let in natural light. Guests also have access to laundry
    facilities, private baths and private sitting areas. Other
    amenities include meditation and reflection rooms, a library with computer stations, wireless computer access and a patio garden.

    Hope Lodge is slated to be LEED certified by the u.S. Green Building Council, and it is expected to use 28 percent less water than a
    conventional building.

    the new, centrally located facility for the american Cancer Society’s service center and Hope Lodge will better support the efforts of
    the society’s volunteer resources in the local community and will serve Kent, Barry, Ionia, Montcalm, Osceola and Mecosta counties.

    newly Certified                                                      Checking out the Library
    pharmacotherapy Specialist

    Sarah paulson, PharmD, BCPS, recently passed the
    Pharmacotherapy Certification Exam through the
    american College of Clinical Pharmacists. Paulson now
    joins the select ranks of board certified pharmacotherapy
    specialists. the test is available one day each year, and
    there are only 4,000 board certified pharmacotherapy
    specialists worldwide.

        Epilepsy Clinic
        relocates                                                        the 2007/2008 Positively Warren Golf Outing Committee recently
                                                                         presented a check for $120,000 to the Warren reynolds Library
                                                                         at the Lacks Cancer Center at Saint Mary’s. the 2008 event will
        Saint Mary’s Epilepsy Clinic has moved
                                                                         take place on august 18, 2008, at Egypt Valley Country Club. the
        from 245 Cherry to 310 Lafayette, Suite 320.                     event benefits the Grand rapids Sports Hall of Fame and the
                                                                         Warren reynolds Library.

    4 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                                                       a day in the life

Seeing double
Within staff writer Katherine Halloran recently followed Debbie Davis, RN, IBCLC (International
Board Certified Lactose Consultant), a nurse on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This day
happened to bring twins into the NICU.

as I walked through the door to meet          can take care of babies born as early as      as soon as the twins arrive, I watch
Davis, seven babies were being treated        23 weeks, some weighing only slightly         clinicians appear out of nowhere. Each
in the NICu on the eighth floor. For many     over a pound.                                 has a specific task: X-ray, heart rate, blood
of us, it may be hard to think of babies                                                    work and other documentation, such
as “patients,” but Davis and the rest of      Babies born prematurely generally stay        as the footprint. the whole team works
the NICu staff know that although their       at the NICu until their original due dates,   together to situate the twins in the NICu.
patients are small, they need greater         which can sometimes mean three or             Each twin’s vitals appear good, but since
amounts of attention and care than            four months. Other babies come down           they were born at only 35 weeks, they
many other patients.                          from the Labor and                                              need fluids through IVs,
                                              Delivery unit on the                                            which is not done in the
“We do everything that the ICu does           ninth floor because they “We do everything                      Labor and Delivery unit.
for adults, except only in miniature,” said   have infections, high            that the iCu does
Davis. the expert staff, neonatalogists       blood sugars, jaundice or                                       Davis puts the first diaper
and equipment at Saint Mary’s NICu are        underdeveloped lungs.            for adults, except             on one of the twins, and
on the same par with those of nationally                                       only in miniature.”            another nurse comes
renowned health care facilities. the NICu     Some babies are sent                                            over to take the baby’s
                                              to the NICu within just                                         first picture to show her
                                              minutes of their births. “It’s really hard    mother later. “Since the mom just had a
                                              on the parents of our patients, because       C-section, she won’t be able to see her
                                              they are not able to spend as much            babies for awhile,” said Nancy Oelerich,
                                              time with them,” said Davis, “Parents are     rN. Davis takes stomach samples from
                                              encouraged to interact with their babies      her twin to be analyzed and starts an IV,
                                              in the NICu, and many even breastfeed         and after awhile the baby begins to fall
                                              their babies behind screens in the unit.”     asleep. Now that the twins are stabilized,
                                              Davis explains her responsibilities to me,    Davis can check on her other patients
                                              such as checking on the babies’ vitals,       who need changing and feeding. Davis
                                              feeding and medication administration.        holds each baby after she changes it,
                                              as Davis swaddles the babies and              and many nurses are trained to give
                                              “nests” them in their warmed beds that        massages to the babies for calming and
                                              resemble the womb, we get the news:           healing effects. Saint Mary’s NICu was
                                              the twins are coming!                         even featured in the October 2002 issue
                                                                                            of National Geographic for providing
                                              they were born upstairs just half an          neonatal massages to its smallest
                                              hour before. Davis immediately begins         patients.
                                              prepping a NICu bed for one of the
                                              twins, while another nurse works on an        I make my exit quietly from the NICu,
                                              adjacent bed for the other twin. the beds     leaving Davis competently in charge of
                                              stay warmed and ventilators are always        her little patients.
                                              ready; now just the equipment such as
                                              IVs and monitors need to be prepared.
Debbie Davis, RN, IBCLC
                                              “I can set up a bed for a baby in ten
                                              minutes,” said Davis.

                                                                                                            FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 5

   patent receives media attention
   tewfik Bichay, PhD, and his patented design of a doorless vault entry for
   radiation oncology treatment have created a stir in the media since the patent
   was approved in November 2007. Several television news crews, including
   FOX 17 and WZZM 13, as well as publications such as the Grand Rapids Business
   Journal, have interviewed and featured Bichay with his doorless vault design.

   Bichay’s design is unlike any other in the nation, as it negates the use of heavy
   leaden doors usually used for radiation treatment. Patients simply walk down
   the 26-foot patented hallway that is angled and curved to absorb the radiation,
   creating a feeling of comfort and safety. the doorless vault has been in place
   and used by patients at the Lacks Cancer Center since the facility was opened
                                                                                                  A sketch of the doorless vault entry
   in 2005.

   a real page turner
   Saint Mary’s Health Care’s new technologies will be featured in an upcoming U.S. News & World Report: Health Quarterly article. the
   article focuses on technologies such as respiratory gating, photofinder dermascope, 64-slice Ct, digital mammography, electronic
   medical records and the daVinci Surgical System. Saint Mary’s Susan Hoppough, PhD, rN, was interviewed for the article. the
   magazine hits stands on February 25, so be sure to pick up your copy.

        when I need
                   talk                            .

   6 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                           advantage health news

a more beautiful you
Advantage Health offers aesthetic services

     Looking for a way to help reverse the effects of sun and time? Advantage Health Physician Network
     (AHPN) provides a variety of proven, advanced, physician-grade aesthetic services that safely produce
     healthier, more beautiful looking skin. Every procedure is either conducted or supervised by one of our
     board certified physicians, John Duhn, MD, and Pam Wirth, MD, or by our esthetician, Brooke DeHoop.

featured advanced Skin Care
n	   SkinCeuticals help protect healthy
     skin from the sun’s damaging rays,
     today and in the future.
n	   Belladerm restores skin tone and
     texture and reduces the appearance
     of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles.
n	   Newport Cosmeceuticals are the
     latest in paramedical, physician-
     quality products that achieve and
     accelerate dramatic, lasting results
     against aging.
n	   Dermal Fillers, such as Juvéderm™
     Filler and radiesse™ Filler, fill out                              Caption
     wrinkles and smooth skin.

non-surgical Skin Care
n	   a Botox™ cosmetic treatment
     smooths deep, persistent frown lines
     and can last up to four months.
n	   a microdermabrasion-chemical
     peel combination package more
     thoroughly eliminates dead skin cells
     while effectively eliminating age
     spots, lines and wrinkles.
n	   Microdermabrasion buffs away
     surface layers of skin to enhance                                            FoR MoRE InFoRMAtIon
                                              other Services
     blood circulation at the skin level,                                         about Advantage Health
                                              n	   Laser Hair removal
     leaving your skin much softer and                                            Physician Network aesthetic
                                              n	   Small Vein removal
     smoother.                                                                    services, please call 913.8193 or
                                              n	   Waxing
n	   Facials to pamper the skin and to                                            visit the newly updated Web site
     unclog pores.                                                      
n	   Chemical Peel restores a youthful

