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									?As a computer programmer you have probably tried many help authoring tools -
from primitive programs to complex and expensive systems. This article is dedicated
to HelpSmith, my favorite help authoring tool, which really takes the process of help
file creation to a new level. Let's take a look at the main possibilities of this great tool.

Make CHM HTML Help Files

With HelpSmith, you can easily create HTML Help files. Due to the WYSIWYG
principle, HelpSmith provides you with a powerful word processor with integrated
dynamic styles support and the live spell checker feature. So the process of working
on a help system simply gets to a new quality level. You can use images, create
full-featured tables, insert hyperlinks, bookmarks, and so on. Finally, being a
complete help authoring solution, HelpSmith makes it possible to create the Table of
Contents and the keyword Index for your help file in seconds due to the built-in
editors with drag'n'drop functionality.

Create Browser-Based Web Help by Reusing Your Help Topics and Other Data

You can build Web Help by exporting all the information from your source project
into a series of HTML files: click the "Create Web Help" command on the "Project"
menu or click the corresponding button on the toolbar (which is similar to when you
export your help project into other help formats) and HelpSmith will prepare all the
necessary files. A browser-based help system powered with HelpSmith includes a
collapsible Table of Contents (which works just like the TOC in HTML Help), an
alphabetical Index, and the Search feature.

Then you should put all the files of your Web Help system to your web server or
simply copy them to a public folder if you need to provide access for other people in
your corporate network.

Make Printable Documentation

You can use HelpSmith to supply technical documentation both in the electronic and
printed formats. Using HelpSmith, you can see all the results as they are before the
final version of the documentation is compiled or printed out. You can print out the
manual directly from HelpSmith; or you can export the manual into Word or any other
text editor, for example, to demonstrate it to your clients who may not have
HelpSmith installed on their computer.

Save Your Time by Using Dynamic Styles

Described above, HelpSmith's dynamic styles is a unique but must-have feature for
any help authoring tool. Dynamic styles allow you to store all formatting information
separately from help topics, which lets you make any changes in formatting at any
time with No need to manually process a big number of help topics.

Also, with dynamic styles, you won't have to set the same attributes again and again
while working on help topics. Image being able to select the part of text and then
apply the necessary style to set the required parameters to the selection.

Additionally, HelpSmith allows you to specify different views for a particular style
(including styles created by the user), so the same style can look differently when the
project is compiled into CHM, HTML, or as a Printed Manual.

Thus, dynamic styles will save much of your time and significantly speed up the
process of writing help files.

Manage Graphical and Video Files Effectively as Never Before

HelpSmith allows you to use graphics in your help files and provides an advanced
way to maintain that multimedia. All media files that you insert into your help project
automatically get into a single repository. This makes it possible for you not to waste
your time on copying any file from its initial place on your hard disk. In case you
need to copy the whole help project to another pc, for ex., in order to make a back-up,
all multimedia files are already stored in a single place together with your help
Another benefit of the single media repository is that you can update any graphical
file with NO need to edit all the topics where that media appears. For example, if you
have a dialog box that has changes in the new version of your application, you can
create a new screenshot and paste it into the repository instead of the obsolete one.

In addition, HelpSmith includes an automatic graphical formats converted that can
convert bitmaps or WMF/EMF metafiles into a more appropriate graphical format
such as GIF or JPEG when you compile your help project into CHM or Web Help, for

Concentrate on Writing

HelpSmith is an easy-to-use product just like any regular office application we use for
our everyday computer activities. So even if you are new to help authoring, you can
start writing technical documentation without the need to learn anything about
technical issues of creating help files. No need to code HTML or even know anything
about it. By concentrating on writing with the help of such tools as styles, you will
finish your project much faster than it could be done with any other help authoring

About the Author:

Robert Richardson is an independent technical writer and reviewer of help tools such
as Dr.Explain, HelpSmith from and others.

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