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					University of WA Hockey Club

     Yearbook 2002


      It’s a Bubbly af fair
      It’    Bubb aff
       The Univeristy of Western Australia
               Hockey Club (Inc.)

                                   YEAR BOOK 2002

                            Club Patrons: Danny Dunn

                             2002 Board Members
                  Pino Monaco     Rob Clement   Rohan Wilson
                  Simon Tiverios Kim Jones      Sally Hewitt
                  Phil Monaco     Susan Beale   Mike Morris
                                  Emma Stevens

                                      Life Members
         Bob Brindley                 Frank Fitzgerald             David Miller
         Gail Warrilow                Danny Dunn                   Noel Hall
         Frank Murray                 Dr Justin Whitely            Jenny Edmonds
         Erica Heron                  Pam Rothwell                 Suzanne Wood
         Lyndsay Edmonds              Matthew Jones                Vicki Scarff
         Ron Hewitt                   Ross Field                   Robert Marshall
         Hayden Smith                 Robert Clement

                             Club Letters (Since 1986)
1986 R.F. Brindley                1994 Hayden Smith    1998 Robert Clement
1992 Sally Carbon                 1995 Matthew Jones 1998 David Viner
1993 Dr Justin Whitely            1996 Damon Diletti   1998 Angela Kelly
If anyone is oversensitive and offended about anything in this yearbook, we make no apologies
                            for having some fun. We are a UNI club.
          Many thanks to the humble beings Laura Ross, Pino Monaco, Kirsty Hewitt.
As it is with pride and pleasure that we present the 2002 UWAHC yearbook. Many hours of hard
                    work and deliberation ....”BORING”.. Here’s to us. Rags
                          President’s Report...2002
The UWAHC has enjoyed a very successful playing season on and off the field. The
on field playing strength of the Club is at an all time high measured by quality and
quantity of our playing members and teams in finals. The off field playing has also
reached great heights.

We commenced the season with Grant Mitton as the senior Club coach, Grant had
coached the Club in 2000 and 2001 when we were Grand Final runners up. In mid
season Grant resigned as senior coach and Rob Clement and Justin McKirdy were

The senior women have been coached by Peter Freitag and Rob Clement.

The Club is extremely fortunate to have the quality of senior coaches that have been
appointed at UWAHC.

The women, as usual, have been able to attract coaches for most of their teams but the mens teams have
been less successful in their recruitment campaign.

Special note needs to be made of Bryan Knox for his coaching involvement with the men.

UWAHC had Matthew Wells (Australian Vice Captain) represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games
winning gold. On the womens side we had Australian representation in Nicole Arrold, Melanie Twitt,
Bianca Netzler and Shayni Buswell.

Senior state representation in the mens was achieved by Damon Dilletti, Michael Boyce, Tristram Woodhouse,
Geoffrey Boyce, Stephen Boyce (WA), Matthew Wells (Tas) and Grant Schubert (SA). In senior womens
by Shanyi Buswell, Kelly Colgan, Fiona Young, Kim Walker, Rachel Ramshaw (WA), Nicole Arrold, Melanie
Twitt (ACT) and Bianca Netzler (NSW).

In the mens under 21, Geoffrey Boyce and Stephen Boyce represented Australia and at state level they
represented WA with Chris Webster and Brendan Gairns (Tas). In the womens under 21 Kate Hubble, Kelly
Colgan, Rachel Ramshaw, Fiona Young and Shayni Buswell were in the state team.

In state indoor Philip Monaco, Rohan Wilson, Ashley Ward and Anthony Walter were in the state mens
under 21 team, Ash and Rohan making the Australian team. Rob Goldie was selected as a state umpire for
the national titles.

The men fielded teams in Goundrey Cup, S2A, S1C, M1A, M2A, M2B, M3A, M3B, M3C, M4A and M4B
(11 teams). The women fielded teams in Buttercup, SL2, SL3, SL4, SL5, SL6, SL7, M1, M2 and M4 (10

The Goundrey Cup team made history by scoring 125 goals during the home and away games, the next
highest was 75. There were 5 mens teams and 8 womens teams in finals.

Special note should be made of the outstanding success of our womens teams in 2002, especially our
Buttercup team winning the Challenge Cup (last won in 1996). During the season our Buttercup team
played an outstanding game against the AIS side at a special mid week game at home sponsored by the UWA
Sports Association and attended by 200 spectators.

The Buttercup club team uniform (bodysuits) has been a popular development but importantly it was a
“first” for womens hockey in WA. The girls conducted a “shirt” presentation that should become a fixture
on the UWAHC calendar.

In 2002 our McGillivray turf and grass fields were taken over by the UWA Sports Association to conduct the
World Lacrosse Tournaments. The turf was the central focus of the tournament that saw some 4000 daily
spectators in and out of our facilities. The disruption that lacrosse caused the Club in our ability to host
home games, training, Club administration and bar trade is impossible to measure and a matter for the UWA
Sports Association. Our members are to be congratulated in the good nature they exhibited throughout the
inconvenience and disruption.

On a positive side we have been left with capital enhancements to our
infra structure and our magnificent facilities were showcased interna-
tionally. All concerned have learnt valuable lessons in logistics, grand
standing and what can be achieved using our facilities.

Without financial sponsors our fees would be prohibitive and many of
our initiatives could not be undertaken. We greatly appreciate the gener-
ous support of our sponsors

Fund raising has been kept on a low key in 2002 with a film night for
seniors and chocolate sales for juniors. Bar trade has been an important
source of revenue.

The social activities of the Club keep on getting better requiring Olympic marathon capacity and endurance.
The main events were; film night, Freshers, Racing Night, Back to School, joint hockey/tennis club night,
Cocktails and Final Dinner. Two golf days and yoga showed we had some spare capacity for fun and
exercise. The Club had a regular and entertaining number of Dribbles and our web page is worth visiting.

We had 10 girls and 14 boys junior teams, 3 9’s teams and about 50 minkey players. This represents a
valuable resource and base for potential players. Kim Jones coordinated our juniors supported by a band
of volunteers. Gordon Bragg will take over in 2003. Every team had a coach(s) and manager. Many senior
players were involved with coaching.

The juniors had there Bunbury Carnival, social events, umpiring and skills programs. They enjoyed a good
representation in state teams.
The strong links that exist between UWAHC and the Soaks is unique in the hockey community and needs
to be preserved. The Soaks are major benefactors of UWAHC in financial and human resources. Their
support, expertise and invaluable contributions are much appreciated.

The UWAHC has an extensive number of volunteers and benefactors that we acknowledge and sincerely
thank for their contribution and commitment to the Club whether it is coaching, managing, umpiring, co
ordinating, serving at the bar, transporting, donating, making meals, serving meals, Board, committees,
attending meetings, organising coaching and skills clinics, washing, organising social events, and so on
and on.

The Club was well served by an industrious and dedicated Board, who did more than their fair share for
the benefit of the Club membership, often doing thankless tasks but always with enthusiasm.

Special personal and Club thanks to:

       Rob Clement             General Manager
       Sally Hewitt            Secretary
       Geoff Boyce             Treasurer
       Rohan Wilson            Facilities
       Simon Tiverios          Social
       Phil Monaco             Publicity
       Emma Stevens            Womens Captain
       Susan Beale             Membership
       Mike Morris             Mens Captain
       Hayden Smith            Consultant
       Kim Jones               Consultant

There is always room for improvement and our Club will only get better and remain ahead of our
competitors if we strive for success on and off the field provided we do not settle for mediocrity. To do
this we must embrace change and respond to our membership.

I recommend that we address the following issues in 2003, all of which have been regularly visited each
season but should receive our priority:

·       Appointment of coaches for senior teams, especially mens teams
·       Selection panels for senior teams to meet regularly
·       Ensure that WAHA/WAWHA honour UWAHC home games allocation
·       Expand the social committee to ensure a representative from each team
·       Renew negotiations and plans with the UWA Sports Association for more grass fields adja-
cent to G32 and more lights
·       Introduce more non hockey benefits to the members of UWAHC.
                                  “Its not just a club it’s a lifestyle”
Pino Monaco
5 September 2002
        Men’s Captain Report...2002
There is a great deal to be optimistic about in terms of the future. There are
some very good young players coming through the club and our on-field
success in recent seasons has also attracted other excellent new players.

Although it is great to get new talent, I would like to thank the seasoned
players for their commitment once again this season and acknowledge the
massive contribution that they continue to make to the hockey club. Most
actually guarantee to make a bigger impact with each passing year, but that
is as much to do with talent as natural growth!

From a playing perspective I think it has been a reasonable year. At the time
of writing seven of the eleven mens sides still have a chance to make the
grand final and hopefully the club will be able to grab some pennants.

So high are the expectations at UWA that I believe that this season was not as good as it could have been.
UWA’s ability to win the crunch games remains questionable. This is not a reflection on the talent available
but more to do with the attitude. As one of the bigger clubs we have a large pool of players to pick from and
generally can beat the weaker opposition, at times by considerable margins. However, to make a sweeping
generalisation, teams let themselves down in key matches, perhaps because players believe they just have
to show up to win rather than earning victory or simply because the opposition appear to have more desire
to win? For us to be a successful club we have to change or will remain perennial underachievers!

For the record, nothing would please me more than being proved wrong after a successful finals cam-

Selection can be a contentious issue. With the benefit of hindsight, certain teams may have faired better
with a slightly different team composition this year. Some sides have had too many exuberant juniors and
some too many cunning old gits, rather than an effective mix of exuberant gits.

The club had an excellent pre-season with lots of new, young talent on display from the UWA junior
program and some from further afield. The new generation are undoubtedly a talented bunch, but indi-
vidually or collectively have not made the sort of impression on the field or on the club as was hoped or

                                                     You young guys are the future of the club and should
                                                     be looking to take on more responsibility, both on and
                                                     off the field. If you make the effort to come along to
                                                     parties or stay for a couple of drinks after games or
                                                     training, I guarantee you will get more out of the club!
                                                     Also if you train a little more often you will find close
                                                     matches are more likely to go your way!

                                                     In terms of the organization, training this year has been
                                                     the best I have experienced at the club. This is thanks
                                                     to the commitment of Bryan Knox who has spent con-
                                                     siderable time working out new training exercises to
                                                     help players from every grade. Bryan’s work has been
                                                     invaluable and I hope that he will accept the invitation
to continue in a similar vain next year as his efforts are
greatly appreciated by those who train regularly.

With this background, players’ attitude to training has
not been as good as I expected. Not only that but team
captains have had to deal with a laziness or lack of re-
sponsibility epidemic when it comes to matches! Play-
ers have to take responsibility for finding out where
they are playing. It is not the job of the captain to spend
Friday night or Saturday morning chasing people. In-
dividuals should let the captain know if they cannot
make the game on a Thursday night or earlier! Instances
of teams playing matches with 7 players, or players appearing 35 minutes after the start of the game are
just ridiculous!

There is always a need to find a balance between keeping membership (and revenue) as high as possible
and bearing in mind the individual’s preference of the grade they think they should play. At the end of the
day the club is bigger than any one individual, so my recommendations are that ‘A’ Grade sides, which
includes all State sides, will, where fair and reasonable, only include players who train at least once a

As a club we need to address the issue of team hierachy within it. An issue that will be addressed before
the start of next season is working out where the State 1C’s fits into the selection structure. My suggestion
it that it should be a transitional grade with upto eight players under 21 and younger.

I would like to thank all the team captains for their help this year and hope that you will continue to
support the club. I hope you continue to be involved in the club next year but think it is appropriate for
some younger players to take the reigns and captain the sides next year with the help of the senior pros.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the final dinner and to be celebrating the end of a very
successful year.

Enjoy the summer and I hope you will all return in 2003 fit and healthy, or at least with some good stories
to tell. For the time being, see you at the beach…….

Mike Morris
             ...Women’s Captain Report
Season 2002 saw the introduction of the lycra bodysuit.
This certainly excited many around the club (notably in
the men’s side of things) and has resulted in a great sea-
son for our top women’s side. This season has also turned
out to be another successful and exciting year for all of
the UWA women’s hockey teams. Once again the keen, or
some might say the mad, braved the summer heat and
began pre-season. This year an army fitness trainer was
brought in to put the girls through their paces and ensure
they were in peak physical condition for the start of the
season. Those that didn’t quite make the pre-season train-
ing certainly showed themselves at trials where, once again,
lots of old and even more new faces came down to have a
run and a bit of fun. Thanks to all those who helped me
out during these trials.
Due to the huge turnout at trials, we were able to enter
another team in the women’s comp, which now means
that we have 10 teams involved, the 7 state grade teams
and 3 metro grade teams. It is great to see so many girls
out there enjoying their hockey. The state league 5 team was once again used as a development
team for up and coming juniors. Thanks must go to Kim Jones for coordinating this team. Many
juniors have also taken the step into senior hockey and are making their presence known. Things
are certainly looking promising for women’s hockey at the club in the coming years.

                             Once again we well represented in the Challenge cup. The Premier
                             league team, SL2, SL3, SL5 and SL7 all made the cut. UWA let its
                             presence be felt, winning 4 out of these 5 games. Well done to all who
                             were involved or came down to support.

                             At this stage of the season things are certainly looking promising for
                             the finals. Currently, 9 of our 10 teams are in the top four with only a
                             couple of rounds to go. Hopefully they will all be able to continue
                             their form and make it into the finals. After the clubs unsuccessful
                             finals campaign last year, everyone is certainly fired up and keen to
                             take things that one step further. Good luck to everyone and hopefully
                             we will manage a few flags this year!!!

                             A big thankyou must go to all the coaches: Peter, Clem, Simon, Ben
                             and Swingers, A.T, Graham and A.J, Damian and Undies. These guys
                             have given up endless hours of their time to coach and train their
                             teams. It was good to see a few of the new guys to the club and younger
                             ones getting involved. Your work is greatly appreciated and we’ll be
                             looking forward to seeing you all again next year to continue your
                             great work!!

                             Also a big thankyou must go to all the team captians. You have all
                             done a great job of organizing your teams and have certainly made my
                                             job much easier. Thanks to Penny, Helen, Teagan and Bluey,
                                             Piggy, Evonne and Bec, Fi, Ingrid, Aoife and Caroline.

                                             This year was a big year in hockey, particularly with the com-
                                             monwealth games being held in Manchester. Well done to
                                             Bianca Netzler, Shayni Busswell, Melanie Twitt and Nicki
                                             Arnold who have all represented Australia at some stage dur-
                                             ing this year. Also congratula-
                                             tions to Kate Hubble, Rachel
                                             Ramshaw, Kim Walker, Fi
                                             Young and Fi Boyce who have
                                             all been state representatives
or national league players this year.

