Field Review by gjjur4356


									Field Review

Accountability Today:

What is working well?
What could work better?
                          Need for accountability

Relationships: knowledgeable, respectful, responsive
A lot is due to our relationship with our project officer.
This person has a good tolerance for ambiguity which
you don’t often find.

 Program visits are so important. I have good
 relationships with the field and I think they’re
 comfortable calling me with problems.
 Personal interface and discussion (in visits)
 can lead to discussing issues that may not
 have come up on other ways. That interaction
 gives you information that you can never
 capture in terms of forms on the computer.
                          Need for accountability

Relationships: knowledgeable, respectful, responsive

   Opportunity to reflect

                            Usefulness of tracking
What Could Work Better?
 What Could Work Better:
 Type of Data
     Quantitative - - Qualitative
      What is counted becomes what counts
      Need for the story

So we could be more creative in what we measure but we get hung up on
the numbers and we get hung up on what we are doing with the numbers
and what those numbers mean. And at the end of the day whether I had
one thousand students or eight hundred and fifty, that tells you nothing in
terms of education.
What Could Work Better:
   Volume and level of detail
   Clarity
   Change
   Inconsistencies
What Could Work Better:
 First Nations peoples have different methods and
acknowledgements for successes, achievements and
accomplishments. For some, First Nations peoples are not
interested in following a curriculum and being a success as
to what Western culture measures success. So, it is difficult
to reflect this in a report in which a template is provided.
   Learners
    Who is served?

   Practitioners

   Programs
    Mandate in community
Assumptions and Values
What is Literacy?

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