                                                                                             FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 7
foundation news

   distinguished friends reception
                                                        at the annual reception for the                 contributions exceed $10,000 or are
                                                        Distinguished Friends Society at St.            donors who have made a planned gift
                                                        George’s Banquet and Conference                 to Saint Mary’s and are members of the
                                                        Center, Deb Bailey, a cancer survivor who       Legacy Circle.
                                                        was treated at the Lacks Cancer Center,
                                                        thanked the more than 150 guests,               associates who are ambassador and
                                                        including physicians and clinical staff of      Partner Level members of the President’s
                                                        Saint Mary’s. “I am very grateful to all of     Circle were also recognized at this event.
                                                        the staff who provided extraordinary care       ambassador Level members are Saint
                                                        to me and for all of you for the financial      Mary’s associates who contributed the
                                                        support that helps make these programs          equivalent of at least one hour of pay per
   Deb Bailey, Kathleen Ponitz and Laura Hill           and places of healing possible.”                pay period and Partner Level members
                                                                                                        contributed the equivalent of 16 hours of
                                                        Members of the Distinguished Friends            pay or more.
                                                        Society are lifetime donors whose

   annual donor Wall
   recognizes gifts to                                      in the name of a Cure
   the Lacks Cancer                                         How far would you go to fulfill a passion and find
   Center                                                   a cure? arda tole, a 57-year-old breast cancer
                                                            survivor, would answer “3,098 miles.”
   Saint Mary’s would like to recognize
   those who continue to support our                        Next month, tole will begin her bicycle trip
   cancer programs and services with                        across the united States to raise money for
   charitable contributions, in addition to                 cancer research. the trek will take nearly two
   those who helped make the building                       months, beginning in San Diego on March 6
   possible.                                                and ending on May 2 in St. augustine, Florida.
                                                            tole hopes to raise $30,000 toward research at
   a tribute wall is on display near the                    the Lacks Cancer Center at Saint Mary’s. tole, an
   main lobby of the Lacks Cancer Center                    avid cyclist, is fulfilling both her passion of the
   at Saint Mary’s for an entire year. all                  sport and her dream of finding a cure for cancer
   donors* to the center are recognized                     through “Bike 4 Cancer.”                                          Arda Tole
   on this wall that also includes a
   tribute portion to recognize names of                    “I have been in remission for a long time, but when I was sick, I thought, ‘let it not
   individuals who have received honor                      be for nothing,’” said tole. “It has been a very humbling experience to learn how
   or memorial gifts in their name. the                     many people want to help.”
   wall includes donors who made a
   gift between January 1, 2007, and                        HoW you Can HELp
   December 31, 2007**. Each January a                      If you would like to help tole raise $30,000 for the Lacks Cancer Center,
   new tribute wall will be displayed to                    please visit you may also call Heather Francis, manager
   recognize the annual donors.                             of Development, annual Giving and Donor relations, at 913.1898, or simply send
                                                            your gift, made payable to the Saint Mary’s Doran Foundation.
   **Gifts must have been received no later than
   December 31, 2007, to be included on this
                                                            Gifts should be mailed to:
   year’s tribute wall. Any gift received after that
                                                            Bike 4 Cancer, c/o Saint Mary’s Doran Foundation
   date will be included in next year’s tribute wall.
                                                            200 Jefferson SE, Grand rapids, MI 49503

   8 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                                           department spotlight

research and innovation
For all of you who are
innovators and information
gatherers at heart, there is a
special department at Saint
Mary’s Health Care for you.
The Research and Innovation
department is dedicated
to facilitating the complex
processes of applying for
a patent and copyrighting
intellectual property.

the idea for a special segmented
department at Saint Mary’s began to
formulize in 2005. “We had received a
grant from the national Susan G. Komen
Foundation, and when I spoke to the
Institutional review Board, it became
evident that Saint Mary’s Health Care
didn’t have the infrastructure to support    tHE rESEarCH and innovation tEam: Back row: Brian Berryhill, Brenda Hoffman, Sherri
conducting research,” said Susan             Veurink-Balicki, Patrice Conrad and Janette Guile. Front row: Nancy White, Susan Hoppough,
                                             Jean Lee and Cindy Johnston.
Hoppough, PhD, rN, director of research
and Innovation and Cancer Control.

to resolve this issue, Saint Mary’s
gathered a team of people who were           initiatives, it aligned them with the          submit this design for a patent, which
also inventors to see what would be          needs of such organizations as the             was approved in November 2007.
necessary to build this infrastructure.      Michigan State university College of
associates of Saint Mary’s as well as        Human Medicine. the joint hire of neuro-       all of the research at Saint Mary’s
inventors from West Michigan Science         ophthalmologist Christopher Glisson, DO,       goes through the new department to
and technology Initiative all collaborated   MS, exemplifies how the two systems            streamline the research process and
to offer formal suggestions for the          have collaborated to meet both of their        to develop protocols for conducting
department.                                  needs.                                         research.

“We began thinking of ways to inspire        ten ideas for patents have come to             If you have an innovative idea or would
and collect innovative ideas from people     the department to date. One patent-            like to begin conducting research, please
and determine what the potential could       approved idea is the design of the             contact Susan Hoppough, at 752.5206 or
be, and we came up with the idea for a       doorless vault entry for radiation   
combined department including both           oncology treatment, which has provided
research and innovation,” said Hoppough.     patient comfort and satisfaction since
                                             the opening of the Lacks Cancer Center.
as the research and Innovation               tewfik Bichay, PhD, worked with the
department generated its primary             research and Innovation department to

                                                                                                           FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 9

   E-mail for Everyone
   Many of you have asked, and as of February 15, it’s here! That’s the official date when 800 additional
   Saint Mary’s associates will get connected to e-mail access. E-mail access for all marks another first in
   Saint Mary’s history, making it easier for everyone to communicate with each other.

                                       Not quite sure how to work our e-mail        you can choose to have the signature
                                       software called GroupWise? Be sure to        automatically added or to have the
                                       sign up for classes to learn the basic       system prompt you about whether
       Examples of                     navigation of our e-mail system. Stay        or not to include the signature. Just
       recommended                     tuned in eWithin and plasma screens          remember that your signature should
       E-mail Signatures               for dates, times and locations of these      be included for all outgoing e-mails.
       Brett Powers                                                                 your signature should include the
       Librarian                       Something to keep in mind is how             following information:
       Warren reynolds Library         we represent the organization
       the Lacks Cancer Center         and ourselves through all our                n	   your name with credentials (no
       Saint Mary’s Health Care        communications, even through                      periods in between letters, i.e. rN,
       PH: 616.752.5230                our e-mail. One easy way to clearly               MSN)
       FX: 616.752.XXXX                communicate is by using a signature on       n	   your title      our outgoing e-mail.                         n	   your department or area of work (if it                                                         doesn’t repeat your title)                                                         n	   your sub-brand, i.e., the Lacks
                                                                                         Cancer Center or the Wege Institute
                                       How to set up your                                (these are the only two approved
       tom Karel
       Vice President                  e-mail signature:                                 sub-brands.)
       Organization and talent                                                      n	   Organization’s name (Saint Mary’s
       Effectiveness (OtE)             1.   In the GroupWise window, click               Health Care or advantage Health
       Saint Mary’s Health Care             on the “tools” navigation button             Physician Network. these two are
       PH: 616.752.6362                     at the top of the page in the gray           your only options and both must be
       FX: 616.752.XXXX                     navigation area.                             spelled out.)                                                   n	   Phone number, with periods instead            2.   a drop down menu will appear.                of dashes between numbers
                                            Click on the “Options” button           n	   Fax number, with periods instead of
       Julie Lundvick, rN, CDE              located near the bottom of the               dashes between numbers
       Director, Diabetes Services          drop down menu.                         n	   Web site (
       Center for Diabetes and                                                           always include the main Web site.
       Endocrinology                   3.   In the Options window, double-          n	   Secondary Web sites (optional),
       Saint Mary’s Health Care             click on the “Environment” icon.             e.g.,,
       Ph: 616.752.6862                                                        
       Fax: 616.732.3095               4.   In the “Environment” window, click          on the “Signature” tab along the top.
                                       5.   Be sure to choose arial as the font
                                            and use 12-point type size.

