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									?Naturally women look good and when they are in front of a laptop, it double. And
when you meet them with their laptops in their bags, they look nice squared .Many
women purchase their Designer laptop bags based on appearance. While the
appearance of the case is indeed important, it is secondary to the performance of the
bag. As a professional woman, you need a bag that gets the job done. If it happens to
match your favorite suit or pair of shoes, that is great. But you must choose designer
laptop bags based on features first.

The size of the bag is the fist feature women look for when they are buying laptop
bags. In fact women do not generally like oversized bags, but a designer laptop bag is
one bag that really needs a little extra size. For example if you have a 17 inch laptop
you will need a bag that can accommodate that size It won't fit inside a standard bag.
Most laptop bags are made for laptops that are 15 inches or smaller.

What accessories are you carrying with your notebook computer. Although the length
and width are important, the depth of the bag is also very important. You may not like
bulky bags, but your bag is not going to do a lot for you if you can not fit everything
you need inside it.

 Depending on what you will be using that laptop for, I think you probably will not be
carrying your laptop only. Most people will also be carrying accessories like a mouse,
external hard drives, USB accessories, and an AC adaptor. You may also want to carry
other items like books, note pads, pens, magazines, and other items you may need for
work or personal use.

What are the organizational features of that laptop bag? Some laptop bags only have a
few pockets, and this can make it difficult to keep your items organized. Your bag is
not going to be very useful if you can not find what you need when you need it.I mean
if the laptop bag is disorganized, it will mess everything in your bag.
What is the material that your bag is made of?

Don't buy the bag because you like the colour? You may be tempted to buy a bag
because you like the color or pattern, but it is much more important to choose a bag
that is made of material that is both durable and protective. Your laptop bag will serve
not only to help you transport your computer, but also protect it from being scratched
and with time it may loose shape.

Any notebook bag can carry your notebook computer but as modernity moves with
passion, one should choose a designer laptop bag especially ladies that suites her.

Twinomugisha Charles is a Retired Tour and Travel Guide in Millennium Tours and
Travel Company in Uganda and now works with E-Office Management a company
that deals in Computers and Computer Accessories. More of his articles can be found
at Designer Laptop Bags For Working and Classic Ladies and at Women Laptop cases

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