Have Keyboard A Protective Film or Not by gyvwpsjkko


									?Is it necessary to have the keyboard the protective film? The answer is "absolutely".
The LCD screen and the keyboard are often exposure outside. The dust and scrapes
easily shelter in the keyboard and the filings. As the Healthy center revealed that the
computer keyboard is a "bacterial distribution center". As this 1300 Laptop Keyboard,
I have it for three months, but it looks very dirty.

It's invisible to see the bacteria. But there are indeed many bacteria on the keyboard.
The bacteria are usually done by computer users of sweat, oil, saliva and so on. Only
the professional customer service officer can have completely cleaning of the bacteria.
Very few people can do their own due to the fast growth of bacteria. If you frequently
removed to wash the keyboard; the keyboard will get some damage. I tried to have
this dell 1300 Laptop Keyboard dismantled. Finally I gave up because of the risk of
damage my laptop.

Then experts advise to select a match with the laptop keyboard membrane, and then to
prevent water and dust from entering the keyboard, while inside, clean up is relatively
easy, simply wash the keyboard clean. Naturally after dried up, you can continue to
use. If the keyboard got water sinking, the protective film can save your laptop from
motherboard damage. And the dust, small cracks can be prevented outside the
membrane of the keyboard. In addition, the noisy can be reduced to very lower level.
Moreover, the keyboard can be kept from worn by the film.

Some may concerned about the heat dissipation of the laptop and the flexibility of the
keys. It's completely unnecessary to do so. As we all know that the heat radiates from
the side outlet. The bad effect is quite small. Notebook cooling machine in the lower
left and right sides, or below, paste keyboard protective film will not affect the heat
dissipation problem, has already made tens of thousands of users using the keyboard
protective film, no laptop keyboard protective film leading to the phenomenon of
thermal anomalies. Actual results fully demonstrated the use of laptop keyboard
protective film on the impact of heat is nothing.

And now I have my dell 1300 Laptop Keyboard a transparent protective film. That
really helps me a lot to reduce the contamination of the dust and the foil.

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