   10 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                                        living healthy

Love your Heart
February is Heart Health Month
Did you know? In a healthy adult, the body contains about two gallons
of blood that is circulated over and over throughout the body. The
blood moves from the heart, into arteries, capillaries and veins before
returning to the heart. The entire cycle takes about 60 seconds. See
what you can do at Saint Mary’s Health Care to promote a healthy heart!

did you know that Saint                      altogether, 60 Saint Mary’s associates
mary’s provides the following                provide quality care for thousands of
procedures?                                  people with heart problems.

n	   Diagnostic heart catheter
n	   Emergent angioplasty                    Helping associates Stay Healthy
n	   Pacemaker insertion
n	   Echocardiograms,                        Saint Mary’s cares for its associates’
n	   EKGs (electrocardiograms)               hearts, too. Some associate heart-healthy
n	   Stress testing                          initiatives are the MOVE Program, an onsite
                                             workout program, tobacco-free Campus,
the Saint Mary’s Health Care Cardiology      discounts at local yMCas and Wellness
Services collaborates with six different     Incentives at our affiliated athletic clubs,
cardiac physician groups to provide care     such as Orchard Hills, East Hills and the
for people of all ages, from newborns to     MaC.
people more than 100 years old. Each
year, Saint Mary’s performs 400 heart        For more details of the Saint Mary’s
catheterizations, 5,000 EKG procedures       Wellness Incentive, see page 23.
(not including those performed in the
Emergency department) and nearly 1,000
stress tests. the Cardiology department
performs electrocardiograms at the
bedside throughout the main hospital, the
Emergency department and at the Lacks
Cancer Center. Patients can even receive
outpatient electrocardiograms and stress
tests at the Cardiovascular testing Center                 Some information taken
located in the Wege Center.                                from the FDA (Food and Drug
                                                           Administration) Web site

                                                                                            FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 11
multicultural affairs

    As health care providers, it is                   this national fellowship comes from the
    essential for us to understand                    american Hospital association’s Health           “We cannot change the
                                                      research Educational trust (HrEt) and
    what makes each of us                             brings together leaders of organizations
                                                                                                       health disparities, but we
    different and how we can                          to improve cultural competence. Our              can change health care
    embrace those differences.                        engagement in this program launches              disparities at Saint mary’s
    In order to improve cultural                      our organization into a culture of further       by the way we deliver care
                                                      change and improvements, expanding
    competence, Saint Mary’s                          on what Excellence in action and
                                                                                                       to our diverse population.”
    Health Care applied for                           Leadership Development have begun.
    the Cultural Competence                                                                            completed the year-long course, which
                                                      Susan Hoppough, PhD, rN, director of
    Leadership Fellowship in                                                                           required much reading, discussion and
                                                      research and Innovation and Cancer
    2006 and was among only 20                        Control, and Deborah Guyton, team                soul-searching as they challenged their
    elite organizations chosen to                     leader of Compensation and Benefits,             own beliefs and views
    participate.                                      participated in the fellowship to improve
                                                      cultural competence at Saint Mary’s.             “Cultural competence is not about
                                                      In July 2007, the two representatives            changing another person; rather it seeks

       please Welcome our new vice president of multicultural affairs
       the recent addition of David Luna as               an organizational change specialist by
       new vice president of Multicultural                training, Luna’s most recent position
       affairs will prepare Saint Mary’s Health           was as vice president of Diversity for
       Care for even greater improvements                 the thomson Corporation in Stamford,
       in cultural competence. He will report             Connecticut. Previously he had been
       to the president and CEO and will be               principal of Diversity Leadership
       responsible for creating successful                Services in Chicago and has also been in
       strategies that translate into priorities          leadership roles for unicom Corporation
       for leading and championing cultural               (Commonwealth Edison) and for the
       competence, inclusion and diversity at all         Latino Institute, both in Chicago. Luna
       levels of the organization.                        earned both his Bachelor’s and MBa
                                                          degrees from the university of Illinois at
       “I am very excited to be joining the Saint         Chicago and his JD (Juris Doctor) from
       Mary’s community as it makes cultural              the university of Chicago.
       competence and inclusion key elements
       in providing an exceptional experience             Luna can be reached at 752.6181.
       for its patients and associates,” said Luna.
                                                                                                                                David Luna

    12 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                               tobacco-free campus

to understand where the person is coming from
and how to embrace their differences,” said Guyton.        telling visitors about
Since the completion of the fellowship, Hoppough
and Guyton have recommended a plan of action for           our tobacco-free
organizational cultural competence at Saint Mary’s
Health Care.                                               Campus policy
the plan’s first item is the education of associates on
appropriate ways to record patient information. “We        “tobacco-free Workday,” a recent HealthStream module, is a
                                                           resource for associates to maintain a tobacco-free Campus with
                                                           visitors. this module provides several dialogues and tools to help
                                                           you politely ask visitors to respect our tobacco-free Campus
                                                           policy. associates can give visitors cards that explain our policy,
                                                           which will be available in the Main Café, front desk and all main
                                                           entrances on campus. the card also features a map that outlines
                                                           the boundaries of our campus.

                                                           ExampLES of appropriatE diaLoguE
                                                           WitH viSitorS:
Deborah Guyton and Susan Hoppough, PhD, RN
                                                            “I just wanted to let you know that Saint Mary’s is a tobacco-free
                                                           Campus. We thank you for honoring that decision. Here is an
want to make sure that the information we collect          information card that explains what this means and gives you
about patients, such as race and ethnicity, is accurate    some options.”
and that patients have the opportunity to select the
category that best describes them. Sometimes we            “Hello sir/ma’am, we understand this may be a very stressful
look at someone and think that they may be a race          time for you right now but Saint Mary’s is a tobacco-free
or ethnicity that they are not,” said Hoppough. “When      Campus. We ask that you move off hospital grounds to help us
we analyze the data that we collect about patients,        ensure a healthy environment for all of our guests, patients and
we want to make sure that we can identify whether or       employees.”
not we are providing disparate care based on not only
race and ethnicity but also gender, age and income.”       “Hi, I don’t know if you’re
                                                           aware that Saint Mary’s is a       Cards explaining
Guyton learned of the difference between health            tobacco-free Campus. I can         the policy are
disparities and health care disparities. Health            give you a map outlining our       available at the
disparities are the genetic reasons why someone may        campus and detailing where
get an illness. Health care disparities are differences    it’s acceptable to smoke.
                                                                                              front desk, main
in how people of different backgrounds, such as            also, if you’re interested in      Cafe and all major
those with or without insurance, old or young, white       quitting I can get you some        entrances of the
or black, receive health care. “We cannot change the       information or let you know        main hospital.
health disparities, but we can change health care          where you can purchase
disparities at Saint Mary’s by the way we deliver health   some Nicorette gum.”
care to our diverse population,” said Guyton.
                                                           “Sorry to interrupt you sir or madam, but Saint Mary’s is now a
the cultural competence initiative focuses on              tobacco-free Campus. Here’s a map outlining appropriate areas
Diversity and Inclusion, the Care Experience and           for you to smoke.”
HealthLink. Hoppough and Guyton plan on working
with Saint Mary’s HealthLink to ensure that cultural       Though we certainly understand and respect every person’s right to
competence extends beyond the doors of the main            make choices related to their health, we also have an obligation to
hospital. they also plan on collaborating with the new     protect our patients, hospital representatives and guests from the
vice president of Multicultural affairs, David Luna.       effects of secondhand smoke. Thank you for respecting this policy.

                                                                                            FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 13
on the cover

    Saint Mary’s Southwest
    Celebrates One Year of

                              [ ]
                                  What would you imagine a health care facility to look
                                  like, feel like and act like? Would you imagine a health
                                  care facility as a gorgeous venue for a fundraising event?
                                  As a proud local sponsor and a member of its local
                                  chamber of commerce? As a LEED certified building?
                                  And, above all, as a provider of seamless health care,
                                  with your physician, specialists and pharmacy all in one
                                  building? As Saint Mary’s Southwest celebrates its first
                                  anniversary, this facility has brought to reality what could
                                  only be imagined before. Saint Mary’s Southwest has not
                                  only introduced seamless health care to thousands, it
                                  has also played an integral role in the community.

