Holiday Tips for Custom Bookmarks

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					?Custom bookmarks are great things to give away in the holidays. Not only is
bookmark printing cheap, you can also design it quite easily for the holiday season.
You can use them as gifts to your family and friends who are book lovers, or you can
even go for business bookmark printing and use them as customer giveaways and
promotional items.

But the question you might probably be asking yourself, is how exactly can you create
a holiday bookmark? Besides putting holiday symbols in the design, there are lots of
things you can actually do. Here are a few tips for creating your own holiday custom

? Adding some frills - If you think about it, bookmarks are just more than simple
printouts. You can actually add a few frills or design elements that go beyond its
printed design. Adding someplace, some strings, twines, beads, studs and other stuff
can easily be done for a custom bookmark. It is easy to make these added frills form a
nice holiday design that compliments the custom printout of the bookmark. So if you
really want to impress people with your holiday bookmarks, try to add some frills.

? Adding some twinkles - Besides frills, you might also want to add a few twinkles.
By these twinkles I mean adding glitter elements and gleam or shine elements into the
design of the custom bookmark. You can apply this directly by adding adhesives and
then sprinkling those glitter materials. Moreover, you can also try to integrate those
glitters within the bookmark printing process itself with the use of special inks,
coatings and paper materials. Just ask your bookmark printing service if they have any
kind of special printing options that can add that shine, twinkle and sparkle to your

? Getting vibrant colors - Color of course is also an important thing in making holiday
bookmarks. Besides using the usual colors however, you might want to try to go on a
more vibrant version of those traditional holiday colors. For example, instead of just
using the normal red and green or red and white for Christmas, why not go for pastel
red and pastel green, or even neon red and neon green? Using these different and
more vibrant hues can really be a big factor in making your custom bookmarks more
festive and appealing.

? Festive shapes - Of course, bookmarks can also go beyond their traditional
rectangular shape if you want to. You can actually specify the exact festive shape you
want to your bookmark printer, and they should be able to produce any festively
shaped bookmark that you want. Pilgrim shaped or turkey shaped bookmarks for
thanksgiving and even pine tree shaped or Santa Clause shaped bookmarks can be
great for Christmas. This should make your custom bookmarks quite a novel item if
you do this.

So those are just a few of the best things you can do to make your bookmark printing
a little bit more fit for the holidays. Even if you use those bookmarks for personal
greetings or for business marketing, you can rest assured that the holiday spirit that
you want them to carry along should easily be given away of you use these tips.

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