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         Site Name                          Description

Liz’s Digital Portfolio       Liz’s Digital Portfolio - My Edfolio
Liz’s Web Site                Liz’s Web Site - My EdWeb        
Professor Debren’s Web Site   A helpful web site to find tips on
                              web site design, computer tips, and
                              recommendations of free software.
Netscape Composer Tutorial    The following tutorials are designed to
                              introduce you to the basic functions of    ser/
                              Netscape Composer, a web page editor
                              that is part of both Netscape Gold (v.
                              3.x) and Netscape Communicator (v.
                              4). Using this editor, you can do almost
                              everything you need to do to create a
                              basic web page. .
Edfolio Tutorial              Edfolio Tutorial - The Quick Start
                              Page of the School of Education's
                              EdFolio Portal.
My DNA                        The MyDNA web site is here to bring
                              you the world of DNA in an
                              understandable form. Use this site to
                              discover what issues are most important
                              to you, and how DNA works.
BIORES                        Bio-DiTRL is the Digital Teaching
                              Resources Library for Biology, an online
         Site Name                             Description
                                database with digital media that can be
                                used to teach biology. Bio-DiTRL is open to
                                educators and students of biology for their
                                personal, non-profit use. Without a
                                subscription, users may search and browse
                                the database, while a subscription (free) to
                                Bio-DiTRL allows users to download and
                                use material from Bio-DiTRL for teaching
Biozone Cell Biology and                                              
Biochemistry                                                                    ND_BIOCHEM.html
MIT Biology Hypertextbook       A website which contains the basic    
                                molecular biology that is the basis of          r/esgbio/www/7001main.html
                                MIT's core Biology course,
                                "Introductory Biology"
                                Nomenclature of Carbohydrates         
                                Carbohydrate metabolism               
Educational Materials for       educational materials for organic chemistry :
Organic Chemistry at Michigan   amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids
State University
                                Carbohydrate structure and function   
Macromolecules                  There are three major types of                  http://www-
                                biological macromolecules in          
                                mammalian systems.

                                    1. Carbohydrates
                                    2. Nucleic acids
        Site Name                     Description

                            3. Proteins

                         Often they are treated separately in
                         different segments of a course. In fact,
                         the principles governing the
                         organization of three-dimensional
                         structure are common to all of them, so
                         we will consider them together.

Complex Carbohydrate                                       
Research Center – U GA
                         This work is intended as an on-line up
                         to date Handbook with extensive
                         coverage of all the major issues
                         concerning the chemistry of
                         carbohydrates. The level of the book is
                         aimed at advanced students and research
                         Carbohydrates, protein, fat       
                             WWW Links to Information                http://nte-serveur.univ-
                                Related to Carbohydrates   
Google Scholar                                             
PubMed                   PubMed, a service of the National 
                         Library of Medicine, includes over 15
                         million citations for biomedical articles
                         back to the 1950's. These citations are
                         from MEDLINE and additional life
        Site Name                         Description

                             science journals. PubMed includes links
                             to many sites providing full text articles
                             and other related resources.

                                   Enter one or more search terms,
                                    or click Preview/Index for
                                    advanced searching.
                                   Enter author names as smith jc.
                                    Initials are optional.
                                   Enter journal titles in full or as
                                    MEDLINE abbreviations. Use
                                    the Journals Database to find
                                    journal titles.

Molecular Biology Web Book   The content of this downloadable             http://www.web-
                             eBook is identical to the free online
                             version, but it includes an HTML editor
                             to let you write notes and organize the
                             contents that you saved from the
Nicenet Internet Classroom   Nicenet Internet Classroom Assistant
Assistant                    (ICA2), is a sophisticated
                             communication tool that brings
                             powerful World-Wide-Web based
                             conferencing, personal messaging,
                             document sharing, scheduling and
                             link/resource sharing to a variety of
                             learning environments. The ICA is
                             designed for post-secondary and
                             secondary classrooms, distance learning
Site Name                Description

            and collaborative academic projects,
            though anyone who finds it useful is
            free and welcome to use it. The ICA
            runs on Nicenet's server and requires
            any web browser running on any
            platform and an Internet connection -
            there is no software to download and no
            server to configure. The ICA was
            intentionally designed as a low graphics
            environment to decrease the load time
            of each page. The queries used to fill the
            site with class-specific data take less
            than a second. A fully dynamic site, the
            ICA is customized at two different
            levels: 1.) the user and 2.) the class.
            Anyone can set up a class in minutes
            and allow others to join. After login,
            users are presented with a "heads-up"
            display of class resources

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