    14 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                                                          on the cover

Seamless Health Care aces                    “If a patient needs a primary care            ease with which specialists treat her
the test                                     physician, I can call over to an office       patients. On one occasion, Hulst walked
as thousands of patients have                and get them one in the same building.”       a patient who had horrific abdominal
experienced seamless health care at          Shomin has also helped patients receive       pain over to Imaging to receive an IV
Saint Mary’s Southwest, physicians are       surgery within the same day. One case         and an X-ray, all within minutes and
also enjoying the benefits of the process    stands out in his mind, where a patient       without ever leaving the building. “It
designed to make health care more            needed hand surgery. He simply called         used to take months to get patients in
efficient for both patients and providers.   West Michigan Surgical Services, which        to see specialists,” she said. “But here at
                                             has an office at Saint Mary’s Southwest.      Saint Mary’s Southwest, I can call West
“Working at Saint Mary’s Southwest with      they operated on the patient that very        Michigan Surgical Services, and they
the seamless process has made my role        day. “the patient was thrilled with us, and   can get them in today. It helps to have
as an urgent Care Plus physician much        she even sent us a postcard telling us        so many specialists committed to Saint
easier,” said todd Shomin, MD, from the      how much she appreciated our services.”       Mary’s Southwest.”
advantage Health Physician Network
(aHPN).                                      Lynn Hulst, MD, a primary care physician      the increased number of specialists
                                             from aHPN, has also experienced the           working at Saint Mary’s Southwest
                                                                                           has helped to enhance the patient
                                                                                           experience. “all of the offices at our
                                                                                           facility will be leased out by april, which
                                                                                           means that Saint Mary’s Southwest
                                                                                           will be operating at full occupancy in a
                                                                                           little more than a year of opening,” said
                                                                                           roberta Jelinek, director of New Business
                                                                                           Development. “We have also hit all of our
                                                                                           expected benchmarks and are ahead
                                                                                           of our goals for patient volume. this

                                                                                                             Continued on page 16 »
Roberta Jelinek          Todd Shomin, MD        Lynn Hulst, MD

                                                                                                        FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 15
on the cover

    « seaMless, continued from p. 15
                                                     Saint Mary’s Southwest hosted Saint
                                                     Mary’s ninth annual Gala in November,
    year has been going so well that we are          where the da Vinci Surgical System was
                                                     available for hands-on demos.
    renovating a conference room into two
    more exam rooms for our urgent Care
    Plus to meet the demand during peak

    the partners of aHPN have also grown
    by leaps and bounds. In February 2007,
    three physicians from the network began
    seeing patients at the facility. today, that
    number has jumped to nine primary
    care physicians who work at this LEED
    certified facility.

    Champion of the
    Saint Mary’s Southwest obtained LEED           positive Community impact                     healthy, but are helping to create a
    certification from the u.S. Green Building     Saint Mary’s Southwest is not only a          healthier community,” Foster said.
    Council, due to its environmentally            good steward of the local resources, but
    friendly building and operating initiatives.   it also maintains interactive relationships
    the facility features a bike rack and a        with its community. the facility brings       improved Signage
    shower facility for associates to bike to      community programs and sponsorships           after collaborating with the community,
    work, which two to three associates use        to the Byron Center region. Many of           Jelinek said that Saint Mary’s Southwest
    on a daily basis. another LEED attribute is    these programs focus on community             is approved to increase the facility’s
    the surrounding grounds that consist of        health and well being, especially for         outdoor signage. “through enhanced
    indigenous grasses and wild flowers.           children.                                     and appropriate signage, we can let
                                                                                                 patients and the community better
    “We have to be patient with the grounds,   With the help of aHPN, Saint Mary’s               know where we are,” Jelinek said.
    because we won’t be using fertilizer       Southwest has twice sponsored a “Career           the improvements will not feature
    to enhance its                                               Day” for elementary             overpowering lights that will change
    appearance,” said                                            students and has also           the skyline of Byron Center, but will
    Jelinek. “We are also Saint mary’s Southwest                 hosted the annual               include more modest changes, such as
    learning how to          sponsors programs that “Jump ‘N Move Walk-a-                        bigger signs at the roundabout and main
    be good stewards                                             thon” for 200 students          entrances, and also signs for urgent Care
    of resources by
                             focus on community                  at its outdoor track.           Plus that will be lit only during its hours
    utilizing optical eye    health and well being,                                              of operation.
    systems that turn        especially for children.            Saint Mary’s Southwest
    lights off when                                              became a Byron Center
    enough sunlight is                                           Chamber of Commerce             Hosting the Event
    in a room.” Other earth friendly features  member even before the infrastructure             of the year
    are the 12,000-gallon tanks placed         was finished, and the health facility has         Saint Mary’s Southwest also partnered
    underground that collect rain water from   been a major sponsor of Byron Summer              with many other community
    the building’s roof. the water is then     Days.                                             organizations to transform the facility
    irrigated to the grounds by the two main                                                     into a grand venue that hosted Saint
    entrances, negating the use of fertilizers a pediatrician at Saint Mary’s Southwest,         Mary’s Ninth annual Gala, Intuition. the
    that will flow into the grounds and        Ben Foster, MD, Internal Medicine/                event accommodated more than 500
    watershed. By limiting its impact on the   Pediatrics, appreciates the positive              guests, who were impressed with the
    environment, Saint Mary’s Southwest is a   collaboration with the Byron Center               technology, unique architecture, artwork
    considerate neighbor.                      community. “as physicians, we are not             and concept of seamless health care.
                                               simply focusing on keeping our patients

    16 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                                          the hauenstein center

this one’s for History
On December 11, 2007,                                               remembering grace Hauenstein
hundreds of associates,                                             “Grace is a gift from God,” said Father Mark Przybysz during
physicians and volunteers                                           the Mass of resurrection for Grace Hauenstein, who died on
became a part of history                                            December 25, 2007, at the age of 96. and those who knew her
by signing a steel beam                                                                    would wholeheartedly agree.
that will be used in the
construction of the                                                                        Grace Hauenstein was, during her long
Emergency department’s                                                                     and fruitful life, a student, a nurse at Saint
canopy in the Hauenstein                                                                   Mary’s Hospital, a wife, a mother and a
Center. the beam stretched                                                                 community leader. Grace graduated from
26 feet and required ten                                                                   the nursing education program of Saint
construction workers to                                                                    Mary’s Hospital and was working as a
move it. Saint Mary’s held                                                                 nurse at Saint Mary’s when she married
a similar event in honor                                                                   ralph Hauenstein, then a young reporter
of the near completion of     Associates sign a beam that will be   Grace Hauenstein       for The Grand Rapids Press. “He was my first
the Lacks Cancer Center.      installed in The Hauenstein Center.                          boyfriend, and I was his first girlfriend,”
the signing of the beam                                             said Grace. they were married for 75 years. While ralph served
symbolizes the near                                                 as Chief of Intelligence Branch during World War II for four
completion of the Giving Campaign for the Hauenstein Center         years, she remained in Grand rapids raising their three children.
and gives associates a chance to be remembered as a part of         Devoting her life to her family, her church, and her community,
this history.                                                       Grace will be remembered as a thoughtful, considerate,
                                                                    generous woman and a dear member of the Saint Mary’s family.

                                                                                                                       the lean report
new driver of Lean
Please welcome the newest member of the Saint Mary’s Lean            What is the most interesting thing you have ever done?
team, Steve Palmreuter, who joined Saint Mary’s Health Care in       Standing in a river in yellowstone National Park fly fishing for trout
January 2008.                                                        while a herd of 50 elk crossed the river within 30 yards of me.

                    Palmreuter’s experience includes eight years     What leadership quality do you admire most?
                    with Herman Miller and five years with Diesel    I appreciate a leader who has the ability to persuade others to
                    tech. at Herman Miller, Palmreuter was first     follow him/her, not because of their position power, but because
                    a Continuous Improvement leader, then            of their honesty and ability to effectively communicate.
                    Continuous Improvement manager, and most
                    recently worked with Herman Miller Suppliers     What is your favorite “quality quote”?
                    on the Corporate Continuous Improvement          “When we thoroughly understand the problem, it is already half
                    team.                                            solved.”
Steve Palmreuter
                    Palmreuter received training in Continuous       What was the last book you read that you’d recommend?
                    Improvement form Ferris State university,        Getting the Right Things Done. It’s essentially a case study for the
Kettering university and the university of Michigan Lean             implementation of Lean within a new organization.
Healthcare Symposium. He also worked with the toyota Supplier
Support Center and received his Six Sigma Black Belt training        Palmreuter has been interested for over three years in making
from General Electric.                                               a transition from the manufacturing industry to the health care
                                                                     arena, so please welcome him into our world of excellence.
                                                                                                       FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 17
excellence in action

    physicians take Course of action
    Saint Mary’s Health Care’s                “We had champions of Excellence in             “Barbara Stamford, who works at Saint
    nurses, phlebotomists, vice               action from Saint Mary’s, such as Julie        Mary’s HealthLink, Browning Claytor
    presidents and other associates           Lundvick and Judy Herrick, come to our         Office, exemplifies our culture by taking
    are not alone in their quest              staff retreats to teach us the importance      the time to personally call patients.
                                              of such a culture change,” said David Blair,   that’s definitely something more.” to
    for Excellence in Action. As
                                              MD, president of aHPN. “Our principles         date, about 95 percent of aHPN staff
    we continue to undergo a                  of excellent outpatient care are guided        and physicians have attended the staff
    cultural transformation of care,          by Excellence in action and embrace the        retreats that teach about the Excellence
    the physicians and staff of               same key concepts.”                            in action principles.
    Advantage Health Physician
    Network (AHPN), Saint Mary’s              Lori Whilden, operations director              to see a physician from aHPN, call
    primary care physician affiliate,         for aHPN, has witnessed how aHPN               913.8075.
    have embarked on a similar                physicians have utilized Excellence in
    course of action.                         action’s concepts at Saint Mary’s off sites.

