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									?Here's What You Need To Know!

The main reason so many folks fail in MLM is because they have no clue what to do
once their excitement wears off. After all, it takes more than simply being excited
about something to succeed at it.

In this article I'm going to outline one of the main reasons (expectations) that 95% of
all network marketers fail! There's certainly more than one reason why most people
fail to achieve success in a network marketing company but see if the one reason I
write about here sounds familiar to you.

Why would your upline not share with you the secrets to success in MLM? Simple,
they may not even know themselves!


You've just been invited to a hotel business opportunity meeting, given a CD or a
DVD to view. Maybe you were given a magazine to read about some Network
Marketing company and then the person that gave it to you called you and asked you
to view a business presententation on your computer. This may be how you were
introduced to your MLM company and you got all excited and signed up, right?

You Got Excited, Right?

Excitement! It's an emotion! And we've all heard about what happens when decisions
are made based on emotion. They're probably not the best decisions we'll ever make,
unless the emotion is fear and it's telling you to run like crazy because something bad
is about to happen to you'you know, fight or flight! That may be the only emotion
worth basing a decision on! But a business decision? Probably not! Maybe want to
rethink that decision when the emotions are not running quite so high'I'm just sayin''J

The new rep, maybe that's you, is then instructed to create a list of everyone they
know, including their parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, neighbors,
business colleagues and co-workers, well, you get the idea, so they can team up with
their upline to call each person on the list and hopefully expose them to a business
presentation just like the one the new rep saw. The idea being that one's warm market
contacts will also get excited and sign up! Once again it's all about the excitement!

Then once they've gone half way through their list and heard a whole bunch of ''no
thanks, not interested!' or ''I've tried those deals before, they never work'' or someone
they love and respect says 'no way!'I can't believe you're in one of those things'' their
excitement begins to evaporate and along with it their reason for wanting to start their
own Home-Based MLM business. Bet that sounds familiar too, doesn't it?

Now What?

Suppose you or your new rep were introduced to a systematic, step-by-step plan that
did not require you (or them) to create a 'warm market' list of family and friends to
bug, but were instead taught how to generate tons of new leads and make money
while doing it? A system that is making top income earners out of people that perhaps
would have quit if they had to continue doing MLM the way their upline told them it
had to be done!

What is it we're all finding out about? Internet Marketing! More specifically, MLM
Internet Marketing. That's right, Systems-Based MLM Internet Marketing! It's like
MLM on Autopilot! Welcome to 21st Century Network Marketing on the Internet!

Traditional MLM marketing methods still work for many and if that's the case, then
by no means should anyone be told or encouraged to stop doing something that's
working for them. On the ohter hand, it may be prudent to let your new reps know
that today there are multiple ways to build your MLM business and that 'one size fits
all' way of thinking that was so prevalent in the past no longer is true in today's new
marketplace economy.

"It's Up To You"
What sounds better'bug your friends and family'spend one or two nights each week at
opportunity meetings at some hotel 30 or more minutes from your home'spend more
money than you're making on magazines, DVD's and CD's OR learn how to move
your Home-Based MLM Business online and generate tons of leads from people who
are already searching the internet for some sort of Business Opportunity they can
work from home and do online!

If building your business online and letting it work for you 24/7/365 makes good
sense and you're ready to learn how to put your MLM Business on Autopilot and
make money even while you sleep, then you're ready to stop struggling in MLM and
learn what the top money earners in MLM already know'

"You're Just A Few Clicks...

'from learning how to build your MLM business online and getting more leads than
you ever thought possible AND getting paid while your business grows on autopilot!"

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Dan Pressler and his wife Laura, call Tucson, Arizona home where they enjoy the
outdoors and divide their time between several successful business venturesincluding
their Network Marketing/MLM company. To learn more about how to create your
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