As usual it was great to see the girls getting into things and supporting the
club. Without everyone’s support Uni hockey wouldn’t be what it is today.
I encourage everyone to continue supporting the club and getting involved
in the shows and other activities around the place to keep the club going
and ensure we maintain our reputation of ‘it’s not just a hockey club, it’s a

Finally, a big thankyou must go to all the girls who played this season. You
are the ones that make hockey fun and keep people coming back year after
year. I hope that you all have a relaxing break and I’ll be looking forward
to seeing everyone back, fighting fit and ready for more fun next season.

        Many thanks to our
  Sponsors throughout the
year.  UWA Sports Association

           Realwest Property

             Atrium Homes

        Plaza Cameras and Video

         Home Building Society

             Kott Gunning

          Godfrey Virtue & Co

       Access Alarms and Security

         Select Shelf Companies

         Merym Constructions

             Oxford Hotel
                                         Awards 2002
RF Brindley
This award encompasses the whole club, which
was initiated by life member David Miller. It seeks
to recognise and commend outstanding contri-
bution made to the Club in any or all aspects of       J S Lynne
the Club.                                              The J S Lynne award is
                                                       given to the UWA
                     Rob Clement is the recipi-        hockey member for
                     ent of the 2002 RF Brindely       service to and bringing
                     award. Assisant coach of          credit to the Men’s Di-
                     the Buttercup Women and           vision . This year it has been awarded to Bryan
                     to then also take on the          Knox.
                     coaching of the Goundrey
                     Cup mens team, of which           In the 2002 season Bryan Knox has made a ma-
                     both teams are in the finals,     jor contribution to the club in the role of ‘club
                     General Manager and Club          coach’ for the Men’s Senior Divisions. Providing
                     Stalwart.                         invaluable coaching and skills. Making sure each
                                                       team was organised and often coached more
                                                       than four games a weekend.
                  Pam Rothwell
                  The Pam Rothwell award is one of the most prestigious awards in the Univeristy
                  Hockey Club and is awarded for service and bringing credit to the Women’s Divi-

                  The award is proudly given to Emma Stevens. A highly motivated and ethused
                  personality gives Emma, Stevo, qualities like no other. Women’s Captain for the
                  last two years, bringing women to the for front of Uni Hockey.

                                                      Angela Kelly
                                                      This award is presented to our best first year
Peter Sims                                            female player, based on their playing perform-
This is awarded in recognition                        ance and contribution off the field.
of the best performed player
under the age of 21 years old.                  Fiona Young is winner of the 2002 Angela Kelly
Traditionally our most promis-                  award. Fiona has
ing players have had the privi-                 totally adopted her
lege of achieving such an                       new club being a
award.                                          valuable member
                                                of the Buttercup
This year the Peter Sims Award goes to Geoff team and real
Boyce. Another UWA prodigy, with representa- character around
tion in WA Thundersticks, Captain of State 21’s the club.
and Australian Under 21s. Solid and consistent
form has lead Geoff to win this esteemed award.
                                      Awards 2002
Danny Dunn
This award is in recognition of the efforts of new club members
(freshers) in terms of their playing ability as well as towards their
contributions off the field.

This year the award was won by Steven Boyce. Junior of the
Goundrey Cup Team with outstanding skills. Represented WA in
Thundersticks and under 18s, 21s and Australia in U21s. Need
we say more about his achievements.

                              Suzanne Wood
                              This award is in recognition of the best performed female player
                              under the age of 21.

                              Shayni Buswell is the winner of the 2002 Suzanne Wood award.
                              Leading by example in Buttercup Premier League. Shayni has set a
                              high hockey standard within the club. This has been recognised
                              with her call up to the Australian Women’s Team.
Robert Clement Life Member
 The boy with the silver dance shoes, Tivo
    G’Day my fellow UWA hockey party goers!

    This year at the club has been massive, with heaps of parties and
    functions of varying kind, all of which were well attended. The year
    started with a bang with the 1’s girls doing some fundraising for their

    Thursday nights were well attended and SPECIAL thanks to Rohan,
    Laura and Turrkee for organising the dinners. Guys next year
    everyone make an effort to get back to the club for a cheap feed and
    drinks after training.

    Thankyou to everyone who has supported me by either helping set
    up the parties or by helping organise the events. Also to everyone who has attended, all the work is
    definitely worth it when everyone comes to the parties.

    See you all next year, remember get back to the Club on Saturday arvo’s and Thursday after training,
    and above all don’t run to much in pre-season!!! (unless your running to the bar!!!!)

      In the far corner we have the Treasurer, Iron -Bar
There were three fundamental targets to achieve in finance 2002. (1) To eliminate short term cash flow
problems (2) To develop a sound financial base to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the club
(3) The provision of funds for the development of the clubhouse.

These targets have all been achieved along with the elimination of a significant debt owed to the UWA Sport
and Recreation Association. The club has also acquired an indoor / outdoor stereo system and table tennis
table and is looking to develop further the interior of the clubrooms
and the barbecue area in the near future.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of our
sponsors and the University Associates, which is very much appreci-

Thanks to all the members of the board in 2002 for their support espe-
cially to Pino for his efforts in finding new sponsorship and the count-
less other hours spent making my life easier. And to Susan her efforts
in getting people to pay fees - it makes my job so much easier. Also
thanks to Rohan and Simon for spending all that money on the club
shows and the stereo and the rice cooker and the table tennis table and
… thanks anyway guys I had fun. Seeya next year.

Geoff “Ironbar” Boyce
                       Club in booze binges
Rising number of club parties poses a bigger problem than Ash having a shave.

Binge drinking has reached epidemic proportions in the sporting fraternity, at least that’s
what some think. Those involved with the Club are at greatest risk.

More than a third of Club patrons claimed to have had more than 10 drinks at the last party
in a study conducted for the Dribble by Sarah Tonin.

The report warned that a massive change in the social aspects of the Club in recent years
was a greater worry than what Roh gets up to in his spare time.

“This new generation of club members start earlier, drink more, party harder to a greater
extent than any previous generation,”
the report said. The response from the
treasure Geoff ‘Iron Bar’ Boyce, “This
drinking phenomena might just make
my budget work out.”

The study showed that Club patrons
could be at greater risk if more parties
were held throughout the year, espe-
cially Canadia.

“The younger the club patron, the more
likely they are going to be influenced
by and try to imitate those who are older,
such as Herpecs, Tubbs, AJ and Stevo,”
the report said. A club of Tubbsy look alikes? Coaching privileges may be void.

Overall, 80 per cent of Club patrons had experienced their first Boat race at Freshers. With
only 15 per cent unable to finish the beverage, after subsequent re-rows. A further 5 per
cent were unaccounted for, as AT was doing the math. When this was put forward to
Smiddy and Maria, the younger generation, the general consensus was Herpecs is the
best at sculling while there is no other like Karl.

The study also showed that only 30 per cent of Club patrons turned out to the earlier shows
but as the season progressed, a staggering 68 per cent were seen at the Cocktail night.
Tivo added another 1 per cent, for sheer pleasure. Though party goers ignored the ‘dreadful
effects of excessive drinking’, as resident locals, Door and Noonan, drowned their senses
with music.

Kingsley, information manager at the National Academy of Bar Men, said his work amongst
Club patrons indicated many drank ‘to get out of it, to forget what happened on the field’. A
small minority relived their on field performances but most were happy to use the extra
drinks to warm up and stretch for the main event.
Though there is no concern about how women handle their alcohol as Club veterans
Piggy, Turkee, Michelle and Laura showed great strength of character and self-control
throughout the season. It was no surprise to see that the Club functions had no effect on
the girls playing performances.

Dr Nick Gray, head of his own unit, at Royal Hayden Smith Hospital (Bring your own
medicine) said binge drinkers had increased risk of self injury, spilt beverage syndrome,
memory loss and brain paralysis.

The national trend is that more young sportsmen and women are doing it more often and
for longer, and the UWAHC is clearily a leader.

      Big it up for the UHC massive.
                        Geoff “Iron Bar” Boyce wanted a net profit of $20,000 when I first asked. “You
                        bloody need what!” I said, knowing that last year we netted $12,000. Geoff finally
                        came to his senses and budgeted for a $14,000 profit. I knew it would be tough…
                        hang on just a minute, piece a piss I thought, with the line up of seasoned barflies
                        supporting the cause and a couple of EPIC parties in the mix, maybe that twenty
                        gees is reachable! Well, we’re at the end of the year, the barflies at UWA hockey
                        have punched through Iron bar’s budget and we’re looking at the twenty gees!
                        Hmmm… weeell not quite… but we’re close!... might need your help though,
                        summer mixed hockey comp., warm balmy nights, little bit of piss, a slap and a
                        tickle and twenty gees here we come, eh!

                       This year improvements have been behind the bar… that’s right you can’t see
                       them, you’ll just have to trust me, I’m not a lawyer! We did manage to acquire a
 massive stereo and a sweet table tennis table. Next year look out for couches, pool table, outdoor dining
 and heaters. With the club’s social atmosphere intensifying, it’s a great place to hang out, so next year
 bring a friend(s), enjoy what your Club has to offer, together, on and off the field.

 A huge shout out to the guys, girls and geezers that helped out behind the bar. A tough job at times,
 done well. Big it up for da bar staff.

 See you at your bar!

 Luv ya:)

                         from Ra
   Some of those ones... from Rags
Given the job of publicity officer had its perks. Though I may request a secre-
tary when the folding of the Dribble comes around again, for applications apply

I knew hockey would feature at some point of time in the Dribble but I tried to
keep it to a minimum for the sake of sanity. Traditions of old were taken from
the shelf, dusted and slowly given life, do you know the words to 1, 2, 3 Uni
Boys are We? I suppose not, as not many Australians even know their own
National Anthem, isn’t it Down Under, Men At Work.

The Dribble manifested into the website, with which photos were plastered
across the www for everyone to see, even the underage. So if you did not think
I would publish it, your wrong. Sucks to be you!

Thanks must go Simon and Roh for organising social events. All the parties involve the same mechanics,
but they call them different names to keep people like you interested, smart huh!

Many thanks must go to the beloved Heuchans, Plaza Camera, for the use of a digital camera and video
camera. I am sure many of you had the pleasure of being on the receiving end, the camera that is.

A few relationships have blossomed from club parties, and the handy digital has been there to capture the
moment. Though they were not keen when asked to continue.

Reflecting on the photos throughout the year, a part for there being a lot of good looking people about, it
seems we had a great time supporting the Club and generally running amuck. Hopefully we can keep this
relationship going next year, its working for me!

Here’s to us

PS. Heard a joke the other day. Here it is.
What sexual position creates the ugliest babies?
Ask your mum!
 You guys don’t drink enough! Not even close - I think I have heard the uni skull song
 twice all year and only ‘cos I started it!

 There are a few notable mentions for bar help - Pex, tubbsy, gase, pikey, shannas -
 always willing to help the revenue but you get sick of seeing the same faces every

 Thursday nights were fun - me doing the stealth to try and keep some salads for the
 girls because boys eat too much.

 Saturdays tended to be on the quiet side! Announcements will be on again next year so
 come back to the club after your game - two women’s sides are not enough.

                                               P.S. You all look funny when you are
Hockey in Canada
        When Canadians talk about hockey, we talk about Ice Hockey. Field
hockey is still very much viewed as a ‘girl’s’ sport. The North American
view of hockey was shaped by a television show called ‘The Wonder Years.’
The show portrayed girls prancing around on a grass pitch carrying a stick
with their hair flowing in the wind. This is a hard stereotype to break.

        Hockey is more popular with girls than it is with the boys. There are
established leagues in all ten provinces, but only three provinces have any
sort of men’s league. Most men that play hockey in Canada either stumble
into the sport by accident, or they have some sort of connection from a
family member or friend. I got involved in field hockey because my father
(who immigrated to Canada from Holland when he was young) played for
the Canadian National Team for quite some years. If it weren’t for the family connection, I would
probably have probably joined the stereotypical view of field hockey as a girl’s sport.

        There are many challenges that we face back home when trying attract young ones to play
hockey. We compete with Baseball, soccer and American Football for the limited numbers. It is important
to offer proper playing facilities as well. There are currently six turf pitches in the Greater Vancouver
area. Two pitches are located in the downtown area. These fields are poorly cared for. At my home
university (the University of British Columbia in Vancouver), an astro-turf was just completed. We are
hoping to continue to build up the numbers so, down the road, Canada can compete on the World

        It is quite an experience to come to a country where I can proudly say that I play field hockey
and not get a wierd look, or even get laughed at. The facilities at Club U-Dub are top notch. It is great
to have proper coaching twice a week. Back home we struggle to find qualified hockey coaches to run
our teams.

       The social aspect is….well….UN-REAL! What a night freshers was! Good thing that there was
no evidence that I was actually there that night (same with AT and Jamie). I love the idea of eating a
‘home cooked dinner’ every Thursday after practice. It is a great time to sit down and get to know your
teammates better. It is fun how the social committee is always planning events such as “Star Wars
Night” and “Back to School Night.” I can’t wait for the next one to come along.

        I have enjoyed my first half-year in Perth being a member of the UWA Hockey Club, and I look
foreword to my remaining half year in Perth and as a member of the UWA Hockey Club. I would
especially like to thank the boys on the first, second, and third team for making me feel at home as a
member of the UWA Hockey Club. I am having a blast playing hockey in WA.
        As a side note, we are always looking for teams to come on tours to Vancouver. Feel free to
write to me for further information with regards to hockey in Vancouver or in Canada. I can be
reached at

By: Andrew “Canadia” Schouten

All right…

I’m Mo, or Max, Maxi or Max-mo or whatever; it isn’t really impor-
tant the main thing is that I am from Germany, the World Cup losers
in soccer, but winners in field hockey (Yes guys you have to accept
that I’m sorry). Actually my name is Moritz Mat F rste and I live in
Hamburg, in the beautiful north of Germany. I love snowboarding,
soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, golf, surfing, girls and getting com-
pletely pissed on the German hockey drink ‘Cold Pussy’, which in
German is ‘Kalte Muschi’.

I came to Perth, WA with honestly not very high expectations in order to play hockey or meet
anybody. These expectations came true during the first two and half weeks. Then when Clem
called me before my first Tuesday training session I thought all right let’s see what’s going on
with Oz hockey. The training was good after I realized that change-room behaviour must be
world wide special thing which only hockey players own. It was exactly the same in Ger-
many, Holland and I fly 12000 kms or whatever and see the same thing again. THAT’s FUNNY.

