; Hide IP Address to Protect your Privacy
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Hide IP Address to Protect your Privacy


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									?An Internet Protocol address is assigned to every device that is connected to the
World Wide Web. This IP address is your online identification number. Through this
IP address, your server can keep tab of all the websites that you visit and the
information and data that you exchange via Internet. Anybody can access your
personal details using your IP address. Your IP address can be found out by even a
mail that you send. If you want to protect your privacy on the net, you must think
about hiding your IP address.

By hiding your IP address you can prevent others from reading any data that you
transfer via the Internet. You can also protect yourself from hackers, miscreants,
spyware, adware and viruses. You are wrong if you think that only those people need
to hide their IP address that carry out illegal businesses through the Internet.

Every person has a right to privacy. Your privacy is constantly being invaded without
you even knowing about it. Several websites, advertisers, marketers and service
providers are all the time trying to gain information about you. They want to know
what your hobbies, your interests, what websites do you visit and much more. While
some websites use this information to attract you to their products and services some
others use this to spread adwares and spywares.

The data and information that you exchange with friends online can also be accessed
by anyone who has traced your IP address. This can be very dangerous especially if
the data that you are transmitting is of a sensitive nature. By hiding your IP address
you can safeguard yourself against all these threats.

Proxy servers are used to hide your IP address. These servers act as an intermediary
between the web servers and your computer to protect your real identity from being
disclosed. Recently many companies have come up with more effective Hide IP
Address Software that provides better security. They encrypt your mails and other
data to prevent data theft and keep your real identity undisclosed. It's an easy and
effective way to stay safe.

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