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									                                                                                                Fall 2010

                               A Walk in the Woods
                                              Newsletter of

                                       President’s Message
                                         Thomas J. D’Ambrosio

Fall has arrived at The Woods at Princeton Walk! We look forward to what’s ahead. The Board has
worked hard with the help of our Management Company, banking professionals, landscaper and
maintenance professionals to maintain the community. When the physical property is well maintained,
property values rise.

The past March storms and the hot weather of the summer put our lawns, trees and shrubs in great
despair. Our landscaper will be reseeding and winter fertilizing our lawns. The Board has decided to
postpone the tree and scrub replacement that is typically done in the fall to spring 2011. Please keep
in mind that even though the budget is sound, a huge snowfall and unexpected maintenance costs in
November and December can upset the budget. We thank you in advance for your understanding
and cooperation.

The power washing of our buildings was completed this summer and another phase of the bay
window repair was completed. Gutter cleaning will begin on all our buildings shortly after the leaves
fall - usually the first week of December. You will be notified when the gutter cleaning will take place at
your house closer to the date. Please do not request any individual gutter cleanings prior to the
community-wide cleaning as it is extremely costly on an individual basis. Our website
( is up and running with special thanks to Dara Mahili who will
be updating it periodically.

Managing the Association’s budget while maintaining and enhancing the community to higher
standards continues to present challenges as we prepare our community for the future. We are
hopeful that everyone understands that every project on each list cannot be achieved but the Board
and Management Company can prioritize them and set goals that are achievable. As you’ll read in the
Finance Report, the Board is beginning its preparation of the 2011 budget. I welcome all homeowners
to attend our open Board budget meeting on December 9th and especially welcome all new
homeowners to the community. I hope all your experiences are what you expected and enjoy living in
The Woods at Princeton Walk. Please familiar yourselves with the Association’s Rules and
Regulations Handbook to help enhance your Community experience. It is an important document. I
look forward to be seeing you on December 9th.

Have a great, safe and Happy Halloween and a very thankful Thanksgiving.

                                    The Woods at Princeton Walk
                                                                                           Fall 2010

                                      Finance Report
                                  Elizabeth Gottshall, Treasurer

It’s that time of year when the Board is starting to work on the 2011 budget.

As we look at the year to date, we’ve managed the many unexpected situations that have arisen
this year…heavy snowfalls, rain and wind storms and drought-like conditions. All of these incidents
put a toll on our finances.

As we plan out 2011 we need to take into consideration that our community is getting older and, as
such, each year new repairs come into play. We have sound Deferred Maintenance and Reserve
Funds, however, with inflation comes increasing costs to repair/replace items. This will be one area
of concentration that the Board will be focusing on to ensure that adequate funds are available in
each of these accounts to cover the normal repair schedule, as well as to pay for those unexpected
situations and future replacements such as roofs and siding.

Another line item that will be under review is snow removal. Although we’ve been very successful
in managing this budget, in light of 2010’s record snowfall - and already there are predictions for
another record snowfall in 2011 - this line item may need to be adjusted upwards.

Each of us as homeowners can do our part to assure that our houses are well maintianed by
immediately reporting any problems such as a sprinkler not working or a gutter is disconnected.
The sooner the repair can be made, the cheaper the fix. If you wait too long to address a problem,
a larger issue may arise costing the Association more money. To understand what is an
Association responsibility versus a homeowner responsibility, please check the “The Woods at
Princeton Walk Chart of Maintenance Repair and Replacement Responsibilities” chart in the
Association’s Rules and Regulations Handbook.

With respect to the Recreation Center charges, as noted in the past and in this newsletter, The
Woods at Princeton Walk Association has no voting rights in approving the Recreation Center fees.
All fees related to the Recration Center are determined by the Princeton Walk Homeowners

We understand that everyone is very cost conscious these days and the Board will be making
every effort to present homeowners with a fair and reasonable 2011 budget. The budget will be
sent by the end of November and presented at the December 9th open Board Meeting.

Please remember that it’s important that each homeowner do to their part by paying their quarterly
maintenance fees when due.

                                  The Woods at Princeton Walk
                                                                                                         Fall 2010

Getting Ready f or Fall & Winter

Like it or not, the fall and winter seasons are upon us. Here are some recommendations to make sure you, your
family and your house are ready for the changing seasons:

       Furnace filters should be changed monthly. This will help your system to run more effectively.

       To ensure no unwanted visitors enter your house like mice, make sure you plug all openings such as
        where your AC unit tubing enters the house and keep your garage door closed at all times except when
        you’re entering or leaving.

       If you have a sump pump, it is highly recommended that you have a back-up battery operated sump
        pump should the power go out. Sump pumps and any damages from them are a homeowner’s

       By November 1, all annuals must be removed and perennials must be cut back. Potted plants, such as
        chrysanthemums or decorative cabbage, may be kept longer as long as they are still alive and

It was bound to happen…

For years, people have been warned to be careful when exiting from Canterbury Way onto Princeton Walk
Blvd. And now we’ve had accidents at this intersection because people weren’t paying attention. It is
imperative that you stop at the intersection and look both ways before proceeding. In these accidents, it was
the fault of the person exiting Canterbury. With school in session, it is extremely important everyone observe
the laws. This means:

       Do NOT block the entrance or exit lanes of Canterbury with your cars. If you want to wait for your
        children, park in the designated areas on Princeton Walk Blvd.

       Do NOT block the intersection of Canterbury, Crest Stone and Berkshire with your cars while waiting
        for the school bus. This isn’t fair to other homeowners who need to enter or exit the community and it
        is danagerous as well as illegal.

