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									?People get involved with direct sales companies for many different reasons. Some
need more money coming in, some want a hobby, some love to sell things, some want
to work for themselves. The reasons are endless. Whatever the reason, the product
needs to make sense.

In the beginning of my direct sales quest, I didn't put a lot of thought into the product,
I just wanted to have a team I could train the way I wanted to. I wanted to have a
voice that people listened to. I didn't really care about the money and I already had
plenty of hobbies. Working for myself is actually not the issue either. I just want to
make decisions that people admire and look at me like the leader I know I can be. I
wanted to help people be successful.

Scentsy has helped me with my dreams. I am in the beginning stages of my Scentsy
journey, so I can truly attest to how fast things are happening for me. Scentsy has
alllowed a passion to be born within me that I am so excited about. Everyone needs a
purpose. Yes, we have our husbands and kids and soccer and laundry but everyone
needs something that is their own.

I was the kid who instead of pretending to be the teacher always liked to pretend I had
my own office. My pretend name was Jenna and my cousin's was Britney and we
played for hours on a fake phone and calculator that my aunt brought home from
work. I always dreamt of having my own office with a huge executive desk in a big
high rise building and "very important meetings' to go to. We would set up our desks
on tv trays with fake invoices and receipts and pretend to be on the phone discussing
sales and what people owed us. I think of that now and chuckle because I can see
myself discussing Scentsy with people all day long in my big office or at "important"
conferences. I love business, I love to train people but never knew exactly how I
wanted to do with and what I wanted to be involved with. Scentsy is the "IT". I was
involved with other Direct Sales companies and I describe it a little bit like the art of
Feng Shui. You know when you walk into a room that was designed and it just feels
like it doesn't flow just right? Well that is how I felt with other companies. I was so
discouraged with all the supplies I bought and the idea of what I planned to do. I had
great intentions but I just did not feel comfortable getting any where near talking
about it to other people, never mind having a party. Scentsy is the complete opposite.

You can build your Scentsy business locally, online, via home or basket parties, or one
on one. Scentsy Candles are one of a kind and such a simple system. Unique Scentsy
Warmers use a low-watt light bulb to melt specially formulated wax slowly,
maximizing its fragrance time. With no flame, soot, or wick, the Scentsy Wickless
Candle system is a safe way to enjoy the more than Once people start smelling one of
the fabulous 80 Scentsy Fragrances. You'll notice something difference about Scentsy
the first time you smell it-it's simple! A elegant ceramicScentsy Warmer, a highly
fragrant Scentsy bar, and with a simple flick of the switch, your room is filled with the
most amazing scent. Everyone just has to have a Scentsy Warmer in every room.
Scentsy Candles make great gifts and great room décor. There is truly something for
everyone. The great thing about this product is although you can talk about it for
hours, there is really nothing to talk about and everything to smell. You simply have
on basic product warmed with a lightbulb and tons of syles to choose from. Then
there are those 80 scents. Once the scents come out to play, it is all over. The
memories and laughs and fun just fill a room in a minute.

Would you love a career you feel passionate about? Do you want to work in an
amazing environment? Are you looking for a new challenge of running your very own
profitable home based business? The Wickless Elite has this dream as our common
goal. We are Scentsy Consultants who not only have a dream, we have a plan to help
each one of us achieve our goals and live a life beyond words. Having your very own
Scentsy Business and selling Scentsy not only gives people their financial freedom
but has a spirit that can improve your life with a positive energy that is like none

When you start selling Scentsy you will be an independent business person that has
control over your own success! You can earn a great commission in addition to
leadership bonus from your down line volume. Besides that, you can get that
feeling...that feeling of perfect flow, perfect Feng Shui. It is truly something I try to
describe but seem to only get it across with a smile. For anyone that wants an
opportunity of their own, something fun, friends to meet, a dream come true, visit my
site at . I would love to send you a free fun package with samples and dvds and an
ebook and give you a taste of the fun Scentsy entails. Don't settle with someone that
just isn't a perfect fit. It truly is only business that makes PERFECT SENSE!!! : ) Sell
Scentsy, Buy Scentsy, Talk about Scentsy...somehow just get involved with a
company that is ONE OF A KIND!

Wicklesselite.com provides you an opportunity to start your own scentsy candles
business with great growth potential and earn extra money, join Scentsy and become a
scentsy consultant. For more information visit /

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