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					?You may be wondering why you should start dropshipping. In fact, you may be
wondering what dropshipping is in the first place. For those of you who don't know,
I'll try to explain it in the best way I can. Dropshipping is when a wholesaler of a
product agrees to ship the product to your customer upon your request. Blind
dropshipping is another story; blind dropshipping is when a company does the
dropshipping for you but puts your address as the return address instead of theirs. I
would suggest blind dropshipping to anyone who has a desire to dropship.

Sometimes finding a supplier that will dropship your particular product will prove to
be difficult at best. Sometimes its much easier and faster to refer to an expert. That's
why Gogo Dropship's research team is a great idea for any company who is thinking
about dropshipping products. They will research any product niche idea to find the
best dropshippers of the product of interest.

Dropshipping is especially useful to anyone who is running an online business,
because dropshipping makes it possible for the owner of the company to not have to
warehouse everything; the wholesaler will take care of that for them.

Okay, let's run through it so you know for sure if you understand or not. I'll play the
part of the dropshipper and you'll play the part of the business owner. So, you start up
a business but you don't have the space to store the products you want to sell. That's
why dropshipping is so very important to your business needs. You can contact a
dropship directory such as Gogo Dropship who has already contacted me, the
dropshipper, to find out if I blind dropship. Turns out that I do and the dropship
directory added me to their list of dropshippers. You call up the directory and they
give you the information you needed. You call me and set up blind dropshipping.
From that moment on, you can simply notify me when one of your clients makes a
purchase and I'll send your customer the product, with your return address on it.

So you see, there is a lot of ease in dropshipping. All you have to do is sit back and do
a little paperwork and let the dropshipper do the rest. The best thing about it is that
you don't even have to do the research, dropship directories such as Gogo Dropship
can do that for you. In fact, Gogo Dropship is one of the only dropship directories that
supplies a research request team.

Haanah Rosling believes that business is a success only when founded upon good
ethics and standards. She has been working in this industry for several years and loves
the opportunity to learn more and more with each passing day. She is currently
employed as the Vice President of Marketing for Gogo Dropship, a drop ship

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