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									?Clearpath Technology is your one stop source if you are looking to hire ASP
developers. ASP refers to application service provider offering computer based
services to customers over network software. Clearpath allows you to minimize costs
and expenditures pertaining to software. We are a noted offshore outsourcing
company that fulfills your ASP development as well as programming needs. You can
hire ASP programmers and developers for meeting any kind of complex requirements.
We make sure that our dedicated team of contract programmers is extensively
experienced in the following arenas:

?   ASP website development
?   ASP programming
?   ASP Paypal Integration
?   ASP web designing
?   ASP ecommerce website development
?   ASP checkout integration

Clearpath Technology brings you the best of offshore outsourcing services to save on
your time, money and energy through a highly decentralized and systematic approach.
This is something that enables us to integrate procedures in a timely manner
according to the needs of our clientele. Other than ensuring effective outputs, the
other end that is sought for is that the project stays in the right structure, just as you
have perceived it. Trust our ASP developers and project managers for coming up with
superb results.

Optimizing your Projects with our Vision

The team of ASP developers is reachable through chat and online methods of
communication. They are readily available through instant messengers. The Clearpath
programmers are skilled in their field and have a first hand experience in ASP
programming and Microsoft technologies for coping with complex systems and
project requirements. Their skill sets consist of:

?   ASP
?   COM or DCOM
?   VB
?   MS Access
?   SQL Server
?   XML
?   Dreamweaver
?   Virtual Basic Scripting
?   Java Script

Our programmers operate on NT 2000, 2003, Microsoft Windows XP and others on a
Microsoft platform or a .NET framework. The ASP databases to be used include MS
SQL, My SQL, Oracle and MS Access. Our superior service providers offer you the
following advantages:

?   We make it cost effective
?   The focus is on the underlying competencies
?   We predict future costs better
?   Profits are enhanced
?   Expertise is always first rate

Our ASP developers help host different services for your business as well as enable
smaller providers make the best advantage of highly priced software systems and
packages without requiring a purchase. If you are a large business provider, you can
use our ASP developers for accessing high end enterprise computing technology that
would otherwise be expensive to afford. Irrespective of the size of our clients, the aim
at Clearpath is to focus our resources on the multiple core competencies, more than
concentrating on information systems or information technology.

Once you have partnered with us, you will always be a gainer as we guarantee
promptness of action and delivery through CRM applications as well as ecommerce
and supply chain facilities. With seamless upgrades, we make your business a success
with superior service technology. Applying our experience to superb IT practices,
Clearpath makes the best of all projects.

Clearpath Technology is owned and managed by a team of experienced programmers,
search engine optimizers, internet marketing experts, web developers and designers.
Clearpath Technology provide the best internet marketing and programming services
found anywhere and we build reliable, innovative software to complement your
marketing and business initiatives. Clearpath Technology is a Software Development
Company based out in New Delhi, India.

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