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Why Is Your Baby Crying-


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									?As crying is the only way for a new baby to communicate, baby crying can indicate
any number of things. From hunger to exhaustion, your new baby might be trying to
tell you something by crying. It's not unusual for newborn babies to cry between one
and three hours per day. For the most part, crying is nothing to be alarmed by and just
indicates a need of some sort on your baby's part.

The most common reason for baby crying is hunger. In fact, the younger your baby is,
the more likely her cries indicate hunger. Another common reason a baby might cry is
because she's uncomfortable. From needing to be changed to clothing that's too tight,
it's wise to check her to see if that might be the reason for her cries. Temperature
might be another reason she'll cry. Whether she's too hot or too cold, the only way she
can tell you is by crying. Often, baby might cry because she just needs to be held.
Having come out of the comfort of the womb can leave the baby feeling confused and
needing the comfort of your caress. Of course, there's always the possibility that
baby's cries indicated that she's tired and it's time for a nap.

Depending on what you think might be the cause of baby's crying there are a number
of things you can do. Clearly, if she needs her diaper changed, then that's the way to
comfort her. Perhaps the quickest way to calm her cries is to hold her close and rock
her. Often, a mother's touch can soothe a baby's cries right away. Your baby crying is
no cause for alarm. As crying is her only means of communication, it's important to
make sure your baby has everything she needs and offer her comfort.

Learn more about baby crying at our baby tips website.

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