It didn’t take long before I got a personal taxi, thanks Rags. And after he explained to me
what his nickname means I was sure you guys are crazy.
                         So I’m enjoying the time here, the training ses-
                         sions and the… (wink).

                         By the way this is an invitation for anyone to
                         come to Germany and to do whatever…even if
                         you want to play hockey. You can contact me

                         Ok thanks for letting me be a little part of the
                         club for the time I was here. I hope to see you
                         again, may be some day in Germany. All the best The ‘head
                                                                         band’ adopted
                        to UWA in the coming year.                       by so many.
                                                                         Did it came
See you, bye the German Part Time Player.
                                                                         from the
PS Did I mention that Germany is better at hockey than Australia. Have a wrapping
look at the last World Cup. Thanks                                       found around
                                                                         a paw-paw
                            You’ve gotta love ‘em.
                                                     Who are you
                                                     1. Your Name? Sean
                            Who are you exactly?     2. Your Nickname
                            1.. Your Name? Karl      Rowdy
                            Benton West Svatos.      3. Martial Status -
                            2.. Your Nickname?       Single
                            3.. Martial Status?
                            Single.                   A little bit about
                                                     1. Your Favourite
A little bit about yourself?                         drink? Vodka, Lime &
1.. Your Favourite drink? Green Cordial.             Soda or Red Wine
2.. Do you consider yourself an alcoholic? No.       2. Do you consider yourself an alcoholic?
3.. How many hours of television do you watch per    Compared to ordinary folk:
week: None.                                          YES. Compared to the average UHC
4.. Which reality show would you like to be in and   member: NO
why? Australia Survivor.                             3. How many hours of television do you
5.. What is your favorite color? Green.              watch per week: More than 20 hours
6.. When did you last chunder? Last Year.
7.. Where carrots present? Yes.                      4. Which reality show would you like to be in
                                                     and why? The Osbornes,
                                                     because they make me look normal.
On and off the field                                 5. What is your favorite color? Green
1.. Have you ever scored? Yes.                       6. When did you last chunder? 2000 team
2.. If so, in what position? Centre Half, 1 on 1.    medal count
3.. Did you like the person? Yes.                    7. Where carrots present? Too blind to tell
4.. If you were to be sponsored, who would it be?
5.. Favourite hockey player? Mark Geyer.             On and off the field
6.. Whats your favorite position? Centre Half.       1.Have you ever scored? A very very very
7.. Why do you like it? It’s Central to the Whole    long time ago (how often
Team                                                  does your average goalie score?)
8.. Do you double dip? No.                           2. If so, in what position? Mostly upright
9.. How would you rate your dancing technique?       3. Did you like the person? Person???
Excellent.                                           4. If you were to be sponsored, who would it
                                                     be? International Society
                                                     of Mimes and/or Hair Fusion
                                                     5. Favourite hockey player? Nobody who is a
                                                     6. Whats your favorite position Goalkeeper
                                                     7 Why do you like it? The buckles and straps
                                                     are nice and I get to abuse other players.

                                                     8. Do you double dip? Only when I’m
Who are you ex-
1. Your Name?
Damon Diletti
2. Your Nickname -
                                                  Who are you exactly?
                                                  1. Your Name? Laura Ross
3. Martial Status –
                                                  2. Your Nickname - Chewy, fine, lairy,
happily married
                                                  3. Martial Status – Single, not through
A little bit about
                                                  lack of trying!
1. Your Favourite
                                                  A little bit about yourself?
drink? Beer
                                                  1. Your Favourite drink? champers,
2. Do you consider
                                                  bourban, vodka, red and white wine
yourself an alcoholic?
                                                  2. Do you consider yourself an alco-
No but my mother
                                                  holic? Absolutely and proud of it.
                                                  3. How many hours of television do you
3. How many hours of television do you
                                                  watch per week: 10ish
watch per week: 5—10
                                                  4. Which reality show would you like to
4. Which reality show would you like to be in
                                                  be in and why? Bold and the Beautiful
and why? I’m a surviver
                                                  5. What is your favorite color? blue
5. What is your favorite color? black
                                                  6. When did you last chunder? Four
6. When did you last chunder? Oktoberfest
                                                  years ago
last year
                                                  7. Where carrots present? Maybe
7. Where carrots present? Aber naturlich (of
                                                  On and off the field
                                                  1. Have you ever scored? Yes just a few
On and off the field
1. Have you ever scored? I have got a few in
                                                  2. If so, in what position? I play them all.
the back of the net
                                                  3. Did you like the person? I think so.
2. If so, in what position? I am usually at the
                                                  4. If you were to be spon-
                                                  sored, who would it be?
3. Did you like the person? I like everyone
4. If you were to be sponsored, who would it
                                                  5. Favourite hockey player?
be? Coffin cheaters
                                                  The girls in my team
5. Favourite hockey player? Bob golding
                                                  6. Whats your favorite
6. Whats your favorite position? Once again,
                                                  position? hockey = bench,
at the back
                                                  not hockey = workbench
7. Why do you like it? I feel comfortable
                                                  7. Why do you like it? get to
                                                  lie down
8. Do you double dip? Depends if anyone is
                                                  8. Do you double dip? Yep
                                                  9. How would you rate your
9. How would you rate your dancing tech-
                                                  dancing technique? I always think I am
nique? 1/100
                                                  brilliant until I see video footage.
Questions we all want to hear
the answers to...
   Is herpecs our main finacial income provider for the Blue Bar?

   Fritag is Tivo your apprentice, or does he actually knows what he is

   Roh were you wearing Briegh Gairns school uniform at the back to
   school party?

   Karl how many back flips can you do in a row?

   What are Germans like Jemma?

   Mr Knox, for the love or grog..coaching that is?

   Clem with your current coaching load of 1s/2smen and 1s women there
   is whisper in the wings that the 3s men have also approached you, will
   you take the task?

   Tubbs, we understand you are heading the UWAHC constitution revue.
   There are rumours that there is a ‘Dictator for life’ clause!

   Whats the average age of your team Herpecs?

   Goldie, we thought you were retiring?

   Where the cocktails stronger this year, Shonelle, Shubby and Ev?

The offical Organ of the University of WA Hockey Club
 If the Opposition was an                                              Alcoholic
 Beverage, they would be..
Suburban Cabernet Dolce: At the time of vintage, from neglected vines, a full and aromatic red
wine with blends of age and experience, worthy of cellaring. The sweetness has dissipated, as
long forgotten and neglected at the back of the cellar has now degraded to vinegar.

Curtin Trinity Cabernet Sauvignon: Not to be mixed with the Holy Trinity made by Grant Burge.
This is a flavorless wine with bright orange colour and a touch of blue. The bouquet shows of
spicey forwards, combined with defence on the nose. The palate is full and generous, boasting
numerous awards in recent years.

South West Fruity Lexia or Goon: A wine where the grapes were picked too early, but still
boasted to deliver strong competition. With local knowledge of the southern district, they still
endeavor to make a mark on city palates. While the wine was expected to drink well on release, if
you hold your nose, it has the structure to improve for at least a decade of cellaring under good
conditions. Maybe.

Wolves Bourbon: The birth of Wolves dates back to the late 1900’s when clean corn clarmonites
were distilled by the settlers of Claremont. The distinctive after party glow and rich hangovers of
the western suburbs bourbon was discovered when a batch of leftover corn whiskey was aged in
new white, grey and red oak barrels that had been charred by fire. In every pass, you get the
feeling of something big going nowhere.

YMC Breezer: As the name suggests, not a real drink. Alcoholic cordial is a better description,
ones the kids down the road drink. Claim they are the Genuine thing made and distilled from local
talent to give maximum freshness and flavor. An infusion process to give them the smooth distinct
character of a mixed team unit. One for the girls.

Sex on the North Coast: The glass it comes in is the most appealing tribute to this low alcoholic
beverage. Some prefer shaken and served cold, not served at all is a better option. Splashes of
youthful exuberance which were once called our own, followed with bucket chemistry proportions
of laziness and geriatric schnapps. With proper training measurements could be improved.

Aquinian’s Old Heritage Shiraz: A religious wine, which has spent a long time in the cellar.
You’d think by now it would have matured. Young grapes mixed with past-their-prime vinegars
sums up this rapidly deteriorating vintage wine. One word - yuck!

WASPs Pinot Noir: A fizzy Mediterranean-style that has a sickening taste and lacks any grunt.
Grapes grown near the Zoo. Rich and obnoxious, this wine suits those who favour a quick fix or
they’ll fall asleep in the stands. Well aged, but unable to make it into the finals, even though no one
else likes it. A champagne that may be seen for awhile.

Hale Premium Light: A reasonably satisfying drop, that is a favourite with the oldies. Delved into
some fine tuning over recent years, but still delivers a bland and tasteless style. If you can get past
the low alcohol and have low expectations, you too may enjoy.

Freo Port: A home grown wine that has been on both the top and bottom shelf. Monotone col-
oured label belies a vinegar flavour that will win few fans north of the Freo docks. Fairly cheap and
great for drinking out of brown paper bags, expect to see plenty of empty bottles of this in bus

Park Bitter: Brewed in the depths of Victoria Park brings to light a coarse and brazen beer, which
often leaves one gasping. Resembles an old favourite of the area, stale Emu Export. The bottle is
usually used for belting someone. More a mug than a beer.

Harlies Tequila: Lick, Sip, Suck, is a familiar phrase. Pride themselves that they are the genuine
thing, they have the worm in the bottle to prove it. Some say the worm is for the psychedelic high,
others say it’s artificial. Deep coloured and spicy flavours make this wine a favourite with Eastern

Willeton Riesling: Winemaking is new concept to this outfit that has not found its place. Ques-
tionable use of young grapes with a distinct lack of maturity has characterised this wine. Not big
on males but has pleased the more mature female palate.

 If there was one thing to take home from
 this season what would it be?
 To many guys dress up as women.

 Grant Shubert.

 Average party nudy runs have dramatically fallen according to the Dribble Bureau of

 No, your not a forward.

 Are the womens body suits really for players comfort?

 We really do need a pool table and couches, Hayden!

 Herpec’s gambling techniques.

 Lacross is an average game but can fill a grand stand, our 1s men can’t.

 The Blue bar is often mistaken as home.

 Kristen Pache.

 Maybe, a change in vocation.

 Nothing beats a club house meal.

 A slushy machine makes a lot of sense at a cocktail night.
                                                          State Ladies 2’s
OKAY, Do a lap.

But I’m just…

NO, do a lap now. Okay.

We all know that what Simon says
is gospel and he said we’d win this
year. He also said do a lap. One of
these statements was made fre-
quently, the other only after a com-
prehensive victory, a number of
beers, and before he saw us train.
Getting shunted from Peter’s first XI
twice weekly we were assured of
Tivo’s varied drills and maximum in-
tensity. And laps. Training was well
attended and featured uunrelenting
commentary by Megs; novel excuses
from the Turkee and calls of order
from Michelle.

Weekends were another story (or Monday nights – fire up!). In our recycled first grade get-up (shiny
shirts and names scratched off the back), we looked the team to beat. But there’s no way we’re taking
recycled bodysuits next year. We like to think of the 2002 season as one of unrestrained domination.
We’ve consistently been points clear of the second-placed team, won the challenge cup, minor premiers,
grade champions…

The calibre of this team is indescribable on paper. The only way to appreciate the quality is to watch the
two’s in action. An alternative and highly recommended option is to give them a drink or four and you’ll
know all about it. Nevertheless, we’ll try and do the greats some justice.

Team HEADBAND: You may have seen the stylish headbands being worn by some members of our team
this year. You thought Fi Boyce was good but she owes it all to the headband. Others attempting to
capitalise on the power were Michelle Clement and Dani ‘Hey Frank’ Darragh.

Team GET A GOAL AND GET DRAGGED: With glory comes the bench, give it up for Fiona Turnbull,
Marie Pennock, Sian ‘Electric Fingers’ Turner and Jules Powles. Kirsty Hewitt ‘scored’ and benched more
than her share too. One talented player also provided a glimpse of her striking prowess, go Kel Robbo.

Team BUTTERCUP: When we were lucky enough, some good sammies came to help the lessers, Maria
Noakes and Bron ‘you will not pass me’ Bott.

Team TEAM: The backbone, the spirit of the two’s originated in Helen ‘the ball is precious’ Keen; the
always smiling Shonelle Duthie; our reliable and essential Jemma Schouten; and she who shall speak for
herself: Megan Wells.
                                                 Men’s Metro 2B’s
                                                                              The 2B’s were one of the
                                                                              big beneficiaries of the
                                                                              huge influx of new play-
                                                                              ers to the club this year.
                                                                              What we didn’t have in
                                                                              age and experience was
                                                                              well and truly compen-
                                                                              sated for by youth, en-
                                                                              thusiasm and fitness.
                                                                              Building a team from this
                                                                              group of players was al-
                                                                              ways going to be a chal-
                                                                              lenge but to the credit of
                                                                              nearly all of guys, this
                                                                              was achieved by sea-
                                                                              son’s end. This is a defi-
                                                                              nitely a team to watch in
                                                                              the future.

Alex Johnston (Captain)Inspirational leader, brilliant goalkeeper (who wrote this crap???) and one
of the few old men of the team. But seriously, again pulled off some great saves and was a part of a
deep defence prepared to fearlessly stand up to all comers. Season highlights were shirtfronting one
of the Hale forwards and saving a stroke against YM, after convincing the umpire it should be taken

Andrew Mutzig. Missed the first four games due to honeymooning in France, managed only 3
games before busting a finger which ended his season. His experience, ability to set up the attack
and extensive vocabulary that could be used to highlight the many inadequacies of the umpires were
all missed but he promises to be back next season.

Nic Young. New comer who was rock solid at fullback. Great skills, fitness and understanding of the
game who has a big future ahead of him. His willingness to take on greater responsibilities and
leadership potential were greatly appreciated and should contribute to a long and prosperous time at

Ben Milton. An older, wiser head on a lanky body but his experience and skill contributed to a
strong defence. Could always be relied upon to run hard, tackle hard and get the defence fired up,
just when it looked like we were in deep shit.

Jeremy Johnson. Nothing was too much for this bloke. Skillful, hardrunning, reliable and versatile,
he was happy to slot in where ever we needed him. One of the hardest workers on the field who was
never afraid to take on his opponent.

Travis Barnett. Any team who has such a creative, skillful and hardworking centre half is truly blessed.
Trav was exceptional at breaking down opposition attacks and driv-
ing us forward. Needs to cut back on going out on the piss on
Friday nights, or at least telling the Captain about it. Finished a
close second in the fairest and best.