                                              recognizing Excellence
       do you Have a
       bright idea?                           Rewarding Excellence is an easy                  n	   forgot your password? If you
                                              way to brighten someone’s                             have a GroupWise e-mail address:
       Submit your Bright Idea by going       day. By taking the time to                            Click on “Forgot Password?” below
       to your Novell applications and                                                              the Login ID and Password boxes.
                                              recognize fellow associates for
       selecting the star icon. Simply fill                                                         type in your Login ID where
       out a single page of information,
                                              their efforts and achievements,
                                                                                                    prompted and click the “Next”
       then hit “submit.” after your          we are maintaining our culture                        button. Within minutes, you
       manager approves your idea, a          of Excellence in Action. Send                         will receive an e-mail with your
       steering committee member will         someone a card today to                               password.
       contact you to mentor you with         show that you’ve noticed and
       your Bright Idea.                      appreciated his or her excellence.                    If you do NOt have a GroupWise
                                                                                                    e-mail address yet, contact one of
       Steering Committee members:            Just want to say, “thanks,” “Great Job” or            the steering committee members
       Margy Dayton, 752.6518                 “Happy Birthday”? you can communicate                 to obtain your password: Margy
       amy Moored, 752.6208                   your appreciation to anyone for any                   Dayton, 752.6518 or amy Moored,
       Leanna Krukowski, 752.6292             reason. Click on the star icon on your                752.6208.
       randy Wagner, 752.6957                 desktop or visit the “rewards and
       tom Karel, 752.6362                    recognition” site via the intranet. Never      Click on “recognition” in the upper right-
                                              been to the site before? Navigation is         hand corner. Select a card from the Web
                                              easy. Here are some tips.                      site that says what you want to say to
                                                                                             your associate. you can even select a card
                                                n	   your Login id is the same as            that talks! Just follow the step-by-step
                                                     your HealthStream id:                   instructions on the site and send a card
                                                     “Gr” plus the first seven letters       to someone who deserves it today.
                                                     of your last name, the first letter
                                                     of your first name and the last
                                                     four digits of your social security

    18 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                               patient safety                               heard in the halls

vitally responsive                                                                        Within asked random associates the
                                                                                          question of the month:

Saint Mary’s Health Care has become one of the first hospitals
                                                                                          “Why do you
in the nation to implement an innovative software program                                 donate blood?”
called BioSign Index. This program is connected to 42 beds in the
hospital on the fifth floor, including the Intensive Care, Critical                                     “i feel that it’s important
Care and Neuroscience Units.                                                                            to give blood. you never
                                                                                                        know when you will
                                                                                                        need some yourself.”
                                                                                                        —Britney Littles, Nutrition

                                                                                                               “i’ve always
                                                                                                               wanted to give,
                                                                                                               and i was inspired
                                                                                                               by a story about a
                                                                                                               man who donated
                                                                                                        blood every 60 days his
                                                                                                        entire life.”
                                                                                                        —Amna Seibold and her
Amy Flietstra, RN, Lisbeth Votruba, RN, MSN, and Matthew Dikin, MD                                      children

                                                                                                        “you could have all the
the BioSign Index (BSI) software              to faster response times and better                       money in the world, but
monitors a patient’s five vital               outcomes. Votruba also found that                         this is a unique gift, one
signs, which include oxygen                   since BSI fuses all five vitals together,                 that you cannot buy. i
saturation, blood pressure, heart             fewer false alarms were reported than
                                                                                                        give because you cannot
pressure, respiratory rate and body           if the patient’s condition were based
temperature. although it is standard          on one vital sign.
                                                                                                        give anything else like it.”
                                                                                                        —Janette Buhl, Nurse
procedure to monitor vital signs, the
difference with BioSign Index is that         “after reviewing all of the calls that
complex algorithms compute, or                the rapid response team received in
fuse, these five vital signs to equate        a three month period, we looked at                        “i know there is a need
a number. this single number can              how quickly we were able to respond                       for blood, and this gives
indicate a patient’s status. the number       to the BSI indication and how likely                      me the opportunity to
ranges from zero to five, with zero           false alarms were,” said Votruba. She                     help with that need.”
being normal, and three being the             recently presented her findings at a                      —Jennifer West, cancer
threshold for concern.                        conference for the Institute for Health                   resource specialist, The Lacks
                                              Improvement in Orlando, Florida, and                      Cancer Center
Lisbeth Votruba, rN, MSN, clinical            at the trinity Health Fall Conference in
nurse specialist, works with the              2007.                                                     “working in The lacks
physician champion of BSI, Matthew                                                                      Cancer Center has shown
Dikin, MD, and leads studies at Saint         “this tool will definitely be helpful
                                                                                                        me the need on a daily
Mary’s on BSI’s effectiveness. Votruba’s      in assessing a patient’s acuity and
studies indicate that if a patient’s BSI      in nursing assignments. Most
                                                                                                        basis, and it’s fulfilling to
increases to three or greater, clinicians     importantly, it will help to improve                      give back to others.”
can become aware of the patient’s             patient safety,” said Votruba. Her next                   —Tracy Cavender, cancer
deteriorating condition an average of         study on BSI will focus on 240 patients                   resource specialist, The Lacks
half an hour sooner than without the          in the Neuroscience unit and is                           Cancer Center
system. an extra half an hour leads           expected to take several months.

                                                                                                   FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 19

   document imaging increases
   Quality of Care, manages
   Health information
   Saint Mary’s Health Care is                     It features a digital imaging system that       scan all necessary information taken
                                                   “captures” medical information written          during registration, while HIM will
   taking the next step of the
                                                   on paper, and then transfers it directly to     scan the entire paper medical record
   Genesis journey to improving                    patients’ electronic health records (EHrs).     after a patient is discharged. Clinical
   patient care and quality on                                                                     departments will be able to access the
   February 19, when the Patient                   “We’ll begin doing this with new patient        images, but not scan them at this time.
                                                   records — not historical ones already           Electronic images of these documents
   Access, Health Information
                                                   existing on paper in the permanent file,”       will then be created, indexed and
   Management (HIM) and                            said Seline Nichols, Patient access lead.       organized within the Genesis clinical and
   clinical departments activate                                                                   revenue cycle system.
   automated document                              Specifically, digital devices will be used
                                                   to scan paper documents — almost as             Once this information is stored online,
                                                   if photographic pictures of them were           users will have immediate/simultaneous
                                                   being taken. Patient access staff will          access to it via their computers.

          nip and tuck for requisition Self Service
          you’ve wanted a makeover for quite some time, and now             n	   adding a comment at the start of a requisition, rather
          more than 8,000 requisitioners throughout trinity Health               than at the end
          got one. In December 2007, requisition Self Service (rSS)         n	   a warning message before deleting various data, such
          was upgraded. rSS is the primary application used in our               as an entire shopping cart or a requisition line
          Supply Chain Information System (SCIS) to create purchase
          orders. Not only does it sport a new, user-friendly look and      “this new version is a big improvement over what was
          feel, but it also features many functionality enhancements,       previously used,” said albert Baca, resource officer at Mercy
          including:                                                        Medical Center-Clinton in Iowa and member of trinity
                                                                            Health’s Supply Chain Operations Council. “right from the
          n	   a new menu layout and placement of shopping cart             start, you’ll notice it’s much easier to find things.”
          n	   the ability to search for a product within “Shopping
               Lists” (“templates”)                                         requisitioners can contact the resolution Center help line
          n	   an advanced “Item Search” that automatically displays        at 752.3003 for any assistance.
               matching key words, so you don’t need to know the
               exact syntax of an item description                          Contact Eileen O’Connor at for
          n	   Improved “Specials” and/or “Service” requisitions            more information.
          n	   Improved required and/or hidden fields

   20 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008

                                                                                              anesthesia consents, advance directives
Scanned documents with patient signatures will                                                and other critical authorizations. Over
                                                                                              time, it will also significantly decrease our
eliminate the need to search for “urgent” paper forms.                                        costs of labor, supplies, software, copying
also, labor and supply costs will be reduced.                                                 and records management.

