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					?In the present day, organizations whose mission is to make business more
competitive irrespective of their size and location need to make sure a project is
completed within a certain set of restraints and level of quality. These restraints
usually involve time, money, resources and materials. Managing the resources of large
projects with bigger missions, where business and technology needs to be managed
and resources have to be coordinated needs project management software or a highly
collaborative project viewer.?
Project Managers use Microsoft Project which tremendously lack collaborative
capabilities. So there are project viewers which help team members to view their
respective tasks in a project in a cost effective way. Project Managers across the world
use Microsoft project to help keep track of resources and project deliverable. A best
way your entire team could get access to these files is using ValleySpeak Project
Server (). Most of the project viewers in the market allow team members only view
the project. Whereas ValleySpeak Project Server not only lets the team member's view
Microsoft Project schedules, they can also submit updates for their tasks on the
schedules. This allows the Project Managers to get real-time feedback about task
status from their teams while still allowing the Project Managers 100% control to
approve or disapprove the changes submitted by the team.
ValleySpeak Project Server provides the users with integrated Project Management
software tools like Issue Tracking system, Risk Management system, Discussion
Forums, Document Management system, Timesheet Management,?Project Reporting
system and more. It has a role based Dashboard covering the entire organizational
portfolio and an approval based workflow, which gives complete project management
control. It?also allows the managers to assign tasks to team members and keep track
of their work allowing the managers to request and receive status reports.
With this project viewer the Microsoft Project files remain on the desktop so that the
users have the full control of their? files at all times storing the custom calendars,
views, tables, filters and fields, in an Enterprise Global area where the users have
access to the latest version every time they restart Microsoft Project.
ValleySpeak Project Server a Highly collaborative Microsoft Project Viewer is
compatible with Microsoft Project 2007, also Works with all versions of Windows,
MacOS, Linux and other operating systems that support standard browsers. (Internet
Explorer 6 with SP1, Internet Explorer 7, Netscape 6+, Mozilla 5+, Firefox 1+). It is
highly secure solution with built-in firewall and 128-bit secure (HTTPS)?browser
Requirements to use ValleySpeak Project Server
?? ??? ??Project Manager Desktop Requirements
o??????? Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
o??????? Microsoft Project 2003 or 2007
o??????? Internet Explorer 6 (with SP1), Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8,
Firefox 2 and Firefox 3
?? ??? ? Team Member / Web User Desktop Requirements
o??????? Most major Operating System such as Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows
XP, Windows Vista, Redhat, Ubuntu, SuSe, CentOS, etc.
o??????? Internet Explorer 6 (with SP1), Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8,
Firefox 2, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome
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