Olli Cuneo. Getting Olli from the 1C’s was a real boost to the team.
At either Right Half or Right Inside, his tackling, creativity and un-
derstanding of the game helped take us out of defence and into

Ashley Starr. One of the big improvers in the team in 2002. Started to see what he is capable of,
with his ball skills and attacking flair complemented by maturity, reliability and willingness to take
on greater responsibility. Starry’s absence in the last couple of games was evident with the team
lacking some of its strength in attack.

Andrew Davis. Despite never training, Andy developed significantly in several areas of his game.
A hard running, skilful and no-nonsense player who carved out a niche at Left Inside and will
continue to improve if he displays these attributes. Like a number of others in the team, he has the
ability to play at a higher level.

George Hope. Another non-trainer, George really made an impact in the second half of the season.
A substantial presence at centre-forward, he has great skills, can intimidate the defence and doesn’t
worry how he scores, even if it means kicking the ball into the net and flattening the goalkeeper.
Highest goalscorer for the season with 6.

Andrew Ferguson. Like the other young guys in the team, Andy has the skills and ability to play
higher up the grades in the future. More confidence, a greater willingness to run harder and attack-
ing the ball will see him play to his potential as we didn’t see enough of what he is capable of in

Tristan Cameron. First and only player to receive a yellow card this season, although to be fair, it
was bullshit Umpire!!! Beckham-like haircuts are a clear indication of what he wants to develop
into as a forward and with his skills, work rate and commitment, he will only get better.

Peter Flood. Work commitments meant Floody could only put in rare appearances. When he did,
he was a real boost to the half backs, using his skills and attacking flair to drive the team forward.
Hope to see him back next year as he could be a very valuable player to the club.

Karl Svatos. Skill, endurance and passion for the game were let down by lack of discipline. Work-
ing on this aspect of his game will make him a valuable asset to the team.

Thanks to Mike Morris, Brian Knox and the guys who filled in for us when we short. It is always
disappointing to miss the finals but the positives for 2002 were the improvement of individual
players during the season and the emergence of several great players of the future. Best of luck in
                                                        State Ladies 4’s

The fours, that’s us, began the season in full force, killing our first 2 opponents 5-1 and 7-0. We
slowed however to only 1 up wins or draws, hence just missing out on the challenge cup. It was
all part of the plan though, not wanting to peak too early, so we could get to where we are now –
‘King of the castle’, bigger than Ben Hur sitting on top of the table. Ready to bring home the
championship flag.

Getting to this position has not been without its troubles though. Starting the season with 4
reserves AT was having a little trouble rotating the bench as there was so much talent. But as the
season moved on this slowly or quickly? dimished, to the point at the beginning of the 2nd round
we had to have a bring a friend day. It worked quite well as we managed a win. Ever since this
we’ve had to do some serious recruiting and succeeded. No thanks to those people who think
travelling the world or our own bloody country is more important than the 4’s hockey. Mozza,
Cara, Jules…

On to the social scene. Our first team dinner began in Subi with Thai where we proceeded to
learn a bit about each others past lives, drink, eat, and drink some more… sing a few songs and
empty the restaurant… and then drink some more. We thought it was all good!!! On leaving,
after paying for the meal and leaving a small tip, someone had the crazy idea of heading back to
Barker Rd (piggy’s house) to have funnels. So there we were , 13 of us in the car park having
funnel after funnel after funnel. Amoungst us there were a few ‘virgin’ funnelers and paranoia
about the funnel being clean. With bottles scattered everywhere and the funnels chucked under
the car we headed out to down town subi….
                      Where: Barker rd
                    When: Saturday august 31

     Alisa’s minni minni
     Cross dressing christa
        Pippa and Streaks styled afros
     Hideous red beads worn by Kylie
     A yella tahryn          Lana’s size 4 platforms

Entertainment provided -
*robbie williams*      SUPriSEs: turkeyless JuleS
                 Fines master – streaks tracky dack afro
                       Fuck ups by michele
                 BeEr pIZzA scOtcH provided

       Stayed tuned for next team event: hannahs fabulouso pasta night

     Sadly missed: robyn “zim’ ackaird

                       Lisa- newest star recruit

                       zara ‘#1’ goalie

                  Thanks to all the team and AT for a fun filled season and
                                                  Men’s Metro 3C’s
Roodog left us in May to greener pastures in the UK. Somehow he still manages to get best player votes
every week and looks a certainty to get the Best Player award at the end of the year.

Heardy. Old man Tim dug himself in at centre half this season distributing the ball well between
defence and attack. Leading the team in the on and off field antics. The father to be, if you see him
make him scull. Understands english but doesn’t always respond. We only played one turf game this
year and he disgraced himself by kicking a guy from wolves up the arse. Here Here

Boilo (?spelling?). The teams premier goalie made numerous awesome saves and made us look a much
better side. Chief chauffeur of the team, it was common knowledge that old Boilo couldn’t go 5mins
without diving into his hoard of cigies he leaves behind the goals.

Nickolaus. The wild-man amongst our backline. With his hard fought bursts down the right, Nick was
our right half come winger. A number of well taken goalson shorts were trade mark. Although his
season was interrupted by breaking his wrist in a girly reverse flick shot. Nick kept the teams pants up
even if he advocated drunken and loud behaviour.

Karl. The youngest in the team but played as if he was on the older players. With his extreme pace and
                                                                        skill he made a difficult
                                                                        opposition to any halfback. He
                                                                        applied many crazy tackles to
                                                                        the other team and set up some
                                                                        the goals. Unlucky he didn’t
                                                                        snag some more for himself. He
                                                                        is a major player in the team.

                                                                        Guy. This man never goes to
                                                                        bed, unless it someone else’s,
                                                                        on a Friday night. Luckily his
                                                                        medicine cabinet is well stocked
                                                                        with a number of remedies. The
                                                                        man from bogan land, reckons
                                                                        he missed a lot of shots on goal,
                                                                        maybe if he traded his indoor
                                                                        stick for an outdoor one he’d
                                                                        do a bit better…still considering
                                                                        his state when he turned up to
play, he was a key player.

Brett. Became one of the best defenders this year at left half. Always played well chipped in with a few
goals as well, also missed the easiest of goals. One of the new young stars of the team.

Steve. The baby of the team this fast and furious young firebird was an excellent addition to the U-
Khans. Dropped off by his folks each week and not afraid to stand hi ground against fat and grumpy
old men. Steve was an excellent midfielder with sharp shooter capacity.

Scractcher. The legend, Canadian, new kid, another on the way? Missed another goal lifting his head
off the ball. Good riddance he’s off to Canada. Miss ya we will! Hmm..
Weasel….Traffic lights (need i say more). His inventiveness in the forward line has been very
important. A game winner while he was on he scored some memorable goals and he wasn’t afraid to
stand up to guys much, much, bigger than him.

Matt. Who is no fat! He wears no hat. I’ll give him a pat on the back. For being a a legendary half
back. Steve told me not to rhyme. I don’t rhyme. Hmmm. You’re a nice guy and you’re great and you
drink good beers and stuff. Matt is SOLID. Steve can have this back before I ruin it. Matt you go you

Brett P. Monassa has skill beyond belief all of it relates to alcohol and substances. When he turned up,
he had trouble due to Dockers work and comedowns, he played outstandingly.

Holty. The captain that led from the back – though he wasn’t as camp as Glastonbury. Ploppy as he’s
ore affectionately known was the playmaker from the rear. He likes playing from behind and occa-
sionally making a run for the oppositions goals. He was a brilliant leader and a credit to the team. Who
are you? Holty has the biggest penis on the team, apparently. We love you Holty.

Lance. He claims not to know Hanse Cronje. He has an accent, he must know him. Slammed home a
magnificent goal against YMCC, the rest of the year at right half back, we think he owns a safari park
with lions and baboons with red bums.

Matt C. The older statesman with the younger girlfriend. When he was on fire was one not to miss.
For all the rest…well he probably gave the goal keepers a cold. A man with a plan…although it
doesn’t always come off.

                                                                                     The gallery.
                                                                                     A good
                                                                                     They support
                                                                                     both the team
                                                                                     and the Blue
                                                 Men’s Metro 2A’s
“The season that was”
It all started with a squad of
15 players and like many
other teams around us,
dwindled down to the
necessary 12-man unit, and
just like the dirty dozen we
fought all the way through to
the bitter end. Many players
throughout the season
experienced a variety of
injuries including ankles,
hamstrings and aching backs
(for the old ones). Aside
from these ailments the only
other problem we seemed to
experience was a lack of goal
scoring. (For you blondes
out there, that means we did
not score enough of them!)

Our season began in a very positive note with all of our first round games registering a win or a draw.
There were no injuries to start the season and all of the players seemed to be revved up for a good
solid season of hockey. Unfortunately (and opposing last years commitment) – training attendances
fell away, injuries became apparent and the cracks began to appear in our well-oiled armour. Many
players forgot the true commitment to the sport and began to show wear and tear like a $2.00 hooker.

Aside from these negative points though, we remained in the top 4 for most of the season and showed
certain teams glimpses of why we were there and how we did things the UNI way. Our finals cam-
paign was fought bravely and I will tell you all how well we went at the final dinner.

Special thanks should be given to certain players and people who in their infinite wisdom decided to
help us this year with coaching and filling in when required. Some of these comrades are: Travis,
Nick and George from the 2B’s. Mike Basanovic and John Knox from the “phantom” 1C team who
helped us in our time of need when injuries struck us down like “Herpes in Northbridge”. And a
special thank you to Brian Knox the little dood with the big heart who helped out at training as well as
watching many of the teams during the second half of the season.

Lastly thanks to all of the team members of the Metro 2A’s this year for a fun and great season and I
hope to see most of you back next year. For these of you who live under a rock or have never seen
these guys at training (hee-hee) the players are listed below:

John Dalton (Physco) - A Mexican import who delicately showed his concern of a bad umpiring
decision in a very private way. Scored a few goals that were rather unexciting. Physco always stayed
around after each game with the boys.

James Heath (Heathy) A short rather chubby player who attended every training session with gusto
                                         and a different car in the car park each week. Not too
                                         bright but a hell of a kisser according to Undies!!

                                         Ewjay McCartain (Kiwi)       Another import from
                                         somewhere that seems to make a shitload of uggboots and
                                         seat covers. Does not like girls or scoring goals.

                                         Daniel Baker (Danny)          Danny played in the forward
                                         line and was as close to scoring a goal as Bobby was to
                                         playing 1C’s this year. The boys liked it when his
                                         girlfriend came to the game though as this showed that he
was no longer linked to the gay mafia.
Shaun Kelly (Rowdy) Rowdy was again the silent achiever of the team, saving our arses when the
rest of us couldn’t! He still has a penchant for small fury animals.

Stuart Underdown (Undies)Undies should have been a forward, as he loves to
run the ball out of defence! He is a good contributor to the team and loves it
when the going gets physical (must be a navy thing!) Undies hobbies include
painting, reading and doodling…with his doodle.

Brad Ding (Dummy spit) Brad successfully wiped himself out of contention for
the Fairest and Best this year by giving the umpire what for, or was that um-
pires?? Consistently the hardest working member of the team. Sadly Bradles as
he is affectionally known by the rest of the team, leaves us to head for Darwin.
Something about crocodiles and liking their texture.

Tony Barr ( T-Bar)T-Bar again provided a solid defence and scared the team
with a run into the attacking circle this year!! Thank god he didn’t score. T-Bar has been
successfully trained this year to provide oranges for half time, neatly cut into quarters! Good man
to have on the team.

Paul Gason (Gase)Gase started the year well, and then broke his ankle, for which the team was
very grateful, as we didn’t lose a game while he was out! Good distributor of the ball, well at
least when we gave it to him. Gase is a regular competitor at the Swanbourne Beach Olympics.

Matt Smith (Smithy) Matt made a variety of appearances throughout the year providing some
good young legs that this team desperately required from time to time. Sadly he provided no goal
scoring abilities, which granted, as a halfback is generally not required, but hey, can’t miss a fair
sledge at the guy. Smithy has a photo of Rowdy’s favourite fury animal in his wallet.

Chris Lefroy (Nod) Undoubtly this man would have been a handful as a child and yes it is true he
strangled his own pet rabbit when he was 14.

Les Turner (Bobby) Bobby wanted to score heaps of goals this season but he just forgot to! He
spent most Friday nights at Connections attempting to get some bloke to play with his stick!

Ian Tubbs (Tubbsy) The Verbal Commander of the team. Full of commitment but always
wanted to have a team dinner every week. He often got his daughter to play instead of him
hoping that we would not notice the difference.
                                             Men’s Metro 3A’s
       Well another season
draws to a close, some might say
somewhat prematurely in the
case of the Metro 3A’s. We fin-
ished fourth this year aided by
a healthy goal difference and
some key losses by other sides
who were attempting to finish
in the final four. The season
was a bit problematic in that
various team members were
away overseas or interstate for
considerable portions of the
season, which made it very
hard to field a consistent side.

       After several teammates
had flown in the day before
from various parts of the globe,
including Belfast and Sydney,
the second semi-final was unfortunately lost to Suburban Nedlands on penalty strokes, on the cow pad-
dock next to the rugby fields. This was after a nil all result at the end of ordinary and extra time. Interest-
ingly enough, some may even say fate, this was the first season that we didn’t practice penalty strokes
before the finals because we had never required them in seasons past, but you get that I suppose. Con-
gratulations must go to the way the team played with a very high quality game with some very near misses,
an obvious penalty stroke that was missed by the umpires and a disallowed goal by an umpire who had
indicated that he was going to play advantage at every opportunity before the game. Mention should also
be made of Geoff’s very theatrical dummy spit when he yelled, “I just can’t play under these conditions”,
and stomped off the field.

       In fact the whole umpiring issue was pretty despicable this year, with the quality of the WAHA
umpires being generally worse than the club provided umpires and possibly worse than the under 15’s
who umpired me when I was a junior in the country. This of course was not aided by several very large
mouths in our side who felt they were obligated to inform the umpire of every mistake and 50/50 ball that
didn’t go our way. Unfortunately, I include myself in that category so I can’t be too critical. Amazingly
enough I didn’t get sent off all season but Geoff and Steve were not so fortunate.