                                                                                              “Saint Mary’s is in a wonderful position to
additionally, the electronic documents          Document management will increase             implement this,” said Nichols.
are housed in a high-speed storage area         patient safety by reducing the risk of
network (SaN) for permanent archival            losing vital data. Scanned documents with     For more information, contact Seline
storage.                                        patient signatures eliminate the need to      Nichols, Patient access lead, at 752.6463 or
                                                search for “urgent” paper forms, such as

    browning Claytor office implements powerChart
    Saint Mary’s HealthLink, Browning Claytor Office, became
    the first trinity Health community benefit site to launch
    Cerner PowerChart in December 2007. trinity Health
    selected the office, located on 1246 Madison avenue as a
    pilot site and awarded a grant to support the transition and
    software for PowerChart. With this electronic medical record
    system, providers can update and access patients’ medical
    and prescription records electronically and instantaneously.
    Paper charts and hand-written prescriptions are no longer
    needed at the office.

    the physician champion of the site, Eugene Vortia, MD,
    had used the system as a medical student before joining
    the staff in august 2007. along with members of trinity
    Information Services (tIS), such as Cindy Baltimore, Vortia
    has demonstrated to other staff members how to use the
    system and answers any questions associates may have
    about PowerChart.

    “the system allows for greater efficiency, because the
    patient’s chart is always in front of you, and it updates itself
    immediately,” said Vortia. “PowerChart has also increased
    patient safety, because it ensures that a patient is not
    allergic to a prescription, or that prescription combinations
    are not dangerous.” Vortia also enjoys the accessibility of
    a patient’s chart and information, which allows for him to
    assist his patients in a faster manner.                            Eugene Vortia, MD, and Shirley Rapier

    “tIS has worked very well with our staff on identifying and
    overcoming barriers with PowerChart,” said Shirley rapier,
    interim manager of the site. “So far, the process has gone         For more information on Saint Mary’s HealthLink, Browning
    very well, and it’s been a pleasure to bring this service to       Claytor Office, please call 913.8300.
    our patients.”

                                                                                                               FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 21
vital volunteers

   parents Who volunteer
    Parents greatly influence
    our lives by setting a good
    example. At Saint Mary’s
    Health Care, some of our
    associates’ parents set
    the bar incredibly high
    by volunteering where
    we work. All three of the
    following volunteers also
    happen to be parents of
    Saint Mary’s associates.
                                                   Janet Baumgartner             Anita Yovich                  Amna Seibold

    as a retired registered nurse, anita yovich       morning with the Mercy Knitters on 5         Baumgartner’s presence has been felt
    feels blessed in her life. yovich has always      Lacks.                                       throughout the hospital, as she has
    been inclined to give something back,                                                          volunteered at the Warren reynolds
    and she even volunteered while she was            “I love Saint Mary’s and the staff,” said    Library, the flower room and the front
    working as a nurse. “I use my volunteer           yovich. She also has learned much while      desk. She also has been a radiology
    time as a reprieve to count my blessings,”        volunteering here. “We tend to get           clerk. “Saint Mary’s is a second home for
    said yovich.                                      tunnel vision as we go about our daily       me,” she said. “So much has changed over
                                                      lives, but at Saint Mary’s we find people    the past 49 years, and Saint Mary’s should
                                                      with greater problems than ours, and we      be incredibly proud of that change.”
                                                      can all work together to help out those
    “We tend to get tunnel                            people.”                                     amna Seibold shares her name with
    vision as we go about our                                                                      her daughter who works as director of
                                                      For Janet Baumgartner, life has revolved     Pathology and also her passion for Saint
    daily lives, but at Saint                         around Saint Mary’s Health Care. Not only    Mary’s Health Care. as a breast cancer
    mary’s we find people with                        has she volunteered at Saint Mary’s for 12   survivor, Seibold was inspired by this
    greater problems than                             years to date, but she was also employed     experience to volunteer at the Warren
    ours, and we can all work                         by the organization, beginning in 1959.      reynolds Library at the Lacks Cancer
                                                      “I just love how Saint Mary’s embodies       Center.
    together to help…”                                and lives out its mission and values,”
                                                      said Baumgartner. Her husband was            “I knew Warren reynolds when he was
                                                      a physician at Saint Mary’s, whom            alive, and it’s an honor to be able to
    Her giving attitude runs in the family,           she believes inspired their son, David       volunteer at his library,” Seibold said. She
    as her daughter, amy Searls, is director          Baumgartner, to follow the calling as a      has been volunteering at the library on
    of Security and Guest Services at Saint           physician as well.                           Friday mornings for two years.
    Mary’s. yovich started volunteering about
    three years ago at Saint Mary’s. She
    volunteers as Eucharistic Minister once a
    month, as well as knits every Wednesday             If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please contact Tiffany Page,
                                                        manager of Volunteer Services, at or 752.6023.

    22 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                                                            associate perks

Class Schedules
 the Lacks Cancer Center                           the Wege institute:                              Computer Classes
                                                   mind, body and Spirit
nutrition and Cancer: before,                                                                      Learn the basics of computer operation
during and after treatment                                                                         through the following classes, free to all
Learn the nutritional preparation for cancer      feldenkrais                                      associates.
treatment and its side effects.                   Movement exploration is performed in a
                                                  slow, gentle manner, resulting in relaxation,
                                                  improved posture and easier mobility.            powerpoint 2000 introduction
where:          Lacks Conference room 1a                                                           thursday, February 21, 9 a.m.–noon
when:           First tuesday of each month       Increase your ability to sense differences
                at 10 a.m.; third tuesday of      in how you move and to learn which
                                                  movements work better. register by calling       access 2000 introduction, part 1
                each month at 2 p.m.
                                                  233.3499.                                        tuesday, February 26, 9 a.m.−1 p.m.
Phone:          752.5237
instructor:     amy Bragagnini, MS, rD
Cost:           frEE!                             when:     Every thursday, 4–5 p.m.               access 2000 introduction, part 2
                                                  Time:     4–5 p.m.                               Wednesday, February 27, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.
                                                  Cost:     $15 per person per class or
mid-morning meditation                                      $50 per month                          to view or register for computer classes
Learn how meditation enhances relaxation,
wellness and wholeness. Specifically                                                               on Saint Mary’s downtown campus,
                                                  other Classes                                    visit http://islearning.trinity-health.
designed for those living with cancer and         you can stay up to date on the latest
other chronic or life-threatening diseases,                                                        org/ISLearning or call Donna O’Keefe at
                                                  classes by visiting       752.6144.
their caregivers and health care associates.
Please call 752.5233 to reserve your place.

when:           First and third Wednesday of
                each month, 10:30–11:30 a.m.
Cost:           frEE!

        Wellness incentive                                                  your visits will be tracked when your membership card is
                                                                            swiped at the clubs. It is your responsibility to ensure that
                                                                            this occurs when you enter the club. although the clubs
        Want to become the best you by being physically fit? Join
                                                                            cannot track the actual time you work out, it is expected
        one of the athletic clubs at three convenient locations. It’s
                                                                            that you will work out for at least one hour per visit. a
        easy to join. Just visit for full offerings and
                                                                            report of your usage will be generated at the end of each
        locations or call Lisa at 616.224.5444 ext. 211.
                                                                            month and sent to OtE. If you meet the requirements, you
                                                                            will be issued a separate check for $50 that will be taxed at
        Saint Mary’s encourages and rewards associates who want
                                                                            the Federal Supplemental Wage and Bonus tax rate.
        to get active by offering a wellness incentive to you and
        your family! Just work out eight times per calendar month
                                                                            the check will typically be issued in the second pay period
        for one hour each time, and you will be reimbursed $50.
                                                                            of the following month.
        the rates are as follows:
                                                                            If you have any questions about your membership as it
        Single membership: $50 a month
                                                                            relates to reimbursement, please contact amy Ostapowicz
        Couple membership: $75 a month
                                                                            at 752.6059.
        Family membership: $100 a month