       Walk on the sidewalks whenever possible, not in the streets

Holiday Decorations

Fall decorations may be displayed from:

        October 1 to November 7.

Winter holiday decorations may be displayed from:

        November 15 to January 15

All other holiday decorations may be displayed for a two-week period, one week prior to and one week after
the holiday.

No decorations are permitted to be attached to the units, fences or trees with nails or staples. Any damage to
the exterior of the unit/fence will be the responsility of the homeowner. The Association has the right to repair
such damage and seek immediate reimbursement from the unit owner. driveway or walkway.

                                      The Woods at Princeton Walk
                                                                                            Fall 2010

Do you know which community you live in?

It’s a question that many homeowners actually don’t know the answer to and it’s easy to understand
why. There are a total of three different communities that have “Princeton Walk” in their title: The
Preserves at Princeton Walk, The Woods at Princeton Walk and Princeton Walk.

If you’re receiving this newsletter, you are a homeowner in The Woods at Princeton Walk. You have
a voting membership in this community. Your Maintenance Fees, as identified on your quarterly
statement, help to defer the costs of snow removal on the following streets: Canterbury Way, Crest
Stone Circle, Berkshire Drive, Somerset, North Hampton, Wellington, Belford, Camelot, Waldorf,
Cricket Hill, Bentley, Quail Creek and Park Knoll. Your fees also cover the cost of landscaping, most
exterior repairs and painting, etc.

Homeowners in The Woods at Princeton Walk are also members of the Recreation Village which is
managed by the Princeton Walk Homeowners Association. As a member of the Recreation Village,
you may use all the amenties of that Village such as the Tot Lot, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor
pools, etc. Membership in the Recreation Center is not optional even if you don’t use any of the

The Woods at Princeton Walk is allowed to have 2 homeowners sit on the Recreation Committee.
This Committee makes recommendations on matters such as painting of the locker rooms,
necessary repairs, etc. to the Princeton Walk Homeowners Association Board. However, the
Recreation Committee has no voting rights for something to get completed or the actual fees. Only
the Princeton Walk Homeowners Association makes that decision of which we, as The Woods at
Princeton Walk, have no voting rights.

When you have a question that pertains to your house or the grounds of The Woods at Princeton
Walk, you need to contact EPM, our property management company. Should you have any
questions or concerns regarding the Recreation Center or the fees associated with it, please contact
Nancy (Recreation Center Manager) at 732-274-2795 or plan on attending the Rec Center meetings
to voice your concerns.

                         Important Information

                         Community Manager                  Sharon Maldonado

                         Customer Service Manager           JoAnn Vigilante

                         Accounts Receivable Manager        Nicole Blanchfield

                         Phone for EPM                      732-821-3224

                         Fax for EPM                        732-821-6565

                         Hours               Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

                         Emergency # for EPM:               908-806-3823

                         Recreation Center                  732-274-2795


                                    The Woods at Princeton Walk
                                                                                               Fall 2010

                         Halloween Safety Tips
 Everyone wants to have a safe and happy Halloween for themselves, their guests and their
 children. Using safety tips and common sense can help you make the most of your Halloween
 season and make it as enjoyable for your kids as it is for you!

 Anytime a child has an accident, it's tragic. The last thing that you want to happen is for your child to
 be hurt on a holiday, it would forever live in the minds of the child and the family.

 There are many ways to keep your child safe at Halloween, when they are more prone to accidents
 and injuries. The excitement of children and adults at this time of year sometimes makes them
 forget to be careful. Simple common sense can do a lot to stop any tragedies from happening.

Tips for Parents
     Know the route your kids will be taking if you aren't going with them.
     Children should go out during daylight hours only unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
     Small children should never be allowed to go out alone on Halloween. Make sure an older
      sibling or adult is with them.
     The best bet is to make sure that an adult is going with them. If you can't take them, see if
      another parent or a teen aged sibling can go along.
     Know what other activities a child may be attending, such as parties, school or mall functions.
     Explain to children the difference between tricks and vandalism. Throwing eggs at a house
      may seem like fun but they need to know the other side of the coin as well, clean up and
      damages can ruin Halloween. If they are caught vandalizing, the police will be called and any
      damages to the Association will be charged to the parents.
     Teaching your kids basic everyday safety such as not getting into cars or talking to strangers,
      watching both ways before crossing streets and crossing when the lights tell you to, will help
      make them safer when they are out Trick or Treating.
     To easily see and be seen, children should also carry flashlights.
     Costumes should be short enough to prevent children from tripping and falling.
     If people don’t answer the door bell, don’t have the children continuously ring the bell or pound
      on the door. If the homeowner doesn’t answer, it means they don’t want to participate in Trick
      or Treating.

                                   The Woods at Princeton Walk
                                                                                             Fall 2010

                                2010 important Dates to Remember
               October 1              Quarterly Maintenance Fees Due
               October 11             Columbus Day Observed
               October 16             National Boss Day
               October 31             Halloween
               November 1             S. Brunswick Property Taxes Due
               November 7             Daylight Savings Time Ends (change batteries in smoke detectors)
               November 11            Veterans Day
               November 25            Thanksgiving Day
               December 2             Hanukkah Begins
               December 7             Pearl Harbor Day/Islamic New Year
               December 9             Annual Association Budget Meeting
                                      7:00 PM, Recreation Center
               December 21            First Day of Winter
               December 25            Christmas
               December 26            Kwanzaa Begins

The Woods at Princeton Walk
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                                    The Woods at Princeton Walk

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