        Highlights of the year included Steve head butting the goals in an attempt to stop the ball going in.
Despite his best efforts the ball crossed the line, despite having to go an extra foot after the goals moved,
and he was off to hospital for stitches and treatment for concussion. I also had a bit of an accident with
my forehead plunging forward and hitting some teenage Hale noddy on the nose after he had been giving
me shit all day. Accidents do happen, as I informed the umpire afterwards, after he had stopped play and
warned me. I think it was just a momentary weakness of the neck caused by my impending old age due
to turning 30! The collision between Ben and myself in the last game of the season was also pretty
awesome. We are both quite solid (me more so) and hit each other front on running at full pace. Both of
us went flying, too much laughter from the crowd, but I think you can guess who came off worse. Cam
Elliott’s victory inspiring second half goal against Uni Associates on the turf leading to an amazing come-
back also rates a mention.
                                                     With the slight change in the club structure this year
                                              due to the extra side going in, we lost quite a few players to
                                              higher teams. A few other players also prematurely retired,
                                              although we hope we may get a couple back next year. This
                                              lead to us being a bit short of numbers at various times, so
                                              thanks must also go the guys who filled in for us during the
                                              year, including Ollie Cumeo, Russ Shearing, Stu Underdown,
                                              Ash Parker, Pete Crommelin, Ben and probably others. With-
                                              out their help we would not have finished where we did.

                                                   The new players in the side this year also performed
                                            very well, including Steve Lance, Ben Milton, Pete
                                            Crommelin, Xandy Cumeo, Matt Gisborne and Lucas Joynt.
                                            Matt and Xandy in particular showed dramatic improvement
                                            with Xandy becoming an expert goal sneak toward the end
                                            of the season averaging a goal a game including the disal-
lowed deflection in the semi-final. I think both will prove to be valuable players next season.

      Special mention should also be made of Geoff Cooper who filled in for half the season as captain
while I was away in Europe and also Dirk Vanderstryfe who played the whole season at centre half back,
provided strong leadership and being an absolute rock in defence at all times.

       Thanks must also go to Ev and in the latter part of the season Suzana for their undying support. I
don’t know what we would have done without the cheers of “go Uni”, “go Steve” or “run, Murray, run”.
Anyone who knows me well would realise that I run as little as possible at all times, but at least it gave the
supporters and blokes on the team something to laugh at.

       Finally, congratulations go to Neal Collins for win-
ning the fairest and best in his return season after missing
a year with a shoulder injury sustained at the Skyshow
after an act of sheer stupidity followed by considerable
pain. Also, congratulations to Cam Elliott who won the
goalsneak award for scoring the most goals, and he didn’t
pinch too many on the goal line (ala Mutzig style) this sea-

      General consensus at the final medal count was that
we will all be back at the Club next season for another
round where we can hopefully take it that one step further
and bring home a pennant.

      Have a great summer and see you all next year.

                                                           State Ladies 5’s
Over the past four or so years the University Hockey Club has assigned the State League 5 team to the
Junior Club to allow the transition of more promising junior girl players into the hurley burley of senior
competition. This year the team has included eight junior players from the 15A’s and one from the 17A’s.
The team has been very successful in a tough competition finishing second on the ladder and winning the
Challenge Cup. At the time of writing this report the team had made its way directly into the grand final
winning the second semi 2-0.

The senior players who have played a very important part in the team’s success were Kim Jones, who
showed extreme versatility playing in goals when needed as well as fullback (she taught the girls what a
tough tackle was!); Sheena Gibson who answered the emergency call and very kindly gave up her week-
ends to play in goals; Michelle Saunders who was recruited to play on the understanding that she score
goals when necessary (and she did!); Melinda Hodkwiecz, a stalwart of the team who continues to show
the young ones that some people can still run very fast when they are in their thirties; second round ring-
in Julie Waddell who still has the skills to play 1A’s but is happy to support the juniors; and Robin Harvey,
another stalwart of the team who has played with the juniors since the team’s inception (although she
thinks she’s getting a bit tired!). The team also included Alix Nulsen who had moved from the Eastern
States and felt a little intimidated by the large University Club. Thanks go to Chris Scott and Janice Boyce
who also filled in when necessary.

Junior players included:
Tiki Ewing: A skilful player with a great eye. During the year Tiki improved the quality and pace of her
disposal which really assisted the team from fullback.
Katherine Harvey: At only 14, Katherine showed strength and skill to hold her place in this team. Her
pace and determination was a great asset when playing at either right half or fullback.
Ellen Bussell: Ellen came from the U17A’s and, while we were waiting for the younger players to
develop, she held the deep defence together. A fine tackle and skilful disposal helps to make Ellen a
                                                                                 player of the future.
                                                                                 Kate Howard: Kate’s
                                                                                 work ethic and flexibil-
                                                                                 ity was the key features
                                                                                 of her year in this team.
                                                                                 Got a problem player,
                                                                                 give her to Kate and
                                                                                 she’ll get her under con-
                                                                                 trol! She is also learn-
                                                                                 ing to keep calm which
                                                                                 helps a lot!
                                                                                 Gabby Howard: An-
                                                                                 other player with a great
                                                                                 work ethic. Her skills
                                                                                 and ability to read the
                                                                                 play have improved
                                                                                 over the year and she is
                                                                                 developing into a fine
                                                                                 Alyssa Foley: Alyssa
                                                                                 has been one of the big
improvers over the year. She has learned to get the ball onto the right side of her body and this has
improved her distribution skills markedly.
Lucy Simmer-Knight: Another very young one! Lucy shows strength, determination and a willingness to
play anywhere! Her ability to carry the ball into attack has shown a great deal of improvement over the
Aleisha Broom: Aleisha was only 13 for the entire season but showed she had the capacity to mix it with
the best of them. A little overwhelmed at the beginning of the season she showed the discipline and skill
to mark even the most difficult opponent.
Nikki Jones: Nikki has always had good ball skills but this year she has learned to use them at the pace
required for senior hockey. She has shown great character during the year but particularly in a couple of
games when marking the female version of Rambo.

A vote of thanks must go to Leon Bussell who came to every game, acted as manager for the team and
filled in as an umpire whenever they didn’t turn up! Thanks also to Mark Howard who assisted with
umpiring and team placements.
The team was particularly special to two families with Robin Harvey playing with both her sister Michelle
Saunders and her daughter Katherine Harvey. It was worth not retiring just to do it! As you can imagine
the grandparents frequently attended the game! Kim Jones also played with her daughter Nikki and I’m
sure this was very special for them too.

The playing future of the University Hockey Club is in good hands!

Robin Harvey

                                                 Men’s Metro 1A’s

 Who am I? In
 the last 6 years
 I’ve lost 6
 grand finals.
 Most of my
 current team
 mates use fake
 ID’s, includ-
 ing Shannas.
                                                   State Ladies 3’s

Take a little good advice
from two keen coaches,
they’re fairly nice.
Known round town as Swingers and Door,
encouraging us all more and more,
but you can never be sure ,
if they’ll both show up at all!

Bring along your nanna too,
but if that’s a little hard to do
We have four, perfect for you.

First there’s Miss Dobey who always helps out,   Who arrives a little late to games,
when reliable coaches are no-where about.        forgetting where she put her car key.
A 10km run is her pre-game routine,
and fancy hair styles a common Gen-theme.        A goalie called ‘Lana who broke her wrist,
                                                 constant complaining from an A.T. twist
There’s Winnie, Erwin, Woody or Elle,            Although this year she doesn’t scream,
who paddles the Avon really well                 she’s a vital member to the team.
We still think of Elwin as a grandma,
with her cricket skills she hits the ball far!   Black-eyed Fi, giving pirates the flick,
                                                 joining the threes and throwing her stick.
Then there’s Julie, our stable right half        She knows a lot about wine a cheese,
always willing to have a good laugh.             a local cab-sav is her favourite pick.
And being a grannie of the team,
to help us all out she’s always keen.            Impressing us with her training tricks,
                                                 corner push-outs and skillful flicks.
A speedy winger known as Sharpee,                You cant miss Charné from the stands,
elegantly adjusting her cardi.                   wearing her bright big-bird head band
                                                   If there’s ever anything you need to
                                                   To co-captain Teags is the place to go.
                                                   Always with paper and pens in her
                                                   It’s a good thing we have this firey red

                                                   The other captain Tegs who’s energetic,
                                                   and her shots at goals never pathetic.
Add a little smiling Pip,                          She may often lose the balls and cones,
who on the field can let it rip                    but is always very apologetic.
And to avoid mid-game hunger attacks,
suggests a ‘light’ pre-game snack.                 A circus or a clown,
                                                   Prices going down.
Bec, the ex-captain of the team,
a little horse with steam.                         Venn-diagrams by Door
And when she won a snazzy new bag,                 Sues always willing to score
to fling it ‘round Club she was pretty keen.
                                                   A melting Sambuca shot
A centre forward called Suse,                      A team that’s lost the plot.
that’s full of spirit and a bit of booze.
Bad umpire make her blow her fuse,                 You can make it happen here.
hard training she will often refuse.
                                                   The Goodies.
A half-back called Em, who may appear quiet,
But potentially could cause quite a riot.
On the left she plays like a little machine,
always with a smiley bright gleam.

Stevo can surely hit the ball firm,
but we’re still yet to see her hair with a perm!
In the kitchen she can cook quite a storm,
Always helping us out to get in good form.
                                                                Goundrey Cup
In a difficult year the end of season result has been remarkable, after a slow start with numerous players
away with national league duties the classic league team has hit its straps scoring an unprecedented 125
goals during the regular season. We won 9 out of the final 10 games to end the minor premiership in
second providing us with the double chance.

In particular the team has shown a tremendous commitment to themselves and their teammates in resur-
recting the form we all knew they had the capacity to display. Team morale ended high and a self belief
which was not evident early had returned to the side.

In essence the team had
arrived at the right end
of the season and the fi-
nals season was wel-
comed with a degree of
optimism and confi-
The Captains
Matthew Wells: What a
remarkable year for
Matthew being named
Australian Captain
during a series and
having a stellar year at
the international level.
We again thank him for
all he brings to our club
and hope he stays for
many more years.

Michael         Boyce:
Probably the most underrated player at our club, Michael is often viewed as being distracted on field due
to some conflicts with players or umpires but to the contrary he is the engine room of the green machine.
His poise, ball handling and finesse are second to none and without his on field leadership we would not
have made the finals, he can only get better if he sticks at it and focuses on himself.

Tristram Woodhouse: Probably the best right wing never to play for Australia and Australia’s loss is our
gain, again topping the classic league goal-scoring list Trinny has developed into one of the most devastating
forwards in world hockey. To think he can still improve……….

The Stalwarts
Craig McKenzie: To see Macca make 200 classic league games is no surprise, he is a tireless worker, he is
unselfish and has an uncanny knack of regularly scoring from nowhere. His work rate is second to none
and when it comes to the crunch Macca will be there for you, if ever a position on the field was underrated
it would be left wing but only when Macca is on your side. I hope he stays a little longer, he in invaluable.

Robbie Golding:Robbie was going to retire last year and UWA is lucky he didn’t, his fierce competitiveness,
goals scoring ability and strength on the ball have carried us into the finals, battling with injury has restricted
his capacity but he has again showed why he is regarded as one of the most dangerous forwards in the
league. Robbie brings more to the team than his skills, his humour, encouragement and friendship keeps the
team ticking and hopefully he will turn up again next year.

Derek Knox: Another of the aging variety, Knoxy has many things on his plate away from the hockey circles
but has continued to show the determination and enthusiasm of his youth. Regularly challenging the group
Knoxy continues to set the bar high and demands commitment and effort in everything he does, his on and
off field leadership was a tremendous assistance for the team
and me.

Damon Diletti: Well what can you say about probably the best
goalie in the world. Damon brings so much professionalism,
character and skill to the side it is a pleasure to watch. He
struggled with injury this year but to his credit made the
commitment to the team to see the year out. We will not see
another goalie the quality of Dingo for a long time to come,
thanks for the memories……you should continue, you have
plenty to offer.

Peter Swingler: The vintage red, Swings has only got better as
he got older, he has been a wonderful servant of the team and
was always a feisty competitor, to his credit he has also accepted a lesser role to allow for the development of
the team and has continued to provide the leadership and determination in the two’s.

The Import
Grant Schubert: Well what a breath of fresh air Grant has been for our team, after been struck down most of
the year with injury Grant’s last six or so games have been sensational. Fast, skilful and poised Grant has
brought an enormous amount of confidence to the team. We are very grateful he chose UWA and hopefully
he will remain a Uni boy.

The Two Amigo’s
Geoffrey Boyce: Geoffrey only gets better, probably the hardest tackler in the league and only second behind
Macca in work rate, Geoff’s tenacity and effort is tremendous, he is almost impenetrable when in defense and
has a steely fight in him which when aroused comes to the surface to the detriment of other sides. Probably
                                       needs more poise in attack but covers it by his speed and skills.

                                          Steven Boyce: If only half the players in our side had as much talent
                                          as Steve we would win every year. His ability to score off the penalty
                                          corners is tremendous and has probably carried us all the way to the
                                          finals. His speed, skill, balance, hitting and flicking is a joy to watch,
                                          needs to work harder off the ball especially when we lose possession,
                                          he is but a young man and can only get better as well. Desire and
                                          work rate can only come from within though……

                                         The Three Stooges
                                         Rohan Wilson: The smallest man in the world but with the biggest
                                         heart and determination you could possibly ask for, given an
 Trying tocomprehend                    opportunity Ro has not only taken it but also never given it back.
 Clem’s tatics                          Uncannily quick and tough Ro has really progressed this year to be
everything we all knew he could be.

Brendan Gairns: The unorthodox defender, Gairnsy can produce
anything from anywhere, the challenge for Gairnsy is to produce it not
only week in week out, but also time and time again. His ability to read
the play, tackle from any position and pass over long distances are only
ever reduced by his mistake.

Chris Webster: Webbo has had a year of two halves, probably
inconsistent in the first, he fought back to provide us with the stability
and consistency needed to be a regular midfield contender, Chris has enormous ability but also likes the
fruits of life. Webbo has set the foundation now he needs to build the infrastructure to be a great player!

The Replacements
Chris Murray: Well from metro 1A’s last year to classic league this year Chris has made some enormous
leaps and bounds. Individually some of Chris’s skills are second to none, he now needs to bring others into
                                                       the game and continue to advance his own skills and
                                                       abilities. I have this funny feeling Chris will be around
                                                       for a long time yet.

                                                           Anthony Walte: AT is the Peter Swingler of the
                                                           younger brigade; he is getting better with time and
                                                           age. AT has always been a goal scoring freak but
                                                           classic league has found him wanting in the scoring
                                                           room, persistence is required. AT will eventually head
                                                           the goal scoring list in the classic league if he sticks
                                                           at it.