                                                                                                               FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 23
health care ethics

     protecting Clinical
     research participants
      The addition of new health facilities at Saint Mary’s and                                    n	   the scientist conducting the research
                                                                                                        must be appropriately qualified.
      throughout the community brings justifiable pride and
      optimism about the future of health care for all of us. Frequently                           n	   the scientist conducting the research
      mentioned is the positive accompaniment of health-related                                         must be prepared to terminate the
      research opportunities, whose benefits are many. It marks                                         experiment at any stage where
                                                                                                        previously unknown risk to the safety
      Grand Rapids as a center for medical innovation and leading                                       or welfare of the subject becomes
      technology. It has the potential to create new jobs. It provides a                                evident.
      recruitment incentive for new practitioners who not only bring
                                                                                                   these regulations are specifically
      their research interests but their clinical expertise as well.                               required to be followed for any research
                                                                                                   that is funded by the federal government
                                                                                                   but the intent of the regulations is
      as the opportunities to participate in             nature, duration and purpose of the       incorporated into the policies of
      clinical trials grow, it is a good time to         research. all foreseen hazards and        virtually every entity involved in medical
      look at the ethical and legal protections          inconveniences must be revealed.          investigation. this list would apply
      of the welfare and safety of volunteer                                                       particularly to research whose purpose
      subjects who chose to participate. Such       n	   the research on human subjects            is purely to find the answer to a scientific
      protection did not always exist.                   must be designed to yield fruitful        question using human subjects.
                                                         results for the good
      the formulation of ethical principles into         of society, not                                           Since such research is
      actual laws adopted on both a national             achievable by other    as the opportunities               most often carried out
      and international level occurred as                means of study and                                        at medical schools and
      recently as the mid-twentieth century,             not random or non-
                                                                                to participate in                  university research labs,
      in 1947. the impetus was the post-                 essential in nature.   clinical trials grow,              the “subjects” are often
      World War II Nuremberg trials where                                         it is a good time to             healthy volunteers
      Nazi physicians were held accountable         n	   Where possible, such look at the ethical                  — medical students,
      for “crimes against humanity” in their             studies should first
      research on non-consenting victims.                be supported by
                                                                                  and legal protections willing hospital
                                                                                                                   personnel or volunteers
      the subsequent Nuremberg Code was                  evidence of effect in of the welfare and                  from the community.
      adopted and modified by virtually every            animal studies.          safety of volunteers. Such was the case
      democratic country as a protection for                                                                       when as a medical
      future voluntary research participants.       n	   all caution to                                            student, I joined with
                                                         maximize the safety and comfort        several of my classmates to participate in
      the regulations in the united States               of the research subject should be      a research project designed to measure
      were formulated and issued by the                  provided.                              the absorption rate of two different iron
      Department of Health and Human                                                            formulations, later to be incorporated
      Services and include the following critical   n	   During the research, the participant   into a multiple vitamin.
      points:                                            must be at liberty to bring their
                                                         participation to an end and to opt     the real incentive was not so much the
      n	   the voluntary consent of the human            out at any time of their choosing.     advancement of science but a small
           subject is absolutely essential. the                                                 stipend to compensate us for our time
           participant must be informed of the                                                  and the inconvenience of a series of

      24 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008
                                                                                                                        health care ethics
                                                                                                                         By WILLIaM PaSSINauLt, MD

blood draws. this type of investigation is      of privacy and confidentiality in reporting      hospital administration, nursing, medical
in contrast to research that is potentially     outcomes in journal publications.                staff, medical ethics, the legal community
“therapeutic” for the subject who is also                                                        and consumers. they meet regularly to
a patient with a goal of improving their        Wisely, monitoring adherence to these            review, approve or suggest modification
health.                                         rules can be accomplished by a variety           for all research proposals to be carried
                                                of mechanisms depending on local                 out at any Saint Mary’s facility.
Such “therapeutic” research is the kind         preference. Keeping the process local
that occurs most often in a community           provides flexibility, reduces bureaucratic       With the cooperation of local hospitals,
setting. It still must meet standards           delays and still protects patient safety. For    the Van andel research Institute and the
similar to those posed by the Health            example, in Grand rapids a community             Michigan State university Medical School,
and Human Services regulations. the             cancer consortium reviews and approves           medical research will become more and
emphasis, however, is on the voluntary          various chemotherapy protocols and               more evident in our future. It is comforting
nature of the project, the adequacy of          monitors and reports outcomes. at Saint          to know that the highest legal and ethical
the informed consent document signed            Mary’s, we also have what is known as            standards shape a research process that
by participant, absence of conflict of          an Institutional review Board (IrB). this        is safe and productive in improving the
interest for the researcher and assurances      group includes representatives from              health of us all.

     Convenient Communication
     Having a loved one in the hospital or recovering at                   “It’s so convenient. As a CarePage manager, it allows me
     home is hard. and, as much as you appreciate the                      to communicate to people I otherwise would never have
     concern of friends, family and acquaintances, sometimes               the energy or ability to do. And writing always helps me
     communicating with everyone can be overwhelming.                      organize my feelings and thoughts.”
     CarePages makes communication convenient; posting
     information on the Web site takes no longer than writing
     a simple e-mail, and it’s less imposing than the phone              if the CarePage service were not available, how would
     constantly ringing. Everyone can be up-to-date and                  this have changed your experience?
     you have the freedom to choose when to update the
     information. If you would like to set up a CarePage, visit the        “It would have been very difficult to communicate with
     Web site:                             family and friends about my condition and progress. It’s
                                                                           also much easier for relatives and friends to keep in touch
     the following are responses from CarePages users:                     with us.”

     if our service made it easier to communicate your                     “I would have been exhausted trying to communicate
     thoughts and feelings, please tell us in what way:                    with so many people, from many close family members
                                                                           who live far away, to friends and acquaintances. And it
        “CarePages helps me stay connected with relatives and              has been wonderful to communicate with, and receive
        friends who send cards, messages, phone calls, and                 encouragement, from people around the world!”
        prayers. There are so many, it would be very difficult to
        return messages to each and every one. We have so many
        friends spread out, but we can keep information flowing          if the CarePage service has touched you in a special
        to all of them.”                                                 way, we’d love to hear it! Please tell us how below:

        “Sometimes you can’t always think of the words that you            “I’ve found it helpful to read others’ accounts who are
        want to say, but then later it’s easier.                           going through similar illness and treatment. It’s very
                                                                           helpful for me in my pursuit of the most up-to-date
                                                                           medical information.”

                                                                                                               FEBruary 2008 » WItHIN » 25

     Dear Mr. McCor
                                                    y. I was admitted
                       a patie  nt at your facilit                   ry good
     recently I was                                 y. I received ve                       Dear Saint Mary’s,
                         d ha   d a lumpectom                         ors of Saint
     breast cancer an           from the time I
                                                    entered the do
                        spital                                         nor in
     care at your ho                                 rses and Dr. Mal                      I was admitted to Sa
                        as disc  harged. the nu                         ve me                                     int Mary’s Southwes
      Mary’s until I w                               very kind and ga                      Care Plus with a he                           t urgent
                         were    wonderful and                              re I                                ad injury and receive
      Breast Services                                    Pre-surgery whe                  exemplary care. Dr                            d
                           . From    there I went to                                                           . Shomin was the at
      positive thinking                                                                   physician and was
                                                                                                               one of the kindest
      received    the best care.                                                          ever met. He went                          doctors I have
                                                                                                               as far as to walk m
                                                           , and my                      and assisted me w                          e to the door
                                       el DeJong, MD                      in Short                            ith filling out docu
       Both my     surgeon, Micha                       esome. My care                   forms. the nurse w                        mentation
                          st, Dr. Wilson, were aw                     ere, because                            ho removed my sti
       anesthesiologi                               only patient th                      other support staff                        tches and the
                            nt,  as I felt like the                                                            were equally kind
       Stay was excelle                                                                 they transferred m
                                                                                                             y prescription to Ka
                                                                                                                                    and caring.
        they wer    e so attentive.                                                     found a convenien                           lamazoo and
                                                                        ch caring                            t location for pick-u
                                                      nds and have su                                                               p.
                              yo  u’re in good ha                       perating.
         It’s nice to know                           u are ill and recu                I was completely sa
                               in g you when yo                                                              tisfied with my expe
         people surround                a caring staff.
                                                                                       Saint Mary’s Southw
                                                                                                              est and would reco
                                                                                                                                     rience at
          thanks   for having such                                                     your services to an                           mmend
                                                                                                            yone in the greate
                                                                                      area. If you could th                      r Grand rapids
                                                                                                             ank the staff at the
                                                                                      Southwest urgent                             Saint Mary’s
                                                                                                           Care Plus, that woul
                                                                                      appreciated. I am in                         d be greatly
                                                                                                            debted to their ge
                                                                                      professionalism. th                         nerosity and
                                                                                                           ank you.

