How to Make An Origami Jumping Frog

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					How to Make An Origami
     Jumping Frog
               Getting Started
Fold one corner diagonally down to the opposite
  edge, so it will make an X shape out of the creases
  when you unfold. Cut off the extra rectangle at the
  bottom to make a square.
Open the square back up and fold it backwards,
across the intersection of the two diagonal lines.
Open the paper again
and push in the sides.
Form a triangle.
Fold the outside corner up
to the top point.
Fold the other corner up.
Fold the new corner in,
towards the center line.
Fold the other corner
in towards the center.
Now fold the top corners back out,
 until the edge is even with
the edge underneath.
Repeat folding the top corners,
except on the other side.
Turn the paper over,
Fold into the center.
                        It will look
                        like this
Fold the outer corners back out,
so that they're even
with the outside edges.
                         It will look
                         like this
Fold the frog in half.

                     Fold along
                     this red
Fold the frog again along the red line
matching the blue arrows.
Now make your own modifications to the
arms and legs to give your frog more
spring. Try different papers to see which
is best. Does size effect the distance it
will jump?
The internet has many variations on this
design, is there a slightly better design? I
also have paper copies of a different

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