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					?You are here because you are already a Herbalife distributor and you want to take
your business to a different level. Or you want to join an MLM business and you are
taking a look at Herbalife. Well, I will address few of your concerns.

Clearly, Herbalife advertise wellness goods. They market health connected products.
They also promote products what will assist in terms of weight management. They
also promote what the called targeted nutrition. They also promote personal care
products like lotion, shampoos, cleansers etc. In terms of the Products that they are
promoting, you cannot lose with Herbalife.

Here is a simple fact though; selling the products alone will not earn you substantial
money. In other words, if you spend all your energy on selling the Herbalife products,
you are nothing but a sales associate (like macys sales associate).

Herbalife compensation plan;
The one approach that you can take that you will earn a substantial amount of money
with this business opportunity is by signing people up into your team. Herbalife will
pay you on the commission of the products that you and your teams sell. Similarly to
other Network Marketing, Herbalife has regular bonuses that they will give away to
you and your team based on the volume of your sales and depending on the number of
prospect that you sign up into your team.

Ok as I said earlier, I am not a representative for Herbalife and there were reasons
why I did not join. I do not see myself selling vitamins, juice, lotions etc. In my
opinion, Network Marketing companies ought to market products and services that
people can not do without it. Let's face it; the economy is not that conducive. Your
focus should be on signing new representatives into your team and not distressing
about how to meet a sales quote. This is the reason why I personally suggest service
based MLM Company because folks will pay for those services (Like television bill)

This Company still promotes the usual method of building MLM business. Here is the
way it goes: jot down 100 names of warm market, have a Private Business reception
(house party), the 3ft rule, etc. The notion that you will build a multimillion dollar
business with just your family and friends does not make sense to me. As a matter of
fact, from my experience, your family and friends are your most awful critique. Do
not misinterpret me here. These methods are helpful. But they are useful for only 1%
of Network Marketers. The Average Network Marketer earns $10 every week. Here is
another sad part. This is the same problem for greater part of the MLM Companies
out there.

You have to brand yourself as a leader first. The main problem is that we spend much
of our time pitching our business to people. People do not like to be sold. They
certainly like to purchase. So how do you have prospect run to you with their credit
cards in hand to sign up with your business opportunity? Give your prospects value.
This is so uncomplicated that you start to question why everybody is not making
6figure income with Herbalife.
You have to learn the art of Marketing. But do not go around with a Herbalife catalog
or something advertising the products. That is not the marketing that I am talking
about. Everybody has the greatest antioxidant, best juice and best vitamins.
Promote yourself. People will do business with People.

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