                    Dear Mr. McCorkle
                    Our journey began
                                            at your hospital whe
                   and Delivery were                                n my daughter deliv
                                           amazing, while my                                  ered her baby at 24
                   days so steroids co                            daughter was able                               weeks. Labor
                                           uld be administered                           to keep the baby in
                   needs were met ph                               to the baby ’s lungs.                      utero for four
                                           ysically, emotionally                            My daughter and he
                   provided my daug                                and spiritually. Char                         r husband’s
                                          hter with a hopefu                                les Winslow, MD, a
                                                               l but realistic pictur                          neonatologist,
                                                                                       e of the journey ah
                  after our grandchi                                                                       ead.
                                         ld was born, he rece
                  expertise, wisdom                              ived the ultimate in
                                        , compassion and                                  clinical
                  Neonatal Intensive                         love from the nurse
                                          Care unit (NICu). Ja                       s in the
                 should receive reco                            n Grassmid and De
                                          gnition for their ou                          bbie Davis
                 they became our life                          tstanding expertise                            Dear Ep
                                           lines and our extend                         and care.                       ilepsy M
                 Portenga provided                                 ed family! Drs. Win                                            onitorin
                                         both medical expe                                slow and                                         g unit,
                 did the rest of the                          rtise and personal                             thanks
                                      NICu staff.                                    caring, as                       to the e
                                                                                                            Monito              ntire Ep
                                                                                                                     rin                ileps
                My daughter also un
                                          derwent a spleene                                                to Caro g unit (EMu) st y
                                                               ctomy during this                                    le Walte              aff, and
                your staff in the pe                                                                       therapy            rs an
                was also wonder fu
                                     rioperative area an
                                                            d in the Lacks Canc
                                                                                      time, and                      that help d her art Cart
                                     l. tanya Vanderark,                            er Center             my last                ed me t
                                                                                                                   da                     hro
               pre-surgical area.                           rN, was so suppor
                                                                                   tive in the            bead an y. She taught m ugh
                                                                                                                   d we m                e how t
                                                                                                         welcom              ade an                o
                                                                                                                  eh                  ankle
               thank you for allow
                                     ing us to not only “E                                               everyon ome tile. than t and a
                                                                                                                  e and p              k
               but to experience “so                          xpect something m
                                                                                      ore,”                                 eace to s again to
                                      mething more!”                                                                                 you alw

   26 » WItHIN » FEBruary 2008

february                                           the Stars of
dates of note
       Groundhog Day
       Send a Card to a Friend
                                                   Saint mary’s
                                                   Bill Read » Executive Chef, Nutrition Services
11     annual World Day of the
                                                   Bill’s a star, thanks to his hard work in creating a special buffet meal for our third
       Sick                                        shift associates. thanks, Bill, for realizing the need and for acting on it. you’re a star!
12     abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
14     National Organ Donor Day                    Mary neuman and Kris Krampe » Clinical Quality Management
       Valentine’s Day                             Mary and Kris have earned the privilege of star status, thanks to their team
                                                   approach for their focus on meeting patient benchmarks. together with their team,
17     random acts of Kindness
                                                   these two ladies have identified methods and procedures to make sure that we
       Day                                         meet our patient quality benchmarks and improve our scores. thanks for ensuring
18     President’s Day                             that our customers receive something more.
22     George Washington’s
       Birthday                                    Heather Schultz » Guest Services, The Lacks Cancer Center
                                                   Heather is a stellar Guest Services representative and a star with her aptitude for
29     Leap Day
                                                   helping those in need. Whether it’s a guest, patient or associate, Heather will go
                                                   out of her way to accommodate their needs, and can be seen smiling from floor to
                                                   floor handling whatever needs to be done.

                                                   Christopher Glisson, Do, MS, and the neuro-ophthalmology
oops!                                              Dr. Glisson, Kelly Dickey and Sara robrahn are all stars, thanks to their hard work
                                                   in forming their new department. they have handled their new success and fame
amy piwowar worked in Pathology,                   very well, and are proven champions of providing something more to our patients.
not radiology, as stated in Within’s
January issue. However, Piwowar                    All Blood Donors
has recently moved to Fund                         thanks to everyone who participated in the Hospital Holiday Blood Drive
Development, where she works as                    Challenge. you’re all stars for donating blood and saving someone’s life!
coordinator of Donor relations.                    __________________________________________________________________
                                                   To nominate someone whom you think is a star, send a brief description to Jeanne
                                                   DeBruyn, PhD, at

    in case you missed it …
    Past issues of Within — as well as issues of e-Within, our weekly
    electronic newsletter — can be found on Saint Mary’s intranet.
    Files can be viewed on-screen or downloaded.

                                                                                                                                  WItHIN » 27
coming events
                                              Ecumenical Service in Honor                  the support group meets every third
                                              of black History month                       thursday of the month from 6:30 to
                                                                                           8 p.m. in Wege, room 14. For more
   do the fundango                            tuesday, February 12, at 3 p.m.
                                                                                           information, please call Karen Bugg at
                                              in Our Lady of Mercy Chapel,
                                              the Lacks Cancer Center, Level 2             913.1044. upcoming dates are February
   as a proud sponsor of Fundango,                                                         21 and March 20.
   Saint Mary’s Health Care invites
   you to join the fun on Saturday,           blood drive                                  diabetes Support group
   March 8 from 7:30–11:30 a.m. at            Friday, February 15, 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.     this informative group discusses a variety
   the Grand rapids Community                 Wege 7 & 9                                   of issues related to diabetes on the fourth
   College Ford Fieldhouse.                   all associates, volunteers, family and       tuesday of every month from 7 to 8 p.m.
                                              guests are welcome to donate!                in Wege 14. Free of charge.
   Fundango is Gilda’s Club 5K Indoor
   Winter Walk and Family Festival. It
   operates as a pledge walk to raise         Women’s Expo                                 Smoking Cessation
   money for the free cancer and              Friday, March 7–Sunday, March 9
   grief support community at Gilda’s         at DeVos Place
                                                                                           tobacco-free for good Classes
   Club Grand rapids. Bring your                                                           Sign up for free tobacco-free for
   family and join us for a morning
   full of fun, featuring:
                                              Schwartz Center rounds                       Good Classes. Class schedule and an
                                              the Schwartz Center rounds is a              information brochure are available online
                                              multidisciplinary forum where caregivers     at you can
   n	   Prizes for top fundraising teams                                                   register online or call 975.0123.
                                              can discuss difficult emotional and
   n	   Large indoor track to sprint or
                                              social issues that may arise in caring for
        meander your laps                                                                  Now available at Saint Mary’s Southwest!
   n	   Live music by the Hip Pocket                                                       2373 64th St., Byron Center
        Band                                                                               Meets for seven weeks on tuesdays
                                              topic: the trauma of Stillbirth Delivery
   n	   a huge raffle                                                                      Beginning February 19, 6–8 p.m.
                                              When: Wednesday, February 13, from
   n	   Free food, games and prizes                                                        to register: Call 616.975.0123
                                                     noon to 1 p.m.
                                              Where: the Lacks Grand Conference            Free!
   Bring your collected pledges to
   pre-registration at Gilda’s Club,                                                       “the Quitters” Support group
                                              Who: Open to all caregivers.
   1806 Bridge St., Monday, March 3,                                                       Meets the second and fourth Monday of
                                                     Complimentary lunch provided.
   from 8:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m.                                                                each month from 6 to 7 p.m. in Wege 11.
                                                     Call 752.6162 to reserve your
   Call 616.453.8300 or visit                                                              nicotine anonymous for more                                                               Meets tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. and
   information. Gilda’s Club Grand            Support groups                               Saturdays at 11 a.m. on the Kent
   rapids, located on 1806 Bridge                                                          Community Campus.
   St., connects people who are               dementia Caregiver Support group
   learning to live with cancer.              the alzheimer’s Disease and Memory
   Whether you have cancer yourself,          Disorders Program at Saint Mary’s co-
   or you’re experiencing cancer with         sponsors a Dementia Caregiver Support
   someone you love, Gilda’s Club is          Group with the alzheimer’s association.
   there to support you.

a Member of trinity Health