                                                         Jud Dwyer: Another who will be eagerly watched as
                                                         he matures, Jud has some wonderful skills as a
platform for the future, he can only get better, he is another though that will need to decide what he wants
from the sport and then chase it, he will only not make it if he doesn’t want too.

Phil Monaco: Phil is another who could achieve a lot, but at the end of the day it comes down to priorities.
Not everyone has to excel straight away and to Phil I say stick at it but try and take more on board, you have
the skills and physical attributes to make a top hockey player, you just need the desire, determination and
consistency. Keep at it.

Nick Gray
The surprise packet of the season, Nick was called on late in the year and I think no more a person was
as surprised as Nick. Nick provided us with much needed stability at the back and has earned himself the
respect of the team, I expect Nick to take the next step and seize a regular birth next season.

To the benchers, Craig, Gemma and Kilts I thank you for your support and encouragement, it has been a
pleasure being involved with you all. I would also like to thank Grant Mitton for his effort in the first part
of the year and the time he gave to the club, I wish him well for the future. Lastly, to all the fella’s thanks for
the fun, challenges and friendships, hopefully this will be our year, and just
remember…………………………                       it’s not just a club it’s a lifestyle.
                                                   Men’s Metro 3B’s
An attacking forward line,
held up by a brilliant back
line, whilst being joined to-
gether as a close-knit fight-
ing force with a steady ever-
imposing contribution from
the midfield, are the key in-
gredients to becoming a su-
per force in today’s modern

Reality however, is quite a
different thing. With a
stubby in one hand, a bat in
the other, and a ‘she’ll be
right’ attitude, we managed
to drum up some support
from a few mates of a couple of guys who said they knew how to hold a stick and we were able
to field a solid team.

                             Unfortunately, the umpires weren’t very good at all this year, and I think
                             we can attribute the fact that we didn’t make the finals to their untidy
                             performance. (We’ve gotta blame someone!)

                             Congratulations go to James Wright who won the annual James Wright
                             Fairest and Best award for the second season in a row.

                             This year everyone played with hearts like lions and it was pleasing to
                             see that everyone tried their hardest throughout the season.

A stirling effort fella’s!

Paul Schwenke
                                        Men’s Metro 4A’s
2002 has been a great year for the Metro 4A’s. We’ve spent the last two years playing
in the Metro 3D’s. And to be honest we tended to get our arses kicked by what were
generally rugby scores. So to play a season where we’ve won more than half of our
games and only lost a third of them is pretty damn pleasing for us.

Performances of note this season include Ian Swingler scoring 3 goals of the six we
scored against Vic Park in Round three. Rodney Lorrimar who’s turning into a “Shit
Hot” center half back and
this while only in his first
year at Uni. John
Pendlebury, another young
bloke, who’s going to
make a damn fine defender
one day. The whole team
for a standout performance
in Round 8 when we bug-
gered up Hales undefeated
winning             streak.

Wood ducks this year go
to Shane Lord for break-
ing     his     hand    at
training (Out for 3 weeks).
Everyone knows trainings bad for you Shane. Skippy for flicking a ball into his own
face on the UWA Turf (4 Stitches). And Shane Lord again for stealing the ball from
one of his own players on the top of the D, head butting the goalies foot

(No Stitches) and still not managing to score. Dick Stuart may be mellowing a bit,
now he’s past 35, he was only sent off twice this year. Once for getting thumped by
an opposition player. They weren’t bad umpires that day either.

So all in all a pretty good year for us, at the time of writing we’re
in the four with one game to go and assuming we can kick Aquinas we’ll make the

Andrew “Skip” McColl
                                   State Ladies 6’s

It’s the end of another season,         But no! we were saved
and again for an unknown                by a coach name AJ
reason                                  Who gave up his time
we’ve made it to the semi’s             (no teaching us Rhyme!)
which will be better than the           But he gave up his nights
Emmy’s                                  with a certain player in his
We’ve been lucky to get this far
we all must have played like            A break in July
stars                                   saw us need to rely
with no goalie and none we              on a minimal team
could poach                             who were thankfully keen.
not to mention our club given
coach.                                  We fought out our games,
                                        with a few people lame,
No drills, no fitness, no turf          but headed up north
space,                                  and ended up fourth.
no balls, new players, no
coach’s face                            So apart from club rejection,
We were destined to fail                from us there’s no objection,
and bring up the tail                   we’ve had a successful year
and that was our foreseen case ’s to us with cheers &
                                                             State Ladies 7’s
                            We started so well, we were invincible, we were the ewe-beaut team – now we’re
                            hanging on in desperation. But we’ll make the finals and we’ll blow them all
                            away. But for now a quick team summary to explain our rapid decline:

                            Fee – Our dedicated captain and centre half, also a dab hand at the bend back.
                            Fee holds her yard glass with pride and is more than capable in a bar fight.

Ruth – A stalwart defender with a liking for the reverse stick (one of the only team members who can pull
it off). Definite player in the social stakes, her highlight is springtime – keep a close eye on your lower leg.
Professional yard glass owner and a pro at the bend back, also known for buying team mates flowers.

Sally – Runs equal with Fee as the most likely to start a bar fight, a true blue forward with scoring potential.
Subdued in the social stakes this season, could she be in lurve!?!?

Hannah – She returned to the fold half way through the season, about the time our form started to hit the
rocks – we’re not quite sure if that’s a completely unrelated coincidence….

Meg – ‘Grandma’ is always ready to lend her house for a team BBQ and… medal count? So in return we do
our best to make sure she doesn’t get to tired in her old age. We, especially Fee (el capitano), are always
willing to provide an injury to Nanna’s legs to make sure she doesn’t exert herself with her desire to run long

Renae – Our solid defender with a bloody good hit, pity she’s got a morbid fear of hitting in a short corner.
Good thing she makes up for it with clearance hits that make it over the far back line and save us from
working the ball up there slowly.

Hayley – Her talent as a podium dancer only came out half way through the season on a trip to the Red Sea.
Hayley‘s only problem is that
her skilful play tends to distract
the rest of us as we stop to
watch her work her way
through the oppositions de-

Ailish – A newcomer to the
team who can handle the yardy
despite being of tender age.
Forward line twice in the sea-
son and scored – can’t think of
anyone who would be that ex-
cited to be a forward.

Kerry – our leggy defender
who can run rings around the
rest of us. Always good for
bread and skippering, often re-
ceives flowers from Ruth.
   Louise – Our forward line rover, whatever position a strong attacker and goal scorer. Still a dark horse
   in the drinking stakes but after her vote tally I’m sure she’ll be legless.

   Kate (Mullet) – Where would we be without Kate – mulletless. Tirelessly defending our goals and
   doing a damn good job of it. During the season this Mullet found another Mullet and, well, the rest you
   can figure out…

   Clare – The unstoppable rover, this girl is a terrier after the ball. We’ve yet to test her drinking capabili-
   ties but her reputation precedes her and we have a yardy prepared.

   Candice – Our trusty right wing or was that centre forward. “On the post” and “run” are the main

   Sophie – Little Soph our very own monkey who has not managed to find any trees this year but we still
   have the medal count left. Also a skilled forward.

   A BIG thanks to our coach Damien, who has been our pillar of strength. To all our fans and supporters,
   we thank you and look forward to another year of battle – in hockey and at the bar!

Keen Hockey Player spikes drink with Rohypnol
     Hock   Play   spikes             ohypnol
Perth, Saturday: A man describing himself as
a would be hockey player admitted on the
weekend that he spiked his own drink with the
drug Rohypnol in order to have his way with
himself after no luck at a UWA hockey party.

It was divulged that the man had recently had
a bad spell on and off the hockey field. With a
shattered self-esteem, he deliberately set out
to prey upon his own company to boost a
somewhat shattered ego. The events as told
by a club patron was that the gentleman
slipped the sedative pill into his middy of beer              The identity of individual is withheld..
whilst he wasn’t looking.

A plan obviously to catch himself off guard. He was later found curled up in one of the
field goals
“I have had a couple of really bad weeks, both on and off the hockey field. So I thought
this party was where I was going to get lucky,” the man said. “I felt neglected and
unwanted on and off the field, so I thought the best way to alleviate this was some

Further investigation by the Police have found another two suspects who are currently
attending these club parties, though no names can be given. “Its fair to say that most
outside hockey clubs are full of wankers,” a club patron said.
Metro Women’s 4’s

  A year that was, a team that was, a
  report that never came.

  On behalf of the team we would like to
  thank all those who were involved at
  some point, or even looked remotely
  interested on the sideline.

  In true Uni spirit they played and party
  hard, but the line between the two was
  sometimes lost.

  It was a hard faught
  season which they
  endured and relish
  the thought of giving
  it a crack next year.

  Stay tuned and listen
  for their progress.
                                             Metro Women’s 2s
The year that nearly was - AGAIN

Started well, lost...lost again, won, and
then lost lots.

With only 7 teams and constant byes
it was hard to string 2 games together
(1 game in 4 weeks - that sucks).

A coach that came to 1.5 games and a
serious lack of support (did we ever
actually have anyone watch a whole
game?) The season wasn’t as good as
it should have been! We scored 8
games the whole season, what a for-
ward line. But still managed to finish
equal fourth. Didn’t make it to the fi-
nals only due to the goal difference -
funny that.

Dubious go to the following:
Ros:- making others jealous by still looking good when in the goalie ‘fat’ paints. Learnt which side fo
the stick to use by the end of the season.

Emily K:- for coming to more social functions with the team than actual games played.

Emily R:- only one to tackle her own team ate, Aoife, because she thought Aoife was being a ball hog,
she was!

Laura:- Always early to everything and has been known to be ready for a 3:30pm game by 11am, I was
in Margaret River and to get dressed there.

Kate:- to play goalie and then kitted her friend up with the pads upside down and back to front, did we
look professional or what?

Xan:- For scaring the bejesus out of us by having a nanna nap and waking up 10mins before the game

                            Rachel:- the only member to get reported this year - by a metro 4 team for her
                            umpiring - the ball has to go in the goals Rachel - not hit the post! Most
                            reluctant full back EVER.

                            Claire:- Our champion maggot - likes to get stoinkered at UHC parties and
                            pass out in the loos! 1st goal of the season was kicked in by her own foot.

                            Nicki:- Scarred for life now but still had stiches and came out drinking that
night, what commitment.

Aoife:- Captain ball hog! Her own teammates tackle her for the
ball. Caoch has also been known to ask when she swapped from
centre half to centre foward.

Sarah:- Supersonic winger. Always known to have a ready sup-
ply of sunscreen even when its raining.

 Mel:- Always late and known for her aggressiveness, maybe
due to her hair colour.

Dale:- Champion goalie, much thanks must go to her friday evening binges which made her so hungover
on saturdays that shw would voluteer to go goalie.

Lisa:- Our SES legend. Also known for her fiestiness, fill in from hell

Jules:- thanks for tyring- another who came to more social events than games

Rock on next year!
                                                          Men’s State 1C’s
                     No longer the club ‘new boys’, the 1C’s have again enjoyed a successful and entertaining
                     season. Once again our spot in the Grand Finals is secure, with 11 wins from 15 and
                     the joint-highest goal tally of 68.

Like any successful modern sports team, the 1C’s core has been built around dodgy foreign imports. As
with last year, the Zim boys were strongly represented – although one seems to have got himself deported
(unless he’s just incredibly late). Fortunately, Pedro ‘Boyzone’ Bastos stepped admirably into his predecessors
shoes and scored about 50 goals in 4 games before also going AWOL (Another one! These Zims are worse
than the Sierra Leone athletes). Steve however more than made up for his partner’s lack of presence by
doubling his size on a summer’s piefest.

Gareth Palmer once again kept it very steady at the back; a shame the same couldn’t be said for his driving.
In this he was more than ably assisted by Treaders; Nick Young also stepped in with some excellent defensive
performances late in the season. Award for the most bored person on the pitch probably goes to keeper Al;
however he usually managed to keep awake just long enough to produce some spectacular saves. Another
strong season for Johnno, who has clearly inherited the Knox family attribute of ball striking. Once he
stops using a 9-iron on free hits he’ll be even better.

An outstanding debut season for Andy Schouten who is probably the first Canadian in history who
understands you are only allowed to use one side of the stick. Our domination in the centre was also due in
no small part to Mike ‘scrapper’ Morris, who has taken to fighting 16 year-olds in his spare time. The over-
50’s were also well represented with Wardy (otherwise known as ‘Mr. Quiet’ and ‘The Ref’s Friend’)
showing the young ‘uns a thing or two about how the game should be played.

Up front, Mike Basanovic again turned defenses inside out with his pace before taking his obligatory mid-
season injury retirement. Flash and Dan Paech both had superb seasons as the team’s premier ball carriers
& skill merchants. They also seemed to be holding some form of private lateness competition. For a while
young Dan had the edge with his
miraculous ability to get lost in any
conceivable situation but Flash
finally clinched it by turning up on
the whistle with a boat.

Captain seagull once again proved his
versatility by showing he can score
from absolutely anywhere within 1
yard of an open goal. Finally,
Womble proved a revelation during
the second half of the season by
proving you don’t need skill to be a
top goalscorer; you just need to fall
over at the right time.

Big thanks also to all the various subs
& stand-ins who gave some
extremely valuable contributions
throughout the season – all under the
name Jared Wilson of course; it’s not often one player changes his height 11 times, his accent 6 times and
his nationality 4 times all in a single season. Cheers Rick.
                                            Women’s Metro 1’s
What can I say about hockey with Metro 1’s in 2002? It has been a very fun team, full of interesting
characters. Our first team effort was a dinner out to Claire’s ‘Panchos Mexican Villa’ where we all
spent the night drinking margarita slushies and throwing wet napkins at the ceiling and walls. Tough
luck for the softies who went home early because the five of us that remained to carry on, all got
special nicknames that shall remain a secret between us only! The only part of the night that we can
reveal to the rest of the team is our beloved Keggie- but Alana still has him.

The Back-to-skool party at the club was an interesting experience for Vicki and myself as we were
the only two who managed to make it from the team. It was a night of ‘evil’ people and many cock-
sucking cowboys with a magic trick or two on the side (courtesy of Tubsie).

