Global Warming

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					Global Warming
  What is Global
The gradual increase in the
 temperature of the earth’s
What Causes Global
 The earth’s atmosphere has
gradually been capturing more
  solar energy (heat energy)
 causing an increase in global
  Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
• GHG are molecules that absorb the
  sun’s heat energy
• GHG act like a “roof” over the lower
  atmosphere holding in the sun’s heat
  energy (not allowing it to go into
• Similar to a greenhouse where plants
  are grown – that is why it is called the
  Greenhouse Effect
Greenhouse Effect
             1. Shortwave
                radiation enters
                the atmosphere
             2. Heat energy is
                radiated back as
             3. Heat is captured
                by GHG and
                kept in the
What Causes GHG emissions to
CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by
 35% since the 1700s
The cause – Industrial Revolution: When
 people learned that by burning coal
 they could power machines
FOSSIL FUEL(S): Coal, Oil, Natural Gas
 cause  in GHG’s
      Global Warming

An  in GHG’s cause more heat
  energy to be captured in the
 lower atmosphere = GLOBAL
 Why Should WE Care?

  Think – Pair – Share
3 reasons why WE should care
Why Should WE Care?

           Alright perhaps a
           little drastic…BUT
     Why Should WE Care?
• Global Warming IS causing major
  changes in the surface of the earth
  – Arctic temperatures have increase by 8°C,
    causing polar ice to melt
  – More glaciers in the Antarctic ice shelf &
    Greenland have broken up
  – Rising sea levels around the world
  – More unpredictable weather (natural
    disasters) as the sun raises ocean
    temperatures in the tropics (close the
  – Changes in natural vegetation & wildlife
    habitats (ex. Polar Bear)
What is the THREAT!?

When discussing the environment &
 Global Warming you have to think
 about WHO the players are:

                     –   Humans
                     –   Scientists
                     –   Environmentalists
                     –   Believers/Non-Believers
                     –   Animals
                     –   Ocean
                     –   Environment