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					                                                                                       EcoTech Snap-On Anchors are
                                                                                       a secure and fast solution for
                                                                                       acoustical panel installation.
                                                                                       For ceilings or walls, the
Snap-On Anchor                                                                         EcoTech Snap-On Anchor is
                                                                                       the answer.

EcoTech Snap-On Anchor Installation Instructions

                                                   Screw EcoTech
                                                   Snap-On Anchors                                      Insert marking plugs
                                                   into the back of                                     into the Snap-On
                                                   the panel using the                                  anchors.
                                                   Hex driver tool.*
* Tip - Sometimes it helps to cut the panel to get the anchor started.
  This can be done with a utility knife.

                                                            3                                                  4
                                                   Push panel against                                   Screw ratchets to wall
                                                   wall to mark anchor                                  at marked locations.
                                                   locations.                                           (**Number of screws
                                                                                                        varies with panel size.)

                                                                            ** Recommended quantity of EcoTech Snap-On
                                                                               Anchors and screws to panels
                                                                                    Panel Size        Qty
                                                   Firmly push panel                   2x2             4
                                                   onto ratchets to                    2x4             4
                                                   complete installation.              4x4             4
                                                                                       4x8             6
                                                                                      4x10            6-8

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