So what of the actual team members? To start with, Undies, a coach unlike any other. You were
great, though perhaps a little too enthusiastic about killing the other team.. Clare, great goal scorer
and deputy coach, but with a partner like Undies, who wouldn’t be! Sarah, the thunderstick, what
would the team be without those hits. Giselle for the part you were there, fantastic runs and goals!
Claire, you have a voice and not afraid to use it! Your really know how to go after the ball and make
it yours. Leith, always charging through! So when are you going to get start writing about us in that
newspaper of yours? Ann-is-the-man, what a way to run with the ball. You started the napkins
throwing!! Jennifer, the quiet achiever, always running away after the game! Quiet as a mouse but
always there ready to receive the pass. Vicki, that stick is magic! But you’re the magic behind those
wonderful traps. Madelin, fantastic full back. Never met anyone who plays so well with a hangover
– nothing gets past you. Anna, always stopping those forwards by flashing them your fluro pink
undies. You’re a tank Blondie! Ari, where are you when we need you? And finally, last but definitely
not least, Bindi. You’re a brick wall and fantastic gymnast! Love those splits! The shots you have
stopped were unbelievable.

A very warm thankyou to everyone
for playing in Metro 1’s this year. I
will treasure the memories, but next
year, I’m bringing a breathalyzer!

Ingrid Benussi

Men’s 4Bs
                      Buttercup Premier League

AIM:          To win the Buttercup Premier League in 2002

APPARATUS:2 x Outstanding new recruits (Fiona Young and Rachel Ramshaw)
          3 x Awesome AIS draft choices (Nic Arrold, Mel Twitt and Bianca
          1 x Talented junior (Fiona Boyce)
          1 x Beer guzzling goal keeper (Kate Hubble)
          1 x Fashion guru and crowd puller (Maria Noakes)
          1 x Psychologist (Keira Thomson)
          2 x Australian reps (Kim Walker, Shayni Buswell)
          1 x Journalist (Kristen Paech)
          1 x Bull Terrier (Tammy Ryan)
          1 x Mayor of Coolup (Kelly Colgan)
          1 x Captain (Penny Critch)
          1 x Reverse stick tackler extraordinaire (Bronwyn Bott)
          1 x Very vocal, dedicated Coach with blue track pants (Frietag)
          1 x Assistant coach skilled in upright back stick shots (Clem)
          1 x Very organised Manager (Janice)

    1. Start by having all subjects take part in a ball tearing pre-season under control of WA’s
            answer to “The Man” (Frank Tito).
      2. Issue all subjects with blue and green tight fitting uniforms (underwear optional).
      3.Train subjects hard throwing in a few practise matches to keep the subjects on task.
      4. Issue subjects with alcohol rations following winning home games to keep subjects

     2002 Results                                              Details
     AIS Challenge Match                               AIS d UWA 2-1
     WAIS Challenge Match                              UWA d WAIS 4-1
     Challenge Cup Victory                             UWA d Pirates 2-0
     Second Place on League Ladder                     Pirates top, UWA second
     Tenri University Touring Side                     UWA d Tenri 1-0
     Premiers (TBA)

CONCLUSION :        A group of awesome subjects combined with some great coaching led to
                    an extremely successful 2002 season.
                                                        Men’s State 2A’s
The final placing, top of
the ladder, just goes to
show the depth on which
the ones squad can call
on. We cannot boast on
any demolition of teams,
like the ones, but we can
boast we have a team
consisting of a great
bunch of guys who are
very close knit on and off
the field. Most of us have
played hockey with each
other since junior level,
besides     Door       and
Swings, did they have
hockey back then?

Simon ‘Tivo’ Tiverios:
Enjoys a good groin
stretch. A busy platter this
year, like most, making
time for the Clubs social
calender and proving to the rest he really is a centre half. Struggled with injury, but came good in the

Phil ‘Rags’ Monaco: When he made it training was worth his value. Taking photos was more his thing.
Started off in ones but uni commitments brought him back. Strong skills, level headed? Kept at it Phil.

‘Smiddy’ : A great pick in the draft this year. A young guy with a big future. A strong half with a wicked
sense of humour. Oh did I mention a player as well?

Chris ‘Slick’ Murray: Slick skills leaves this guy with a heap of room on the field in both ones and twos.
A forward not to be messed with. Wherever he puts his stick he will come out with a ball or two.

Paul ‘Pauly boy’ Burtles: Loves taking the back-side in any sticky situation, on field of course. The ones
called on him during the reason for the obvious reason he is strong in defence.

Ash ‘UJ’ Ward: When he’s had a shave he doesn’t look to bad ladies. A ever reliable goalie with quick
reflexes and always nudging Dingo. Keep ya legs shut Wardy.

Capt Ben ‘Backdoor’ Heuchan: Known to his close associates as Door was a dependant and inspiring
leader. Off the field spent more time mixing the decks. A guy with great skills and has a lot more left in
him, tried to put himself in the forward line, but not even his soccer shirts would let him.

Peter ‘Swings’ Swingle’: Well, his name pretty match sees it. Flirting with injury most of the season.
Another with a few games under his belt and set a high example of leadership and how you really
actually play left half. Invalueable member both to the Club and to the team.
Oliver ‘Olly’ Kerr: Sometimes over looked, but is solid and hard
working. A valueable asset to the team when deciphering Kilts train-
ing drills. A future leader both on and off the field.

Evan ‘Evo’ Murrie: Would look fully growse if he grew his hair
into a Afro thing..aye. Another top draft pick. Though battled for a
spot. A lot of potential, with a freakish goal scoring ability if he
furthers his skills in front of goal.

Judd ‘The Man’ Dyer: Any position he played he made sure he
made it his own, though sometimes was lost on the field. A guy
with more potential than he knows, and thats the reason for his call
up to ones. Keep da peace!

Anthony ‘AT’ Walter: Won the record: 12 F-words, 3 S-words and 6 other incomprehensions in 30secs of
inspiration. Another with a freakish goal scoring ability that was also called upon by the ones. Some would
say his enthusiam is his down fall, but its a critical part of the game. We play this game because we love it!

Andrew ‘Canada’ Shouten: Our team import, our beloved refugee. Made many realize how lucky we are to
have a Club that we do. Skilled player that can play any position, loosely put a utility player. Stay a bit

Dan ‘Pakey’ Paech: We had a few draft picks this year, but Pachey worked hard all season, never giving up.
Well done tiger! A lot of potential, but with love and nuturing will become a permanant player.

Rob ‘Clem-bro’ Clement: Normally swings one one, his back stick. Inspiration to the younger and older
players of the team. Congrats on Life membership, most deserved. He had a lot on his plate but when he
played brought an added sting to the team and filled the team with confidence

Anthony ‘Clobba’ Klobas: The fastest wranga on the field, apart from little wardy. Scored some crucial goes
when needed, what more can we say that when the time is needed he steps up and fills the boots. This is just
the begining of lustirous hockey career.

Jamie ‘Jake’ Wardy: The second wranga on the field. Teamed up with Judd to demolish teams hand-in-
hand. Very silky skills meant he was a tough oppent but a much loved team mate. Took partying to a new
level just like brother.

Many thanks must go to Kiltsy who took the time to pull us all aside a teach us a few new tricks. Alex
                                             Tiverios, thanking you for doing what a manager does best,
                                             water bottels and cards, love ya. For all the others that put
                                             their two bob in, much appreciated as we are going to take
                                             it all the way!
                         Club - Udub

Did someone drive through
their bedroom wall in their
parent’s car?

                       Did someone fall out of bed
                       and dislocate their shoulder?
                     Club - Udub

Hey there big boy!

                         Someone we
                         hope to see
                         around for a while yet, Macca that

Can you feel the love?
             Club - Udub

At some
point we
had to sit
     Club - Udub

The photos Door
and Swings didn’t
want you to see!
Cute boys!
  Club - Udub

   Freshers was successful
   just ask these two!

Webbo trying
out the men’s
body suit

                Family love, but who’s riding who?
                     Club - Udub

Keep da peace bro!
            Club - Udub

                  Who’s feeling who?

Da Swartz
    Club - Udub

Door when
he first
started out!

               Door in action today
RF BRINDLEY AWARD               1991    Russell Rieck & Sean                                         1989     Andrew Ginbey                1998   Veronica Scott
                                                               2001     Janice Boyce
1995     Mark Hagar             Kelly                                                                1990     Geoff Sanderlands            1999   Shayni Buswell
                                                               2002     Emma Stevens
1996     Bruce Jones            1992    Robert Clement &                                             1991     Chris Rouke                  2000   Kristen Paech
1997     Pino Monaco            Hayden Smith                                                         1992     Ben Heuchan                  2001   Kelly Colgan
                                                               ROSS FIELD AWARD
1998     Craig Boyce            1993    Derek Osborne                                                1993     Ben Martin                   2002   Fiona Young
                                                               For the best player at intervarsity
1999     Pino Monaco            1994    David Viner                                                  1994     Gordan Mathwin
                                                               (Men’s Division)
2000     Kim Jones              1995    Tony Perrin                                                  1995     Terry Creek                  PETER SIMS AWARD
                                                               1975     Chris Jones
2001     Rohan Wilson & Simon   1996    Mark Hagar                                                   1997     Michael Boyce                1986   Darren Hawkins
                                                               1976     Terry Green
Tiverios                        1997    Ben Tredgold                                                 1998     Geoffrey Boyce               1987   Peter Kerr
                                                               1977     Graeme Wright
2002 Robert Clement             1998    Craig Boyce                                                  1999     Phil Monaco                  1988   Chris ury
                                                               1978     John Bouchier
                                1999    Todd Knox                                                    2000     Scott Webster                1989   Paul Armitage
                                                               1979     Neil Jilley
JS LYNN AWARD                   2000    Damon Diletti                                                2001     Anthony Klobas               1990   Damon Diletti
                                                               1980     David Viner
1964   Bob Brindely             2001    Todd Knox                                                    2002     Steven Boyce                 1991   Damon Diletti
                                                               1981     Matthew Jones
1965   Ian Hume                 2002 Bryan Knox                                                                                            1992   Damon Diletti
                                                               1982     Bruce Johnson
1966   Ian Hume                                                                                      ERICA HERRON AWARD                    1993   Simon Sustek
                                                               1983     Bede Rogers
1967   Trevor Hulcup & Ross     PAM ROTHWELL AWARD                                                   For the best player at intervarsity   1994   Matthew Gorton
                                                               1984     David Allbrecht
Field                           1976   Jenny Wealand                                                 (Women’s Division)                    1995   Tristram Woodhouse
                                                               1985     Bruce Johnston
1968   Roger Gray               1977   Jenny Wealand                                                 1982     Janice Adams                 1997   Terry Creek
                                                               1986     Stephen Hicks
1969   Ross Field               1978   P.Ball                                                        1983     Pippa Thompson               1998   Michael Boyce
                                                               1987     John Hui
1970   Frank Murray             1979   C.Garfield                                                    1984     Christina Walker             1999   Michael Boyce
                                                               1988     Justin McKirdy
1971   Bob Brindely             1980   B.Lang                                                        1985     Kate Moore                   2000   Michael Boyce
                                                               1989     Stephen Hicks
1972   Frank Murray             1981   L Allen Williams                                              1986     Pippa Thompson               2001   Geoffrey Boyce
                                                               1990     Richard McKay
1973   Mal Traill               1982   Janice Adams                                                  1987     Kate Leeming                 2002   Geoffrey Boyce
                                                               1991     Geoff Sandilands
1974   Frank Murray             1983   Suzanne Wood                                                  1988     Lisa Ward
                                                               1992     Tim Rear
1975   Bob Brindely             1984   Vicki Scarff                                                  1989     Kim Aitken                   SUZANNE WOOD AWARD
                                                               1995     Peter Swingler
1976   Steve Hayward            1985   S.Edwards                                                     1990     Meredith Blake               1999 Shayni Buswell
                                                               1996     Greg Thompson
1977   David Miller             1987   Kate Moore                                                    1991     Stephanie Calder             2000 Angie Skirving
                                                               2000 Ryan Harry
1978   Denis Reynolds           1988   Angela Kelly                                                  1992     Val Boggs                    2001 Shayni Buswell
                                                               2001 Chris Webster
1979   Mal Traill               1989   Angela Kelly                                                  1994     Emma Hall                    2002 Shayni Buswell
1980   Frank Fitzgerald         1990   Clare Smith                                                   1995     Emma Hall
                                                               DANNY DUN AWARD
1981   Ron Hewitt               1991   Angela Kelly                                                  1996     Clare Reily
                                                               1979 Matthew Jones
1982   Michael Bain             1992   Clare Smoth                                                   2000     Kirsty Hewitt
                                                               1980 Geoff Reynolds
1983   Tim Rigden & David       1993   Bronwyn Andrew                                                2001     Teagan Martin
                                                               1981 Diarmid Burns
Miller                          1994   Val Boggs
                                                               1982 Richard Lewis
1984   Bob Brindely             1995   Angela Kelly                                                  ANGELA KELLY AWARD
                                                               1983 Garrett Cullity
1985   Matthew Jones            1996   Kath Partridge                                                1992 Browyn Andrews
                                                               1984 Darren Steinberg
1986   Justin Whitely           1997   Emma Hall                                                     1993 Danielle Bloom
                                                               1985 John Hui
1987   Hayden Smith             1998   Felicity Graham                                               1994 Penny Critch
                                                               1986 Philip Allbrecht
1988   Justin Whitely           1999   Megan Gooding & Tonya                                         1995 Kelly Robertson
                                                               1987 Craig McKenzie
1989   Hayden Smith             Mutter                                                               1997 Brigit Beyer
                                                               1988 Joe Ghandour
1990   Michael Nobbs            2000   Kim Walker
                        University of Western Australia Sports Awards
                        Hockey Club Blues awards and Champion Club
                         Blues are awarder for representing the University at the Highest Levels of
       FULL BLUES                FULL BLUES             HALF BLUES                                      HALF BLUES                                          CHAMPION
YR     MEN                       WOMEN                  MEN                                             WOMEN                                               CLUB
1931                                                                                                    G.CLARKE, C.NEWMAN
1932                             E.HUMPHREYS                                                            MISS TOLERTON, MISS STEVENS
1933   H.HPOKINS                                        T.FINN, J.TOLERTON                              E.BUGGENTHIN, B.STEWART
1934   D.KING                                           E.CAMPBELL, N.HALL, S.H JOHNSON, D.MILLS        K.BAIRD, T.GLOE, V.SIMPSON
                                                        A.MARTIN, L.SEYMOUR,T.SEYMOUR,JWOODS
1935   D.PATTERSON                                      J.ARCHIBALD, L.ELLIS, R.MILES, E.P.UTTING       H.WILLIAMS, P.PALMER
1937                                                                                                    J.BENNETT, N.WATTS

