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					?Show me someone who doesn't like a gift basket, and I'll show you someone that
doesn't like fun. Gift baskets make the perfect present for an endless number of
occasions. Do you have a neighbor that just moved in next door? Get them a gift
basket to welcome them into the neighborhood. Did someone close to you recently
have a baby? Get them an "It's a boy/girl" gift basket to welcome the new soul into
the world.
It is easy to get creative and imaginative when building a gift basket. Here are some
other fun ideas for gift baskets:
? Animal lovers can share their gift basket with their pets. Include treats for both
the human and the dog or cat, perhaps milk chocolate for you and a Milk-Bone for the
? Spiritual minds will smile if they receive a gift basket with messages of
inspiration and biblical psalms written on pieces of paper throughout.
? Need a gift for a doctor or nurse? A gift basket with a teddy bear dressed in a
doctor or nurse uniform, complete with a stethoscope and a tongue depressor will give
the recipient a laugh.
? For golf enthusiasts, make a gift basket that contains golf balls made of chocolate
and use pretzels as golf clubs.
? Do you know a police officer or fireman who is in need of a smile? Some cookies
and a toy fire truck or police cruiser will cheer them up.
? Is there a special person in your life who likes to gamble that often finds him or
herself in Las Vegas or Atlantic City? Get them a gift basket featuring dice, decks of
playing cards, and chocolate gold coins.
?      Gift baskets can make the perfect present in the business world. If you want to
give one to a client, be sure to find out their hobbies and interests, but steer away from
religious themes and other subjects that may be offensive.

Funny gift baskets will surely force a smile upon any recipient's face. As a rule of
thumb, however, always remember to be mindful of the person you will be giving the
present to. A wrong item in a gift basket may offend the person and ruin the whole
purpose of the gift.
Bundled Baskets specializes in funny gift baskets for any occasion. The author of this
article is Derek Schimmel, a freelance writer.

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