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Multi Channel ASI Data Switch


Data Switching is the number of data terminal equipment (DTE), between any two terminal devices to establish data communication channel is called the temporary interconnection of data exchange.

More Info
									Multi Channel ASI Data Switch

        DEV 1820/xx
        Multi Channel ASI Redundancy Switch


           ASI data switching cards 75 Ohm with BNC connectors
           4 channel up to 16 channel versions available
            redundant power supplies with alarming function
            Ethernet with SNMP

        Application Areas:

            Cable Head End Stations
DEV 1820/xx
Multi Channel ASI Redundancy Switch

The Problem
A lot of signal transmission systems require a very
high uptime. In case of a defect – i.e. if a signal
transmitter breaks down – it is essential to solve
this problem fast and efficiently, so that the end
user does not notice the defect at all. Precautions
on behalf of the provider, e.g. spare instruments in
“hot standby” are necessary to avoid the worst
case scenario.

DEV Systemtechnik worked out a solution
To solve this problem and to ensure that the
network providers have a high level availability of
their signals, DEV Systemtechnik has developed
the Multi Channel 1 to 1 Redundancy Switch
1820/xx for ASI data streams.

                                                                  The Technical Concept
                    Front View
                                                                  DEV 1820
                                                                  The DEV 1820/xx is available in different
                                                                  configurations. The number behind the slash
                                                                  (“/”) indicates the number of signal paths,
                                                                  e.g. 12. The number of signal paths can be
                                                                  between 4 and 16. In any case, it is possible
                                                                  to switch each channel individual or
                                                                  simultaneously in groups 1-4, 5-8, 9-12,
                                                                  13-16. The unit is delivered with RS 232,
                                                                  Ethernet control and redundant power
                    Rear View
                                                                  DEV 14-0001
                                                                  ASI redundancy switch card, 30…540 MHz,
                                                                  75 Ohm, BNC Connectors. ASI data
                                                                  streams applied to the two input ports can
                                                                  be switched.
                                                                  The switched signal is made available
                                                                  simultaneously at three parallel outputs. For
                                                                  ASI signals the cards do not serve only as a
                                                                  redundancy switch, but also as a distribution
                    Switching Schematics
                                                                  The unused input is terminated internally.
                                                          Out 3
                                                                  The switching is done with failsafe relays. In
                                                                  case of total power loss input A is routed to
                2                                         Out 2   output 1.
In A                                                              The transmission of DC is blocked.
                1       1                   2        2
                                                          Out 1
                2       2               1        1
In B
                                 Pos 1 without el.power
                1                Pos 2 with el.power
Technical Data:

                       RF Specifications:
                          Frequency range:      30…540 MHz
                                Impedance:      75 Ω
                                Connectors:     BNC (f) on the rear side of the instrument
            No. of input ports per channel:     2
           No. of output ports per channel:     3
                  No. of channels per card:     1
                    No. of functional cards:    4, 8, 12, 16
                                     Signal:    ASI/0,8 V
                                 Input level:   100…800 mV
                               Output level:    >600 mV
                            Isolation on/off:   >50 dB
                          Switching cycles:     >10E6
                                 Relay type:    failsafe

                         Remote interface:      RS 232, RS 422, RS 485 and Ethernet
                             Connectors:        Sub-D 9(f) and RJ45
                          Remote control:       Ethernet SNMP,
                                                RS 232 (9600 7 ODD1) PROSAN protocol

            Two stage alarm signalisation
                    for power line failure:     Potential free contacts
                        Alarm connector:        Sub-D 9(m)
                            Contact load:       60 V; 0,3 A
                                 B-Alarm:       One power supply unit does not provide any
                                                secondary power.
                                   A-Alarm:     Both power supply units do not provide any
                                                secondary power.

               Redundant Power Supply:
               Redundant power supplies:        100…260 V AC out of two different phases, +24 V
                       Power consumption:       40 VA

                   General Specifications:
                                  Housing:      19“, 3 HU, 420 mm depth
                                   Weight:      ~8 kg
                  Environmental conditions:     ETS 300019 Part1-3 Class 3.1
Order Information

DEV 1820/xx   Multi Channel ASI Redundancy Switch
              (xx defines the number of channels.
              Possible numbers are 4, 8, 12, 16)

                                                    Technical specifications are subject to change

                                                    DEV Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
                                                    Grüner Weg 4A
                                                    D-61169 Friedberg

                                                    Tel: +49 (0)6031/18999-0
                                                    Fax: +49 (0)6031/18999-15
                                                                                        Rev. 01/2007

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