1938   G.GRIFFTIH,E.SOUTHWOOD                           R.ANDERSON, A.B.HOLM                            V.SWIFT, M.PAYNE
       J.B.NEWMAN, E.P.UTTING                           J.C.HEULIN, G.INKSTER, B.MARSHALL
1940   K.NDEL, P.JAMES, J.DOWN                          B.BAKER, W.COB, F.DAVIS, L.GREEN, W.JOHNSON     P.QUALE, D.GILMAN
                                                        K.NOEL, H.PENNINGTON, R.PICKERING, H.READ
                                                        N.RICH, C.WHITE, R.ROBINSON, H.ROWBOTHAM
                                                        G.STRICKLAND, J.THOMSON
1942                             M.GRAHAM               W.BETTENAY, R.BETTENAY                          M.PERKINS
1943                                                    D.BURNS, A.COLE                                 M.RILEY
1944                                                    J.BUCHANAN, N.CURRIE                            M.POLLARD
1945                                                    M.MUNDY, W.GREEN, K.HALL, D.LE IEUNE, J.SLYNN   S.STRICKLAND, N.HEMMANT, C.VANZETTI
1946   D.DUNN, J.S.LYNN          M.RILEY                L.BENNETT, K.JOHNSTON, J.LONERAGAN              D.BENNISON
                                  S.STRICKLAND          D.SAUNDERS, J.TAYLOR
1948   R.GEORGE                  J.CARTER, M.RANDELL,   F.COWPER, A.GREEN                               L.CORNISH, R.BURROWS, D.REILLY
       D.MAELZER                                        J.OLDHAM, GWEAVER                               N.HARDWICK, M.STRICKLAND
1950   J.OLDHAM                  N.HARDWICK                                                             C.BELFORD, D.LUCRAFT
1951                                                    A.BARBLETT                                      J.BUTTLE, A.BOLTON
1953                          A.BOLTON                  S.SINGH                                         C.COLE, J.ESBEREY, L.ARTHUR
1954   I.SINGH,S.SINGH                                                                                  J.GOLLAN
1955                          M.H.HERON                 N.BLUMAN                                        J.YOUNG,L.GOODMAN,L.PATTERSON,L.B.MUHLING
1956   B.BOLTON                                         F.DRYSDALE, L.MAVOR, J.TONKINSON                P.MECKLEBURG, G.SOUTH, J.WALKER
1957   R.TEN SELDAM           J.BROWNE                  P.MYSSONSKI, N.BULLOCK                          G.BROCKHAM, J.STEWART
1958                                                    D.HOGBEN                                        D.STEVENS
1959                                                    R.WILLIAMS
1960                             R.FISHER,B.BAIRD,      R.F.BRINDLEY                                    J.WEST
1962                                                     B.MARTIN, P.MARTIN C.THORPE                    A.HACK
1963                             A.HACK, J.HUGHES,J.WEST P.MURRAY,T.SOFIELD,D.WILLIAMS                  H.SIMPER, J.WILLIS
1964   B.MARTIN                                          F.HENG, I.MARSHALL
1965   F.P.HENG                                          I.CAMPBELL, R.FIELD                            J.TOMCZAK
1966                                                     A.EDIS, T.HULCUP, R.LONNIE, B.PALMER           B.BROWN, P.O`FARRELL, D.WRIGHT
1967   R.FIELD                   G.TOMCZAK,S.ALLEN       D.PRITCHARD, J.FINLAY                          D.COOK, J.CLIFTON
1968                             D.WRIGHT                L.CHRISTENSEN, R.GRAY                          S.RUMNAY, B.PAGETT
1969                             F.BARRETT-LENNARD       W.CHAPMAN, F.MURRAY                            J.ATHERTON
1970                                                     B.BURCHELL, L.EDMONDS
1971   F.MURRAY                                          M.GRIFFITHS,J.OVENS,K.HOLMES,DMINCHIN          P.D.BUNCE, G.WARRILOW
1972                                                     D.REYNOLDS, C.JONES                            G.HOLLAND
1973   D.REYNOLDS                G.WARRILOW              R.HEWITT                                       P.BABB, L.CAUDLE, A.HASELHURST
1974   L.EDMONDS                 A.HASELHURST            G.DAVIES
1975                             J.WEALAND                                                              A.WILLIAMS
1976                                                     B.KAZAKOFF
1977                                                     F.FITZGERALD, G.WRIGHT
1978                             P.BABB                  D.VINER
1979                                                                                                    B.LANG
1980                             B.LANG
1981                                                    M.JONES                                         P.THOMPSON
1983                                                    B.ROGERS
1985                             L.LAMBERT              B.JOHNSTON, D.HAWKINS
1986   B.HAWKER, D.STEINBERG     P.THOMPSON             S.HICKS, J.HUI                                  A.KELLY
1988                                                                                                    L.WARD                                              CHAMPION CLUB
1990                                                                                                    R.BRINDLEY                                          CHAMPION CLUB
1991                             R.BRINDLEY             G.SANDILANDS, C.ROURKE                                                                              CHAMPION CLUB
1993                             P.HENDERSON
1995                                                                                                                                                        CHAMPION CLUB
1996                                                                                                                                                        CHAMPION CLUB
1998                                                    M.BOYCE
1999                             S.BUSWELL
2000   M.BOYCE
2001   G.BOYCE
                 University of Western Australia Hockey Club
                   Womens Division First Grade Statistics

                                                         AWARD                AWARD            (P) PREMIERS        POSITION
                                                                                               (C) CHALLENGE CUP

1949                         M.RANDALL                                                         PREMIERS            1ST
1976   P.ROTHWELL            J.WEALAND
1977   P.ROTHWELL            J.WEALAND       A.BELL                                            PREMIERS            1ST
1978   P.ROTHWELL            J.WEALAND       A.BELL
1979   P.ROTHWELL            J.WEALAND       J.WEALAND                                         PREMIERS            1ST
1980   L.EDMONDS             J.WEALAND       A.BELL                                            PREMIERS            1ST
1981   P.EDERSON
1982   J.WEALAND                                                                                                   2ND
1983   J.WEALAND                                                                               PREMIERS            1ST
1984   J.BLIGHT              S.WOOD          L.COOPER    S.WOOD                                                    4TH
1985   R.WEAVER
1986   R.WEAVER
1987   A.BELL
1988   A.BELL                                R.HARVEY                                          PREMIERS            1ST
1989   R.BARON                               B.DUNGLEY                                                             5TH
1990   K.PARTRIDGE                           J.PEMBERTHY                                       PREMIERS            1ST
1991   K.PARTRIDGE                           J.PEMBERTHY                                                           4TH
1992   J.MCKIRDY             J.WADDELL       L.SENNITT  J.WADDELL                              (C)                 3RD
1993   J.WADDELL             J.WADDELL       B.ANDREW                                                              3RD
1994   J.WADDELL             J.WADDELL       B.ANDREW   C.WORTHINGTON/R.BRINDLEY               PREMIERS            1ST
1995   K.PARTRIDGE           C.WORTHINGTON              C.WORTHINTON
1996   K.PARTRIDGE           C.WORTHINGTON   F.WALLACE C.MITCHELL-TAVERNER                     (C)                 3RD
1998   I.KIRKALDY                            F.GRAHAM
1999   B.DENNING             P.HENDERSON     F.GRAHAM    A.SKIRVING           P.HENDERSON                          6TH
2000   P.FREITAG                             S.FRAYNE    K.WALKER
                            University of Western Australia Hockey Club
                                Mens Division First Grade Statistics

YEAR        COACH                    CAPTAIN               MANAGER                  FAIREST/BEST AWARD             HK SMITH                ANNUAL AWARDS         FINAL
                                                                                                                   PLAYERS PLAYER                                POSITION
1929                                 H.C.GURNEY                                     B.DIVISION                                             (P)
1930                                 H.C.GURNEY
1931                                 H.C.GURNEY
1932                                 H.HOPKINS
1933                                 H.HOPKINS                                                                                             (C) (GF)              2ND
1934                                 H.HOPKINS                                                                                                                   8TH
1935                                 J.TOLERTON
1936                                 S.H.JOHNSON                                                                                                                 6TH
1937        D.F.DUNBAR               S.H.JOHNSON                                                                                           (GF)                  2ND
1938        D.F.DUNBAR               S.H.JOHNSON                                                                                           (C) (GF)              2ND
1939        D.F.DUNBAR               S.H.JOHNSON                                                                                           (C) (GF)              2ND
1940        D.F.DUNBAR               S.H.JOHNSON
1941                                 J.THOMSON                                      A2 GRADE                                               (P)                   1ST
1942        NO COMPETITION           WORLD WARD 2
1943        NO COMPETITION           WORLD WARD 2
1944        NO COMPETITION           WORLD WARD 2
1945                                 D.DUNN                                                                                                (P)                   1ST
1946                                 E.SOUTHWOOD                                                                                                                 8TH
1947        A.HALL                   J.S.LYNN                                                                                              (P) (C)               1ST
1948        H.HOPKINS                J.LONERAGAN
1949        H.HOPKINS                J.LONERAGAN                                                                                           (P)                   1ST
1950        J.LONERAGAN              J.LONERAGAN
1951                                 R.GEORGE
1952        N.HALL                   R.B.STRAUSS
1953        N.HALL                   R.B.STRAUSS
1954        N.HALL                   R.B.STRAUSS
1955                                 R.B.STRAUSS
1956                                 R.B.STRAUSS
1957        N.HALL                   R.WILLIAMS                                     R.WILLIAMS                                                                   8TH
1958                                 R.WILLIAMS                                     A2 GRADE - R.WILLIAMS
1959        N.HALL                   R.WILLIAMS                                     A2 GRADE - P.SMITH
1960        N.HALL                   R.WILLIAMS                                     A2 GRADE - D.HOGBEN
1961        N.HALL                   P.MARTIN                                       A2 GRADE - R.TEN SELDAM
1962        P.MARTIN                 P.MARTIN                                       A2 GRADE - P.MARTIN                                    (P)                   1ST
1963        P.MARTIN                 P.MARTIN                                       R.F.BRINDLEY                                                                 4TH
1964        P.AMRTIN                 D.WILLIAMS                                                                                                                  8TH
1965        P.JENSEN                 H.F.POW                                        H.F.POW                                                                      8TH
1966        P.JENSEN                 R.F.BRINDLEY                                                                                                                8TH
1967        R.FIELD/P.MARTIN         R.FIELD                                        R.F.BRINDLEY                                                                 9TH
1968        C.THORPE                 C.THORPE                                       R.F.BRINDLEY                                                                 9TH
1969        R.FIELD                  R.FIELD                                        A2 GRADE                                                                     6TH
1970        R.F.BRINDLEY             R.F.BRINDLEY                                   A2 GRADE                                               (P)                   1ST
1971        R.F.BRINDLEY             R.F.BRINDLEY                                   R.FIELD                                                                      8TH
1972        J.GOLDIE                 F.MURRAY                                                                                                                    10TH
1973        J.GOLDIE                 D.MINCHIN                                      A2 GRADE                                               (P)                   1ST
1974        F.MURRAY                 F.MURRAY                                       B.BUIRCHELL
1975        F.MURRAY                 F.MURRAY                                                                                                                    4TH
1976        F.MURRAY                 F.MURRAY                                       S.HAYWARD                                              (GF)                  2ND
1977        F.MURRAY                 F.MURRAY                                       F.FITZGERALD                                           (GF)                  2ND
1978        F.MURRAY                 F.MURRAY              P.GUMMER                 S.HAYWARD                                                                    7TH
1979        R.FIELD                  F.MURRAY              P.GUMMER                 S.HAYWARD                                              (R&I)                 3RD
1980        F.MURRAY                 F.MURRAY              P.GUMMER                 R.CHARLESWORTH                 R.CHARLESWORTH          (C) (R&I) (GA) (GF)   2ND
1981        G.WRIGHT                 G.WRIGHT                                       S.HAYWARD                      S.HAYWARD                                     4TH
1982        G.WRIGHT                 G.WRIGHT                                       S.HAYWARD                      S.HAYWARD                                     5TH
1983        D.VINER                  S.HAYWARD                                      S.HAYWARD                      S.HAYWARD                                     6TH
1984        I.MILNE                  I.MILNE               J.L.WHITELY              W.BIRMINGHAM                   K.WARK                                        6TH
1985        I.MILNE                  F.FITZGERALD          P.GUMMER                 B.RODGERS                      M.JONES                                       9TH
1986        I.MILNE/F.FITZGERALD     M.JONES               R.B.STRAUSS              G.RENDELL                      P.NOEL                                        10TH
1987        F.FITZGERALD             M.JONES               R.B.STRAUSS              1B GRADE - B.ROGERS                                    (P) (C) (GA)          1ST
1988        M.NOBBS                  M.JONES               H.K.SMITH                M.YORK                         T.WHITE                 (R&I)                 7TH
1989        M.NOBBS                  D.VINER               H.K.SMITH                M.NOBBS                        P.ARMITAGE                                    5TH
1990        M.NOBBS                  M.JONES               H.K.SMITH                M.NOBBS                        M.JONES                 (GF)                  2ND
1991        M.NOBBS                  M.JONES               H.K.SMITH                T.WILLIAMS                     T.WILLIAMS              (R&I)                 3RD
1992        M.NOBBS                  M.HAGAR               H.K.SMITH                G.BOTT                         M.HAGAR                 (P) (C) (R&I) (GA)    1ST
1993        M.HAGAR                  T.WILLIAMS            H.K.SMITH                M.HAGAR                        C.ROURKE                (P) (R&I) (GA)        1ST
1994        M.HAGAR                  R.CLEMENT             H.K.SMITH                M.HAGAR                        M.NOBBS                 (C) (GA) (GF)         2ND
1995        M.HAGAR                  C.ROURKE              H.K.SMITH                M.HAGAR                        A.RIDE                  (P)                   1ST
1996        R.CLEMENT                C.ROURKE              H.K.SMITH                M.NOBBS                        A.RIDE                                        4TH
1997        M.NOBBS                  A.RIDE                H.K.SMITH                D.KNOX                         A.RIDE                                        5TH
1998        M.JONES/C.BOYCE          D.DILETTI             A.JOHNSTON               M.WELLS                        M.WELLS                                       8TH
1999        C.BOYCE                  D.DILETTI             I.TUBBS                  M.WELLS                        M.WELLS                                       7TH
2000        G.MITTON                 D.DILETTI             C.BOYCE                  S.WEBSTER                      S.WEBSTER               (GF)                  2ND
2001        G.MITTON                 M.WELLS/M.BOYCE       C.BOYCE                  T.WOODHOUSE                    G.BOYCE                 (GF)                  2ND
2002        G.MITTON/R.CLEMENT       M.WELLS/M.BOYCE/      C.BOYCE                  ?                              ?                       (GF)                  ?
     The End


But we had some fun!